The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 3

P’Way gets in Khet’s way in the hallway and prevents him from moving forward. Khet keeps trying to side step him but it doesn’t work. Eventually P’Way asks Khet if he is trying to get on his nerves. Khet asks him right back when he ever did he ever do such a thing. P’Way says that he didn’t realize it before but the more Khet talks, the more he is sure that Khet is trying to bug him. It turns out that they were getting in each other’s way by accident so P’Way suggests that Khet go one way, and he’ll go the other way. P’Way finally starts to continue on his way when Khet asks if it’s true that P’Way broke up with Phingphing, he then asks if it’s okay if he inquires as to why they broke up.

P’Way counters with his own question asking if Khet knows why his brother doesn’t come to school anymore. Khet says that he doesn’t but it’s pretty clear he’s lying. P’Way says that the two of them live in the same house, is he sure that he doesn’t know? Khet reminds P’Way that the brothers aren’t all that close. P’Way says that he’s noticed that the brothers have gotten a lot closer lately.

Khet doesn’t know how to respond so P’Way just tells him to talk to his brother and tell him to come back to school. P’Way starts to leave again when Khet asks him to go to the BBQ buffet with him. P’Way looks around then asks Khet if he’s truly asking him out to the BBQ. Khet says that he’s noticed that P’Way doesn’t have any friends and looks lonely.

Later that night they are at the BBQ. P’Way says that it’s really weird being there with Khet. Khet says that he doesn’t anything weird about it but P’Way says that if it’s not weird then what would he call it? Khet tells him to quit overthinking things, it’s nothing.

P’Way is about to start eating but Khet takes away his dish and asks if he wants to make a bet. P’Way says that Khet knows a bit too much about how this works between his brother and him. Khet bets that whoever eats more gets to ask the other, one question. P’Way says he doesn’t want to ask Khet about anything because his life isn’t that interesting. Khet tells P’Way to be nice then he changes the bet so that if P’Way wins, he can make Khet do something, however if Khet wins then P’Way has to answer 1 question honestly. P’Way tells him that he has to think it over.

It takes a few minutes but P’Way finally agrees. Khet wants to know what he will have to do if P’Way wins but P’Way says it would be no fun to tell him now. The two then start to eat, the empty dishes really start to pile up. P’Way tells Khet that the last time he did this with Kim, his brother threw up. Khet just simply says that his brother sucks. They continue to eat but Khet is in the lead. That’s when P’Way starts looking at the next bit of food hesitantly before declaring Khet the winner.

Khet’s question is whether P’Way broke up with Phingphing because of his phone’s wallpaper. There’s a very quick flashback to the exam rewrite where they both had each other’s phones. Khet had clicked the home button and seen the picture of P’Way and his brother set as the wallpaper on P’Way’s phone. P’Way takes a moment before confirming it be the reason. Khet says that he doesn’t know what P’Way is thinking but the Kim now isn’t the same Kim that he used to know. Khet asks P’Way if he realizes that. P’Way angrily says that’s another question so he’s not going to answer it.

Khet then asks if P’Way had won, what would he have Khet do. P’Way doesn’t answer that question either and asks for the check, but his mood has improved.

Khet goes home and to his brother’s room which is empty. The bed hasn’t been slept in either but that’s when Khet remembers the AC is broken in that room. Khet goes to his own room to find Kim already asleep in the bed. Khet smiles then grabs a pillow and blanket from the cupboard. Khet then writes a quick note on a post it which he attaches to the door before leaving the room.

The next day at school a very pissed off P’Off leaves the school disciplinary room. Khet happens to be walking by so he grabs one of P’Off cronies and asks what happened since P’Off was cursing Kim. The crony says that Kim exposed the fact that P’Off brought a knife to school and now he’s been expelled. Khet knows this is dangerous based on P’Off’s previous bullying behaviour.

P’Off bursts into Kim’s classroom demanding to know where Kim is. P’Off pushes a desk out of the way to angrily ask P’Way where his friend his. P’Way asks him what he wants with Kim and P’Off says that he wants to clear things up with him before he goes (he means beat the crap out of Kim). P’Way says that P’Off can clear things up with him instead. P’Off asks P’Way if it would be just him. P’Way says he doesn’t need help to take down the three of them. P’Off accuses him of having a nice mouth (bragging).

P’Off just demands to know where Kim is. P’Way grabs P’Off by the collar asking if he didn’t understand that anything he wants from Kim, P’Off can get from instead. P’Off wonders if he can get it through P’Way since he’s in danger of being expelled at any minute. P’Off tells P’Way that he will show him mercy today but should watch his back. P’Off then pushes P’Way away and says that they will find Kim outside of school. (The teacher is absolutely useless through this all and should be fired).

Khet is running around outside the school trying to phone Kim to warn him about P’Off. Khett hurriedly sends a text to Kim asking where he is. Kim is at home in bed just waking up. Kim finds the post it note that Khett left him and it says that there is banana milk in the fridge. Kim wonders if Khett has gone crazy since he’s allergic to dairy (guess Khett forgot that your body is Kim’s for a second). Kim wonders if Khett is trying to kill him (he says it like a joke though).

Kim checks his phone and sees a text from Soda. Soda says she’s found a new book that they haven’t check out already. Kim texts that he will be right there. A little while later, Kim tosses the book down on the table because just like all the other books the reason for body switching was love. Soda says that’s what she’s been trying to tell him. Kim wonders about what they do next and Soda says that Kim should tell her, who makes him happy. Soda says it must be her right, it’s okay if Kim says that it’s her.

Soda says that she’s blushing but Kim tries to remind her of what he had already said. Soda says that her brain forgets bad memories. Kim is frustrated with Soda and looks like he’s about to hit her, but he pats her on the head instead. Kim says that she does make him and he’s amazed at how much he missed her. Kim says that everyone makes him happy but the person that makes him the happiest is… that’s when P’Off comes and grabs him by the collar of his shirt lifting Kim out of his seat.

Kim asks what’s wrong only to have P’Off tell Kim he’s the reason that P’Off was expelled. P’Off goes to punch Kim in the face, but P’Way shows up in time stop him, by kicking him in the back away from Kim.

P’Way tells P’Off that he was being nice to him in school but he shouldn’t expect him to be so nice here. They all kind of stare at each other for a few moments prepping for a fight.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 3!