The Lovely Writer: Episode 7 Part 1

Nubsib is having a dream about his childhood. His Mom was punishing him for disappearing and making her very worried. Nubsib then wakes up just before his phone rings. Nubsib answers his phone and it’s Jab, Gene’s older brother.

Jab tells Nubsib that he thinks he knows where Gene might have gone. Jab suspects that Gene has gone to the garden house, Nubsib is confused so Jab clarifies that the garden house is their grandfather’s house. Jab says that Gene likes to go there when he can’t concentrate to write his novels. Nubsib asks Jab to send him the location. Nubsib is about to hang up when Jab tells him to take care of his brother Gene. Nubsib promises to take very good of Gene then hangs up the phone and leaves the condo.

Another flashback shows Nubsib hiding from his Mom while she looks for him. She walks past him with Ying to continue looking. Once his Mom has left the area, Nubsib comes out of hiding which is when a soccer ball rolls up and hits him gently on the back of his foot. A young kid runs up to get the ball and his older sibling asks why Gene is in someone else’s home. Gene asks Nubsib if he wants to play with them.

Jab gets angry because Gene won’t leave, so he threatens to tell their Mom about it and leaves. Gene introduces himself to Nubsib after asking him if he knows how to play soccer. Nubsib finally introduces himself then Gene asks again if he wants to play with them. Nubsib agrees. Later that night Nubsib is taking a break while Gene is still playing with his friend. Gene stops after his friend gets called away and comes to offer Nubsib a water bottle. He asks if Nubsib is tired since the field is so big and Nubsib is so tiny, Gene says that Nubsib runs really well though.

Gene then asks Nubsib why he was hiding. It turns out that Nubsib didn’t want to go to his piano lesson. Gene asks why Nubsib didn’t want to go since he thinks it’s pretty cool that Nubsib can play the piano. Nubsib says that the teacher is pretty scary and likes to yank on him when no one is looking, so it’s not fun. Gene asks Nubsib if he’s told his parents about this and Nubsib says that he has. Nubsib tells Gene that his Mom thinks he’s impatient and self centred. Gene comforts little Nubsib saying that maybe the Mom doesn’t know how bad it is and asks Nubsib if he wants Gene to talk to her. Nubsib shakes his head saying no.

The flashback circles back to the beginning of the episode where Nubsib is about to be hit by a stick from his mother for disappearing and making her worry. However, when she goes to hit Nubsib, Gene rushes over to shield Nubsib with his own body so he gets hit with the stick instead. Gene says it’s his fault because he invited Nubsib to come play with them, so if anyone needs to be punished, it should be him.

Nubsib and his Mom walk Gene home. Gene’s Mom walks out asking if Gene caused Nubsib’s Mom any trouble. Nusbib’s Mom introduces herself as Orn and says that Gene was very good, she just wanted to meet his family. The two Moms hit it off and quickly become friends. The moms leave the two kids alone. Nubsib asks Gene if he’s hurt but Gene says that he’s fine. Gene tells Nubsib that they should play again tomorrow.

The next day the kids are playing hide and seek. They play another game to determine who’s it.. and Gene loses. Gene starts to count to 10 while Nubsib hides. The two other kids come back and tap Gene on the shoulder. They tell him that they should hurry and play their own games abandoning Nubsib. They tell Gene that Nubsib won’t be mad at him for long. Gene doesn’t look happy but he goes along with the other kids.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 7 Part 1!