The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 1

Kim yells at Soda that she can’t like him because he’s Pan. The Angel of death shows up, because Kim told the secret. She swings her death scythe at him.. but it stops just short hitting him. The Angel of Death tells Kim that they have to talk outside. Kim says okay and leaves the room which leaves a very confused Soda wondering what’s going on.

The Angel of Death reminds Kim that he was warned that if he ever told the secret about the body swap, then he would be killed. Kim claims that it just slipped out and that Soda won’t believe it anyway. Kim says no one becomes a body switch believer right away.. cue Soda in the hospital room believing right away that body switching is real. Back in the hallway, Kim says that he will take care of Soda so the Angel of Death just needs to chill.

Kim is about to go back into the hospital room but Soda opens the door first and calls him Pan. The Angel throws Kim a dirty look. Kim hurriedly tells Soda that he made up the body switching story after watching an episode of a soap opera, she shouldn’t take him seriously. Soda sarcastically says that it’s a great plot then says that she is sure that Kim is Pan.

The Angel of Death’s eyes look like they are going to pop out in anger so Kim hurriedly says that he read about body switching in a novel. Soda says that he reads novels too, he’s definitely Pan. The Angel is getting angrier by the second so he says that he’s P’Kim. Kim then lists why he would be him.. but Soda says that knowing so much about P’Kim proves that he’s Soda. The Angel gets ready to hit Kim with the death scythe so Kim says Soda’s name in frustration then shoves her back in the hospital room so he can deal with the Angel.

The Angel of Death advances on Kim reminding him that he had just finished saying that he could handle Soda and that everything would be fine. Kim quickly says that Soda can be trusted and won’t tell anyone about the secret. Kim says that Soda will be the last person to know about it, he swears then begs for his life. The Angel of Death swings her death scythe at him.. a few seconds of black screen.. then we see that the scythe has stopped before hitting Kim again. The Angel of Death says that the truth is.. then she giggles as she admits that she can’t actually take lives.

The Angel of Death chuckles as she says that she lied to his face. Kim is now quite confused and the Angel smiles at his confusion. The Angel of Death says that she conjured the dead lizard using a small spell when they first met so that she could threaten Kim into silence about the mistake. She shushes Kim and says that she was worried God would find out and it’s best not to anger him. The Angel of Death says that since Kim promises not to tell, she will trust him to keep his word, then she vanishes. It’s after she leaves that Kim realizes that he’s been so stressed all this time for nothing.

A bit later Soda is wondering why Kim didn’t tell her all of this body switching stuff in the beginning, she teases that Kim let her miss Pan on purpose. Kim asks her if that’s why she’s hugging him, because she misses her friend so much. Soda replies she’s just hugging him because it’s P’Kim’s body. Kim shoves her away and calls her a pervert. Soda wonders why he can’t tell anyone about it, so Kim just says that the Angel of Death doesn’t like it. Soda says he should tell his Dad though.

Kim says it wouldn’t do any good to tell his uncle about it, since he wouldn’t believe it anyway. Soda wonders when Pan/Kim will stop calling him uncle and start calling him Dad since he raised Pan like his own daughter. Pan/Kim says that he can’t do that because he doesn’t want anyone to replace his dad.

The conversation makes Kim depressed so he sits down on one of the hospital chairs. Soda tells him that it’s okay, no matter what happens she will stay beside him. Soda gives him a hug, and he thanks her for being comforting. Soda says she just wants to take advantage of P’Kim’s body. Kim pushes her away cursing. Soda says that Pan is so lucky to be in P’Kim’s body because she gets to see this and that. Soda also says that Pan is so lucky because she gets to be close to P’Way as well, it’s all she could ask for so why is Pan so stingy with it?

