Under The Power: Episode 6

It was just after Xie Xiao says that he couldn’t marry Shangguang Xi that we get a flashback of her in wedding gear waiting on the bed. Outside her room she can hear the servants saying that the young master has taken a horse and run off. She lifts her veil to hear a bit better then lowers it again so no one can see her tears. In the present she asks Xie Xiao if he chose to leave on their wedding day. He confirms it, so she asks him why he couldn’t marry her. Xie Xiao says that it’s because he knew that she could never love a childish person like him. He’s convinced that her father and his forced her into the wedding. He says that she’s very filial, so of course she had agreed to do it. (Idiot) Xie Xiao tells her that he couldn’t ruin her whole life.

Shangguan Xi says it doesn’t matter and changes the subject but it’s clear that she is deeply hurt. She tells Xie Xiao to come home with her, if he wants to save Sha Xiuzhu then their master might have a way to do so. Xie Xiao finally agrees to go he says that whether his father wants to punish or kill him, he’ll accept it all. Shangguang Xi says that how he looks now simply won’t do. She shaves his beard, brushes his hair and gives him some nice clothes to wear. Xie Xiao asks her if she’s setting him up on a blind date or to go meet his father. They both smile even if it’s a bit uncomfortable on both sides.

Elsewhere Lu Yi greets General Guan Xuan and invites him to take a seat. Lu Yi says that Guan Xuan has come a long way to arrive in Yangzhou, it must be for his father’s birthday. The General says that since Field Commander Lu already knows, then he won’t have to beat around the bush. He heard that thieves were trying to steal the gift trunks that he’s going to be giving his father for his birthday. The General says that it’s only thanks to Field Commander Lu’s valour that the gift trunks were saved. Lu Yi says that the General is too courteous, since Lu Yi happened to be there when the incident occurred it was his duty to take care of it.

General Guan Xuan says that with only a few days before his father’s birthday, he needs to retrieve the trunks. Lu Yi thinks a moment then says that the case isn’t solved yet. He also tells the General that two of the gift trunks are still missing. Lu Yi tells the General that he can’t hand over the gift trunks yet because they are still evidence and says that the General must wait a few more days. The General argues that the trunks are his possessions, then accuses Lu Yi of wanting to keep the trunks for himself. The General asks Lu Yi if he knows what will happen if he opposes a royal relative.

Lu Yi doesn’t like being threatened his hand slightly twitches in anger that is otherwise not visible to the General. Lu Yi reminds General Guan Xuan that the Embroidered Uniformed Guards take their orders from His Majesty. Lu Yi also says that if the General doesn’t hold ill intent towards the Emperor then there is nothing to be afraid of. Lu Yi also points out that the investigation is going according to rules, so if the General has a problem with it, he can report his problem to the Emperor and denounce Lu Yi.

The General looks a bit uncomfortable but he says that it’s fine for now. He does tell Lu Yi to solve the case quickly so the gift trunks can be returned so that the birthday celebration isn’t ruined. Lu Yi says that he will do his best and the General leaves in a slight huff. While they were having the conversation though the General rubbed his one wrist. (Might be nothing, but then again who knows?) After the General leaves, Lu Yi sits there for a little bit thinking, a small half smile tugs at his lips as he ponders the conversation he just had.

Meanwhile.. Shangguang Xi and Xie Xiao are meeting with their master Xie Baili. Xie Xiao greets his father, informing him of his return. His father says that it’s been a full 3 years since Xie Xiao left. Xie Xiao admits that he has been unfilial and that he has returned now to discuss something important with him. Xie Baili then slaps his son hard across the face saying that now his son wants to discuss things with him! His father is pissed off because Xie Xiao boarded a government ship to free a prisoner and even fought with an Embroidered Uniformed Guard. Xie Baili asks his son if he knows what kind of person Lu Yi is.

