The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 4

P’Off tells P’Way that it’s fine, they will beat up the both of them instead. P’Off then orders his minions to attack P’Way. P’Way fights them off pretty easily and even manages to defend Kim from P’Off at the same time. Kim is absolutely useless in a fight. Security comes out interrupting the fight. P’Off would still fight but his friends pull him away. P’Way grabs Kim’s wrist and the two run away so they don’t get caught. They end up ducking into a hiding spot and security runs past them.

Now the two are alone together which is something that Kim has been trying to avoid. They both take a few moments to catch their breath before Kim tries to leave, P’Way puts his leg up against the wall blocking him from leaving. P’Way asks where Kim is going. Kim says that he’s going home. P’Way then asks if Kim has anything that he wants to say to him like “thanks for the help” for example. P’Way wonders if Kim is too proud now to say it or if it’s because it was him that helped that Kim feels he doesn’t need to say it anymore.

Kim does say thank you but P’Way says that he thinks that they have more to talk about than just that. Now that Kim no longer looks like he’s going to run away, P’Way puts his leg back down. P’Way asks if Kim knows that he broke up with Phingphing. Kim admits that he knows about it. P’Way asks if Kim knows the reason he did it, but Kim won’t look at him as he pretends that he doesn’t know.

P’Way then asks him if he wants to know and he leans in pretty close to Kim’s neck asking if he wants to know. Kim looks very uncomfortable and panicky but he does admit that he wants to know. P’Way says it’s too bad because he isn’t going to tell him. P’Way then gives Kim a lot of space and tells him that he should come back to school because it’s very bad without him, then he walks away.

Soda was listening from around the corner and comes up to Kim to ask what P’Way meant by saying school was so bad without him? Soda then figures it out that P’Way broke up with Phingphing then told Kim to come back to school because P’Way is Kim’s love. (No it’s Khet! But P’Way can be with P’Kim). Soda says that besides P’Way, who else would help out Kim that way.

We see the security guard telling Khett that the fight broke up and everyone got away. The security guard thanks Khett for reporting it. Khett says that he just didn’t want anyone to get hurt (Smart boy!) The security guard leaves and Khett notices the book that Soda and Kim left behind.

Elsewhere, Kim is telling Soda that P’Way can’t be the one he loves because that’s their ship. Kim says that as a shipper, he can’t fall in love with his ship. Kim hurriedly warns Soda not to tell him how she herself had already broken this rule because that was a misunderstanding so it’s different. Soda tells him to think carefully what being a shipper actually is. Kim says that a shipper is being someone that wants the person they love to end up with the best person. Soda points out that since Kim has been in that body, he’s learned that P’Kim isn’t worthy of P’Way.

Kim says that he doesn’t think that he’s good enough for P’Way either. Soda asks if Kim truly believes himself to be unworthy of P’Way. Soda tells Kim that she’s angry at him for thinking that way, she’s also angry at herself for thinking like that about herself earlier. Soda says that she understands now what’s happening to them. She says that before when Pan was in her own body, Soda never noticed how much Pan was protecting her. Soda says that now that Pan is in P’Kim’s body she can see it quite clearly.

Soda says that she realizes now that it’s not because they aren’t good enough, but rather that they don’t see their own worth. Soda says that as a P’Way shipper, she wants him to be with the best possible person and right now that person is Kim. Soda tells Kim that she can’t think of any other reason for Pan to be in P’Kim’s body (KHETT!!!!!!! Does he have to wear a bell for you to notice him?!) Soda says that P’Kim might not be good for P’Way but Pan can be a good Kim for P’Way. (That is messed up… especially since P’Kim can’t give consent for his body.. like serious issues with this..)

Soda this that this will work for now and once P’Way falls in love with Kim then when Pan is back in her own body, he’ll love her. ( this is terrible advice). Soda asks Kim to be a good Yaoi representative for the community by having a good love. Kim agrees that he will try then asks Soda how he would start. Soda sighs at him then claims to know how to start it.

Soda takes Kim back into Pan’s hospital room. Kim asks her why she brought him there. Soda wonders how Kim can be so dense. Soda says that being in love is when you can do things that couples do with confidence. Soda asks Kim if he knows what those things are. Kim begins to list them, such as holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, and hugging. Soda adds kissing to the list which surprises Kim. Soda says that kisses are important. Kim complains that he’s never kissed anyone before though.

Soda says that’s why she brought him there. She says that they could have gone somewhere else and Kim could have practiced kissing with her..but she knows that the only one Kim would feel comfortable kissing is Pan’s original body. Kim doesn’t seem to like the idea of doing that either so Soda gives him a choice, kiss her or kiss his original body.

Kim finally agrees to kiss his original body and leans in close only to stop and say that it’s too weird. Soda excitedly says that means Kim will kiss her instead, but Kim holds out his hand stopping her from getting too close. Kim says that they don’t need to practice kissing since it should happen naturally when the time is right. Kim says that he can’t and won’t do it. Soda ends up pushing him and Kim gives his original body an accidental kiss.

Kim’s body falls to the ground afterwards and Soda runs over panicked. Pan says that she’s okay though which confuses Soda because P’Kim’s body is still unconscious. Pan says that she’s okay because she’s over here (indicating her original body in the bed).

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 4!