Then Soda says it’s such a shame because she thought that P’Kim liked her, so now she’s a bit angry at Pan. Kim say that it’s good that it’s him and not the real P’Kim that Soda liked otherwise Kim would be worried about her. Soda asks if it’s because Pan thinks that their ship would sink. Kim says no, he’s just worried about her. Kim tells her that P’Kim isn’t the person that they thought he was. Kim tells her that P’Kim has many secrets the first of which is that he is Khet’s older brother.

This lights up Soda’s eyes as she thought that Khet loved P’Kim, forbidden love, incest, star crossed lovers.. Kim has to tell her to stop, they aren’t star crossed lovers, they barely even like each other. Kim says that it’s more like P’Kim doesn’t like Khet but Khet keeps an eye on P’Kim. Soda tells Kim to let that rest for a moment and spill the details on what’s been going on between P’Kim and P’Way.

Soda tells Pan that she’s very excited for her because she has a chance to make their ship real. Kim says he thought so too at first but things don’t always go the way they plan. Kim says that they should go to Soda’s place to talk more. Then Kim realizes that if he goes to Soda’s place looking like P’Kim, Soda’s mom will freak. Soda wonders if Kim is worried her mom will freak because she’s bringing a boy home but Kim says it’s because he’s so handsome that he looks like an idol that Soda’s mom likes. Soda tells Kim not to worry about it though because her mom is doing charity work in Somalia right now, so they will have the house to themselves.

Khet takes a taxi home, while in the taxi he remembers hearing Kim tell Soda in the hospital room that Soda can’t like him because he’s actually Pan. Khet arrives to an empty house and heads up to his brother’s room to investigate. He finds a BL novel on his brother’s bookshelf and wonders if P’Kim is truly Pan.

Meanwhile at Soda’s place, Kim tells her how P’Kim dated a teacher just to steal the answers to exams. Kim says that all the beautiful pictures they had of him were lies. Soda calls P’Kim a bad boy, Kim says bad boy his ass P’Kim is a cheater! Soda says that it’s hard to believe though. Kim says that if he wasn’t in P’Kim’s body and has seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it either. Kim says that he now knows the truth he’s been keeping his distance from P’Way.

Kim says that he doesn’t want P’Way around a person like that. Kim also tells Soda that it’s time she stop shipping herself with P’Kim as well. Soda says that it’s hard to see their ship sink since they’ve been shipping them for years. Kim tells her that he knows that it’s hard to move on but they can always find another ship (said every BL fan after a BL ends). Soda then mentions that Kim can’t visit her like this in P’Kim’s body as it would be confusing if someone saw P’Kim screaming for hot guys.

Kim says that he knows that’s why he went back to the hospital to find a way to get back to his own body. Kim says that it came to this point however which is fine because he doesn’t know a way back to his own body anyway. Kim also says that the Angel of Death is zero help. Soda says that the supernatural might not be able to help but she can. Kim says that she must mean Google and not herself. Soda shakes Kim saying that he knows her way too well.

The two have a good natured fight which includes a pillow fight. Kim says that they have to stop goofing around and find a way for him to return to his body. Soda throws a pillow at Kim for the last time then opens her laptop to do some research. They decide that electric shock would be too harmful (JRC…#StopTheShock), falling down the stairs would be painful as well, bumps to the head 400 times was also a definite no.

Soda says that the last option is to get hit by lightning and Kim asks her if she’s gone crazy. He asks her if there is truly no better options and when Soda comes up blank, Kim sadly says that he will have to stay in this body then. Soda says that maybe it isn’t about the how. Kim lights up at the thought that there might be a way to return to his original body. Soda says that in every book they’ve read, lost souls only return to their bodies after they have learned something.

Kim says that he’s learned lots of things and how it wasn’t how they both thought it was. Soda says that maybe that isn’t the lesson he was supposed to learn. Soda believes that it’s more than that though, and maybe only after Kim has learned it, will he be able to return to his original body. Kim asks Soda what the lesson might be but she doesn’t know either. They both sigh as they think about it.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 7 Part 1!