Xie Baili is angry that his son dared to fight with Lu Yi, while Xie Xiao is surprised that his father knows about everything. His father points out that Lu Yi is the son of Commander Lu Ting the head of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards. His father says that he will prepare a boat for Xie Xiao tonight so that he can go to White Tiger Hall in Suzhou to hide for awhile. His father says that when the incident is over, then he’ll send someone to pick up Xie Xiao. Shangguang Xi agrees that it’s the best thing that they can do for now. Xie Xiao argues that he can’t leave now because Big Brother Sha is still in prison! Xie Baili angrily asks in disbelief if his son still wants to rescue a prisoner from jail.

Shangguang Xi says that the jail of the prosecutor’s office isn’t like normal jail cells, it’s underground and has a water jail. She says that it’s strictly guarded and that they can’t take the risk. Xie Xiao says that Big Brother Sha stole the gift trunks according to a mutually agreed upon plan, he asks his father how he can stay still now that Big Brother is in jail because of it. Xie Baili says that Lu Yi may be young but he is also cunning and thoughtful, therefore he is difficult to predict. Xie Baili tells his son not to be reckless. He then orders Shangguan Xie to keep on an eye on him so that he doesn’t cause any more trouble.

Xie Baili also orders Shangguang Xi to call for physician Shen to see to his son’s injuries then leaves the two alone. Xie Xiao wonders how his father can be ill like Shangguang Xi told him when his father’s slap is still strong as always. Xie Xiao gently accuses her of making it up so that he would come home. Shangguang Xi tells him that he never changes whether he’s made a mistake or falsely accused, he never says anything to the Master and just lets his father scold and punish him. She says that he never makes excuses or explains. Xie Xiao says that he’s a man so he can handle small things like that, it makes Shangguang smile.

Xie Xiao says that his father just reminded him of something he has to do. When she asks him what he has to do, he says that he still has two gift trunks with him. Shangguang Xi wonders why he didn’t say so earlier. Xie Xiao tells her that if his father wasn’t sick to begin with then hearing the news that his son still held two gift trunks would make him sick. Xie Xiao says now that the Lu guy is in Yangzhou, he’ll have to find a place to hide them. Shangguang Xi tells him not to do anything else regarding the matter as she will handle it.

Yang Yue and Jin Xia are exploring but Yang Yue wants to go back as they have been gone awhile. Jin Xia says that they should stay out longer since the Xiao Qin Huai River is the most beautiful place in Yangzhou. Jin Xia teases Yang Yue telling him that there are many beautiful women in Yangzhou. She also says that the beautiful scent of the river can smelled for up 16km (10 miles). Jin Xia says that the rumours are true. Yang Yue says he doesn’t think that it’s that beautiful. Jin Xia tells him it’s just because he can’t appreciate beauty.

Jin Xia points out that rumour has it even the water Yangzhou women wash their feet with smells good then she giggles. Yang Yue tells her not to giggle like that then calls her perverted. Yang Yue says that they aren’t even working a case so he doesn’t want to go there. Jin Xia then suggests going to the Seventh Court since Yang Yue said that there’s a lot of good food there. Yang Yue gets excited and agrees to go. The two excitedly run off for the Seventh Court, Xie Xiao spies on them from a distance. It seems like an idea comes to him and he heads off as well.

Xie Xiao is outside the Seventh Court restaurant talking to another person about making something look good but not going overboard with it. Xie Xiao tells the person that the people will be coming out of the restaurant doors. A moment later Yang Yue and Jin Xia come out the restaurant doors. Jin Xia says that the food there has earned its reputation. The man Xie Xiao was talking to holds up Xie Xiao’s arms and yells that he has been raking up unpaid bills at his inn for a month. Yang Yue can’t believe that someone would dine and dash.

Yang Yue tells Jin Xia that they should quit watching the spectacle and leave, so that they can take the dessert to his father. Jin Xia insists on staying though as the unknown man asks the crowd for their opinions on the matter. Xie Xiao approaches Jin Xia asking if she remembers him as they met at the pier. Jin Xia is drawing a blank though so Xie Xiao mimes the beard that he used to have, that’s when she clues in that he’s the young master of Wu An gang. Jin Xia says that he looks normal without the beard. Xie Xiao tells her not to think of meaningless things and asks her to come be the judge.

