The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 4

Gene pulls his car over, he looks quite upset when Nubsib texts him to see if he’s okay. Nubsib then texts that he’s worried about Gene. Gene doesn’t respond as he’s overwhelmed with emotion, he slams his hands against the steering wheel a few times. He is sobbing then he hits his head against the steering wheel of couple times before finally being calm enough to continue driving.

Gene arrives back at his condo, confusing Nubsib. Nubsib wonders why Gene is there since he was supposed to stay with his family for two nights. Gene angrily tells Nubsib to pack up his stuff and move out of the condo tomorrow. Nubsib wonders why Gene is asking him to leave now since Gene had already agreed to let him stay. Gene’s heart breaks as he tells Nubsib that he has so many apartments that he doesn’t have to stay with Gene.

Gene asks Nubsib if he knows who he is. Gene answers the question for him saying that Nubsib knew from the beginning. He also says that Nubsib realized that Gene had forgotten about him. Gene then cries that Nubsib knew and never told him. Gene grabs Nubsib by his collar and Nubsib hurriedly says that he has his reasons. Gene doesn’t believe him though, he’s hurt. Gene says that the reason is to lie and make fun of Gene.

Gene says that he would’ve punched Nubsib except that he’s Aunty Orn’s son. Nubsib tells Gene to punch him then. Gene warns Nubsib not to provoke him but Nubsib insists that he’s not provoking him. Nubsib admits that he’s at fault this time. Nubsib says that if punching him helps Gene to calm down, then he can do it. Nubsib asks for Gene to let him explain first though. Gene let’s go of Nubsib and when Nubsib goes to touch his cheek, Gene veers away.

Gene tells Nubsib to get out of his apartment. Nubsib asks Gene if he will let him explain but Gene says that he doesn’t want to hear it. Gene also says that he doesn’t want to see Nubsib either. Gene says that he doesn’t want to be a clown anymore. Nubsib reaches for Gene as he tells hi that he’s not a clown. Gene doesn’t care anymore and pushes Nubsib away. Gene tells Nubsib to get out of his apartment, he’ll call Tum to pack Nubsib’s things. Nubsib refuses to leave though until he’s explained himself.

Gene pushes Nubsib and asks him what lie he‘lol tell this time. Nubsib defends himself saying that he’s never lied. Nubsib reminds Gene that he has a reason for it. Gene asks Nubsib if he seriously believes that Gene will believe someone who has kept him in the dark for so long? Gene tells him to leave now, or he’ll call security. Gene goes into his room shutting the door. Nubsib looks heartbroken and just stands there for a few moments before heading to Gene’s room.

Gene however comes out of the room carrying a duffel bag. Nubsib tries to stop him so they can talk but Gene says that if Nubsib won’t leave the condo, then he will. Nubsib calls out to Gene for him to wait and listen to him but Gene walks out the door leaving Nubsib behind. Nubsib doesn’t chase after him, he goes to sit on the couch and tries to process just how everything fell apart so quickly.

Gene goes to his other apartment’s room and sits on the bed for a few moments before he picks up a pillow and screams into it. He cries more and then has to scream into the pillow again. His phone is ringing but he ignores it. (I think it’s Nubsib but the caller ID wasn’t translated).

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 and it wrecked my heart to watch it in slow motion while recapping it. Happier times will come thankfully.