The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 2

The next day at school, Phingphing’s two friends are tweeting about her breakup with P’Way. They spill the details about how P’Way never bought Phingphing any rings and they never had sex. When Phingphing comes up to ask if they know who started the rumours, the two of them both say no. Phingphing tells them that when she finds out who started the rumours, she will have her dad’s men beat them to a pulp.

Her so called friends quickly says that she shouldn’t blame the people leaking the news but the person that actually interfered with Phingphing and P’Way’s relationship. Her minions then claim to be angry on her behalf and wonder who would dare to do that to Phingphing. Phingphing leaves and the two pull out their phones again tweeting that they wish it was them. (So I think they were just responding in the thread and might not actually be leaking the info but it’s hard to tell).

Elsewhere, Kim and Soda are skipping class. They grab some drinks and Kim says that it’s a good reason to skip class. Kim does ask Soda how skipping class is supposed to return him to his body though. However, Soda is glued to her phone and doesn’t answer until after Kim waves his hand in front of her face. Soda tells Kim that P’Way broke up with Phingphing.

Kim doesn’t believe it so he checks out the phone too. Soda says it’s a shame because they are now halfway to their ship but P’Kim being an ass ruins it. Kim agrees that it’s a shame and wants to get back to his own body so he can find a new ship for P’Way. Kim asks Soda again why they are there. Soda accuses him of thinking that she just brought him there for fun. She tells Kim that she normally doesn’t plan things but now she does. Soda says that she has a plan, if they want to find out why he’s in this body, then they have to start at the library.

They take a bunch of books about body switching and sit down to skim them for the reason the bodies were switched. It turns out that every book on body switching had the same reason for the switch which was love. Kim asks if there could be another reason so Soda quickly does a search on her laptop. There’s one book that they haven’t checked so the two leave to go find it.

The two are sipping a product placement drink while looking for the book. They find it on the top shelf and put their drinks down with the lids on next to the books (MONSTERS!!! Keep liquid away from the books!) Anyway it’s on the top shelf so Soda can’t reach it. Kim offers to help her out and gets really close as he reaches over top of her, making Soda’s heart thump. Kim gets the book and checks it over while Soda tries to recover. It turns out the reason for the body switch in that book is love as well. Kim is disappointed then says that maybe he needs to find love.

This is too much for Soda as she tries to back away and ends up bumping the bookshelf where they put their drinks. Luckily the caps are on the drinks and Kim manages to catch it while protecting Soda from falling books. Kim realizes what’s going on with Soda and how it looks so he quickly backs away from her. So awkward!

The two are sitting at bar table and neither one of them can look at each other after the book incident. Soda eventually says that Kim wasn’t this cool until he was in that body so maybe fate wants Soda to see different aspects of Pan? Kim grumbles that they should stop talking about it but Soda continues to say that she never felt that way about Pan until she was in P’Kim’s body. Kim says that’s enough because they are friends. Soda points out that most relationships start out as friends. Soda yells if not her then who?! (KHET!!!)

Back at school Khet is being stopped by P’Way in the hallway. P’Way keeps blocking Khet from going anywhere and Kim’s voice over says that he doesn’t know who his heart belongs to.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 2!