Xie Xiao pulls Jin Xia to the front of the crowd but Jin Xia says that she doesn’t know his situation so she can’t be a judge. A woman from an upper level dumps a huge basin of water on Jin Xia completely drenching her. The woman says that’s the only way to deal with people that dine and dash. (Poor Jin Xia suffering for Xie Xiao’s lie). Yang Yue brings out a handkerchief and asks if she’s okay. Jin Xia sarcastically asks him if she looks okay (the answer is No by the way). Yang Yue starts to dab around Jin Xia’s face with the handkerchief, asking if the foot washing water (that’s what she was hit with) smells good. Xie Xiao yells at the woman saying that she talks too much, does she even know who Jin Xia is?

Xie Xiao introduces her as a constable of the Six Doors Department. That’s when the man that wanted money tells Xie Xiao that he doesn’t need to be paid after all and runs away. Jin Xia grumbles that she just wanted to watch a show (there was Chinese Opera playing in the background so unclear if she meant that or the spectacle Xie Xiao arranged). Xie Xiao says that he was sure Jin Xia would have dodged the water. Jin Xia yells at him that her eyes aren’t on top of her head so how could she see it! Xie Xiao starts to drag Jin Xia away but Yang Yue grabs her other arm asking her what she’s doing.

Jin Xia tells him to take the dessert to his father and not to tell his father about what happened as it’s too embarrassing. Jin Xia says that she will definitely make Xie Xiao pay for the clothes. The two of them run off and poor Yang Yue is stuck holding the desserts knowing that his father is going to chew him out again because of Jin Xia. Xie Xiao says that he will make it up to her by paying for her clothes. Jin Xia charges him 2 Taels when argues, she ups it to 5 Taels. Xie Xiao says that she is looking down on him, so he’ll take her to the most famous shop in town to buy her new clothes.

Jin Xia gets dragged along, she eventually tells Xie Xiao to quit dragging her along like she’s a criminal. The shopkeeper greets them but Xie Xiao tells him to continue on with his regular business as they will choose the clothes themselves. Xie Xiao takes her to the wrong side then realizing that it’s men clothes, he takes her over to the women’s section. He tells her to pick anything she wants, and he’ll have the shopkeeper wash it so she can change clothes. Jin Xia asks in disbelief if he will really buy anything that she chooses but Xie Xiao is adamant about it and tells her not to look down on him.

Xie Xiao picks out a purple outfit saying that it would look good on Jin Xia but she disagrees and picks out a peach colour outfit instead. Xie Xiao then tells her to try them all on and he grabs every outfit on the rack, handing them to her. Jin Xia takes the outfits to the changing room, but then pulls back the curtain to warn Xie Xiao that peeking is not allowed. Xie Xiao says “who would want to look?”. Jin Xia starts to hang up her wet clothes on the edge of the changing room stand, including her token of authority… Xie Xiao looks like’s he getting an idea as he pulls out a similar looking token out from his robe.

Xie Xiao is disguised in a uniform to let him blend into the prison. He holds up the token of authority and claims that Field Commander Lu wants to question Sha Xiuzhu and has sent Xie Xiao to fetch him. When the guards hesitate, Xie Xiao asks what’s wrong with them, don’t they know who Commander Lu is? The guards finally relent and let Xie Xiao through. The guard leads the way to the guard in front of the Sha Xiuzhu’s cell and informs that guard of the orders to take Sha Xiuzhu away for questioning. The first guard leaves and the guard at the cell door asks if it’s the same Lu Yi of the Southener Protection Province? Xie Xiao says that ridiculous because besides that Lu Yi what other Lu Yi could there be?

The guard asks Xie Xiao to understand that they are under orders and that’s why he asked the extra question. Xie Xiao tells the cell guard to hurry up as Sir Lu doesn’t have much patience. The cell guard gestures for Xie Xiao to go into the cell.. and then promptly locks him in. Xie Xiao demands to be let out but the guards on the other side call him an ignorant criminal because he doesn’t even know whether the Protection Department is in the South or the North. The cell guard says how dare Xie Xiao claim to be Sir Lu’s subordinate, when Sir Lu returns he will hack Xie Xiao into eight pieces. The guards then leave him in the cell as he continues to yell to be let out.

A few moments after Xie Xiao has settled down in his cell, there’s a few explosions and some of the guards are yelling about a fire. In different parts of the town, Jin Xia and Lu Yi both hear the explosions and head towards the Prosecution Office to check it out. It turns out to be a distraction so that Shangguang Xi can break Xie Xiao out of jail. He doesn’t want to leave without Big Brother Sha but Shangguang Xi tells him that there isn’t time, they have to go now.

Lu Yi approaches the warden Master Wei, he says that he heard the explosions and saw some of the flames. Lu Yi asks Master Wei what happened. Master Wei tells him that it was some rampant bandits causing a distraction in order to break a prisoner out of jail. Lu Yi asks if any of the prisoners have escaped but Master Wei says that they are all accounted for (Xie Xiao technically doesn’t count). Elsewhere in the jail, Jin Xia tries to gain access using her token however she gets mistaken for another imposter. The guards even accuse her of freeing Xie Xiao. Jin Xia tells them that if they doubt her, then they can just ask Lu Yi himself. The guards are having none of it though and try to arrest her.

Luckily for Jin Xia, Lu Yi has impeccable timing and show up in time to tell the guards that she came from the capital with him to work on a case. Jin Xia is all smiles thinking it’s over but Lu Yi tells the guards that while she is a constable of the Six Doors Department she isn’t his subordinate and he doesn’t know her that well. He says that if there is something suspicious about her then they should investigate her accordingly without delay.

Jin Xia asks Lu Yi if there might be a misunderstanding but Lu Yi says that he doesn’t know what she may have done before. Jin Xia points out that a thunder bomb has an extremely pungent smell and if she were the bandit then the smell would still be on her hands. She asks the guards to sniff her hands. The guards sniff both of her hands and report that they don’t smell like dynamite. Lu Yi starts to walk off, Jin Xia calls out to him. He tells her to hurry up unless she plans to stay in jail and become a mole. Jin Xia hurriedly runs after him. After they both leave Master Wei reminds his prison guards to stay vigilant.

Jin Xia and Lu Yi meet up with Yang Yue and his father. Jin Xia tells Lu Yi that if he doesn’t have any orders for her then she’ll leave first. Lu Yi won’t let her leave and calls her Constable Yuan. He says that she should at least explain what happened today. Yang Chengwan turns to Lu Yi and asks the Field Commander what did his unruly student do? Yang Yue worriedly whispers to ask the same thing. A flashback reveals that the guards gave the token of authority that Jin Xia was using to Lu Yi and tell him that it’s the same one that Xie Xiao used to get inside the prison, the bandit also claimed to be Lu Yi’s subordinate.

Yang Chengwan asks Jin Xia to hand over her badge, once she does so he breaks it in half with his bare hands. Yang Chengwan says that a real Six Doors Department badge includes black iron and can’t be broken by human strength. Jin Xia can’t believe someone switched out her badge for fake when she always keeps her badge with her. Lu Yi demands to know what kind of relationship she has with the person that broke into the jail. Jin Xia says that she doesn’t even know the person so how could she have a relationship with him? Lu Yi yells at her to tell the truth.

Jin Xia asks him what he wants from her. Jin Xia says that she understands that Sir Lu is worried that he won’t catch the thief and that would it damage his prestige, so he wants her to take the blame for it. Lu Yi snaps back that her habit of insubordination and thinking that she knows everything should be fixed now. Jin Xia says that she may think that she knows everything (sarcasm) and yes the badge is her responsibility but that doesn’t make her one of the bandits, Lu Yi just came to that conclusion without even asking first. Jin Xia asks is it she that thinks she knows everything or Lu Yi that thinks he’s always right.

Yang Chengwan scolds her saying that she can’t speak such nonsense. Lu Yi demands to know that with her ability how was she able to let her badge be swapped out so easily. Jin Xia thanks him for the compliment but Lu Yi tells her that it’s not a compliment because they now have both evidence and witnesses. Jin Xia accuses him of being someone that twists the truth and doesn’t know right from wrong. Jin Xia then sarcastically admits to all the crimes and to knowing that bandit which is when Yang Chengwan slaps her hard across the face while telling her to shut up.

Yang Chengwan tells Lu Yi that he did not teach his student well, she said what she said out of anger and asks that Lu Yi not see it as truth. Lu Yi tells them that he won’t pursue the matter but he doesn’t need someone like Jin Xia by his side either. He tells Jin Xia to pack her bags and leave. Jin Xia throws down the fake badge saying that she quits being a stupid constable and runs away. Yang Yue runs after her leaving Lu Yi and Yang Chengwan alone. Lu Yi tells Yang Chengwan that he knows that Jin Xia didn’t break into the prison but that a good blade must be sharpened so it isn’t blunt. Yang Chengwan apologizes to Lu Yi for the trouble.

Jin Xia eventually stops running and sits down on a step. Tears stream down her face as she recalls the recent conversation, the most upsetting part being that Yang Chengwan slapped her. Yang Yue catches up to her and tells her that he believes her. Yang Yue tells her that no matter what happened, now isn’t the time to be sad. Yang Yue says that she must remember when her badge could have been swapped for a fake and by whom. That’s when Jin Xia finally realizes that it was Xie Xiao that did it, and she runs off leaving Yang Yue alone wondering who it is since all Jin Xia said was “it’s him!”. Yang Yue soon follows her though.

Jin Xia went to her room to grab the clothes that Xie Xiao bought her and bundle them up. Yang Yue catches up to her there and asks her what is she doing. Jin Xia doesn’t tell him, but walks off leaving him to trail behind her like a puppy. Jin Xia then breaks into the Wu An Gang stronghold with the clothes to demand that Xie Xiao the scoundrel show himself. Members of the Wu An Gang surround both her and Yang Yue. Yang Yue tells her that they should go home but Jin Xia replies that she needs an explanation. She yells at gang members saying that if Xie Xiao doesn’t show himself, then she will come everyday and make sure that he doesn’t get a moment’s peace.

Shangguan Xi comes out saying that she was wondering who was disturbing the peace, it turns out to be Six Doors Department constable Yuan and Yang. (Well it’s not Briscoe & Green..) Jin Xia demands to know where Xie Xiao is but Shangguan Xi wonders why Constable Yuan would want to see her Junior Brother. Shangguang Xi says that Constable Yuan can leave a message and she will make sure Xie Xiao gets it. Jin Xia says that it’s personal matter between her and Xie Xiao. She asks Shangguang Xi not to interfere. Shangguang Xi says that Constable Yuan came into the Wu An Gang so forcefully that it’s not something she can ignore, if the constable wants to see Xie Xiao she has to get through her first.

Xie Xiao just strolls out all innocent looking, asking why Constable Yuan is so free today that she came to Wu An Gang to look for him? (Rat bastard!) Jin Xia tells him that he must go to the government office with her now that he’s come out. Xie Xiao tells the gang members to put down their swords. He then tells Jin Xia that he hasn’t done anything wrong so she can’t arrest him. Jin Xia says that the young master is really good at acting. Jin Xia then accuses him of stealing her badge to break out a prisoner from jail yesterday. Shangguang Xi wonders what the constable could be saying since her junior brother didn’t leave the compound yesterday so he couldn’t be the bandit.

Jin Xia thrusts the peach coloured clothing at Xie Xiao reminding him that he bought it for her. This upsets Shangguang Xi since she has lovey dovey feelings for him that he doesn’t return. Xie Xiao asks if something is wrong with clothing, doesn’t it fit? Jin Xia says that Xie Xiao knows exactly what he’s done, then she tries to drag him saying that he has to go to the government office with her. Xie Xiao digs in his heels and removes her hand from his clothing, saying that he won’t go. Jin Xia points her little pea shooter of a gun at him asking if he still won’t go. Shangguang Xi is about to interfere but Xie Xiao tells her that it’s none of her business.

Yang Yue warns Jin Xia not to do anything impulsive. Xie Xiao is confident that Jin Xia won’t shoot him though and leans his forehead against the gun. He taunts her to take a shot then, when she goes to pull the gun away he holds her hand still, taunting her to shoot. Jin Xia manages to get her hand away and ends up firing the gun into the air instead. Just then Yang Chengwan and Xie Baili appear. Jin Xia quickly points to Xie Xiao telling her master that he’s the bandit that broke into the jail and she must take him back.

Elsewhere, Cen Fu brings a piece of evidence to Lu Yi that was found near the back wall in the prosecutor division. It’s a pearl earring, Lu Yi has a flashback to seeing Shangguang Xi with the same earrings. Lu Yi links Shangguang Xi and Xie Xiao and comes to the conclusion that the answer is the Wu An gang.

Back at the Wu An Gang, Master Baili demands an explanation for what’s happening. No one answers at first so he bangs his hand against the table demanding someone to speak up. Yang Chengwan tells him to calm down. Shangguang Xi claims that she asked Xie Xiao to switch out Jin Xia’s badge for a forgery in order to rescue Sha Xiuzhu. Master Baili tells her that she doesn’t have to take the heat for his son because he knows his son the best. Master Baili wonders if his words to his son go in one ear and out the other. He yells at him again to NOT mess with Lu Yi.

Xie Xiao scoffs at his father saying that Lu Yi just has a father that is the head of the Embroidered Uniformed Guards while the Wu An Gang has the biggest water transport group after all. Xie Xiao asks his father if he has to be so afraid of Lu Yi’s father. Xie Baili calls him an idiot then promptly slaps his son hard across the face, he tells his son that if he feels wronged, he should stay quiet about it. Yang Chengwan tells Xie Baili that’s enough since Xie Xiao is an adult already, so it’s inappropriate to hit him. Xie Baili tells Yang Chengwan to look at his son, does he look mature to him? Xie Baili says that if he doesn’t teach his son a lesson, Xie Xiao will ruin the family. Yang Chengwan points out that Xie Xiao is a lot like his father, after all if Xie Baili followed the rules, he wouldn’t have established this enterprise.

Yang Chengwan says that since Sir Lu hasn’t suspected the Wu An Gang yet of this incident, they should lie low for awhile. Xie Xiao immediately argues that they haven’t saved Big Brother Sha yet. (Dude SHUT UP! Seriously you’re annoying). Clearly Xie Baili agrees with me because he calls his son a bastard and asks if he still wants to cause trouble. Yang Chengwan tries to get Xie Baili to sit down. They both sit down and Xie Baili says that all he can do is wait and see. He asks Yang Chengwan to send him news if anything happens. Yang Chengwan reminds him that they are good friends so of course he’ll keep Xie Baili updated on the situation.

Yang Chengwan says that breaking a prisoner out of jail is a crime, if it happens again then he can’t guarantee anything. They both agree not to talk about it anymore though and introduce the kids to each other. Yang Yue is surprised that they know each other. Apparently they are old friends and the kids used to play together. Yang Chengwan says that Jin Xia is the one that took Xie Xiao out to go fighting with others.. Xie Xiao ended up being beaten black and blue. That’s when Jin Xia realizes that Xie Xiao is Snot Bug, while Xie Xiao calls her Slingshot Xia.

The two of them can’t believe who the other one is, while the two fathers just continue to catch up in the background. The two fathers leave the kids alone so they can go drink. Jin Xia calls him Round Xie while he calls her Big Shrimp Xia. Xie Xiao tells the story of how they met as children and Jin Xia bit him. The two reminisce a little so Yang Yue asks if they are on better terms now. Jin Xia says that they aren’t though because their previous acquaintance won’t stop her from bringing Xie Xiao in.

Jin Xia says that since her master said she can’t arrest Xie Xiao over the prison thing, she won’t but that doesn’t mean she will forgive him over the badge switch. Xie Xiao tells her that she’s unreasonable and the two argue as if they were still children leaving Yang Yue and Shangguang Xi to separate them. Xie Xiao asks her what he will have to do to earn her forgiveness and Jin Xia tells him that she will forgive him only when she gets her job back. Xie Xiao claims to have an idea on how to make that happen but he will only tell Jin Xia so Yang Yue and Shangguang Xi are left out.

A little while later Jin Xia asks to enter Lu Yi’s room. Lu Yi tells her to come in and she’s looking pretty disheveled. Jin Xia says that he was right about her and the badge. She says that she shouldn’t have let her temper interfere with her work. Jin Xia continues to look pathetic while she says that she didn’t relieve Lu Yi’s burden but added to it instead, so she deserves to die. There’s a quick flashback of Jin Xia in her room fake crying, messing up her hair and applying make up to make herself look more sympathetic.

Jin Xia says that she has packed her bags and will head back to the capital. Jin Xia thanks him for all his kindness during this time and promises that when she returns to the capital, she will remember what he taught her and become a good person. She fake cries some more and another flashback shows that she added oil to her hands to make her eyes tear more. She slowly oh so slowly goes to leave when Lu Yi tells her to wait. Jin Xia thinks that she has won but Lu Yi simply tells her that it’s late and she should head back to the capital in the morning instead. He then gently pushes her out the door saying that he will never see her again. He closes the door before she can react. Jin Xia can’t believe it didn’t work. Inside his room, Lu Yi smiles because he knows she was acting.

Jin Xia paces back in her own room. Yang Yue tells her that he can’t understand why Lu Yi didn’t fall for her trick (because he’s not stupid?) Jin Xia says that’s a dead road and she must find another way to get her job back. Jin Xia believes that she will find a way to handle Lu Yi but Yang Yue just laughs in disbelief. This earns him a mild beating from Jin Xia as she asks what side he is on. She pushes Yang Yue out of her room, closing the door behind him. When Jin Xia turns around she finds that Xie Xiao has snuck in through her window.

Jin Xia asks why Xie Xiao would be in her room in the middle of the night. Xie Xiao asks how it went with Lu Yi, he’s sure his plan worked. Jin Xia tells him that his plan most definitely didn’t work. Jin Xia asks him if he’s messing with her first by stealing her badge then giving her that stupid plan so that she will have to leave tomorrow. Xie Xiao is confused as to why his plan didn’t work but promises to make it up to her. He promises to take her to the best late night restaurant. when she doesn’t agree right away, he starts to describe the food to her. Jin Xia finally agrees to go out for food but tells him that doesn’t mean that she forgives him. Xie Xiao says that they have to leave by the window and not the front door so Jin Xia gives him a kick in the ass then they leave.

At the restaurant Xie Xiao can’t believe that Jin Xia is a constable and working with the Embroidered Uniformed Guard at that. Jin Xia asks him “why can’t a girl be a constable?” especially since his Senior Sister leads the gang. Jin Xia then criticizes Xie Xiao for not doing anything when he knows his father is sick, yet he goes a long way to save his senior brother. Jin Xia says that just isn’t right. Xie Xiao accuses her of spouting nonsense saying that his father is very healthy. Jin Xia starts to tell him the symptoms she noticed like the wrinkles between his brows, short weak breath, she asks how he couldn’t notice that when he was slapped the gesture was exaggerated but didn’t have much strength?

Jin Xia also says that when Xie Baili was angry his voice got higher in pitch and there was a whistling sound. Jin Xia says that happens when the heart and the lungs aren’t any good. Finally Xie Xiao admits that he knows about his father’s issues but it was Big Brother Sha that took care of him for 3 years. They robbed the rich together so they could give to the poor and now he’s arrested because Xie Xiao didn’t like seeing Jian Zheng and his son rampaging the local area. Xie Xiao says he’s the one that insisted they steal the birthday trunks. He says that he must save Big Brother Sha but he promises not drag Jin Xia into it.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 6 of Under The Power!