The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 2

Tiffy and Tum are sitting down on a ledge. Tiffy compliments Tum saying that he’s quite capable, he even knows how to sew. Tum tells her that it’s not that weird. Tiffy agrees with him but says that she didn’t expect him to know. Tum points out that he doesn’t have the car repair skills that she does. Tiffy admits that’s true then watches as Tum finishes up the shirt repair. When he’s done, she tells him that he cares a lot about other people’s faces that he forgot to take care of his own. She grabs a tissue paper and starts to dab at his face.

Tiffy tells Tum that she learned how to repair cars from her Dad as she would help him fix them, her family owned a garage. Tum asks her if she likes fixing up cars. Tiffy wonders if he asks because it is something that most girls don’t like doing. Tiffy says that she actually does like doing it though she’s not sure why, maybe because she thinks that it’s cool. Tum says that it must be nice in her family as they seem to be very understanding. Tiffy says that he might not realize it, but she used to date girls.

Tiffy used to go to an all girls school so it didn’t seem weird, but when she told her Mom, her mom wasn’t okay with it. Tiffy tells Tum it’s the reason that she came to Bangkok so that she wouldn’t be an eyesore to her mother. Tum asks her what kind of person does she like then, but Tiffy says that she doesn’t know. Tiffy says that she just wants someone that she is comfortable with, isn’t that enough? Tum wonders if her mom is more accepting of Tiffy now but she says that it doesn’t matter anymore as her mother died.

Tiffy admits that she just came from her mother’s funeral. Tum expresses sympathy for her loss but Tiffy tells him that it’s fine. Tiffy says that he is the first person she’s told about this. Tum tells Tiffy that he grew up with Tarm and it was just two of them since their parents died in an accident. Tum was just a child when it happened so Tarm became his pillar. He says that it’s why he has to do what he can.

Tum says that he often wondered why he couldn’t go play like the other kids and instead he had to shoulder the responsibilities of an adult. Tum says that he never got to be a carefree kid. Tiffy pats his shoulder then walks away, she manages to get the car started and tells Tum that it’s time to go.

Gene is sorting through groceries at the apartment, what’s his and what belongs to Nubsib. Gene comes across some Vitamin C drink bottles and says that they are both Nubsib’s but Nubsib says one belongs to Gene. Gene says that he didn’t buy that bottle, so Nubsib tells him that he bought a vitamin C drink for Gene. Gene wonders why Nubsib would buy him a drink, but Nubsib tells him it’s because he always drinks coffee so Nubsib wanted him to try and drink something else.

Gene says that he doesn’t want his, Nubsib pouts a little then takes a big drink out of one of the bottles. **This is a product placement ad for the drink* Nubsib says that it’s delicious and asks Gene if he’s sure that he doesn’t want any. Nubsib offers his bottle (that he just drank out of) to Gene saying that he can have it. Gene looks at Nubsib to the bottle for a few moments before opening the bottle to chug some down. When he’s done he admits that it is delicious. Nubsib points out that it’s like Gene kissed him. **Indirect kiss, since both their lips touched the bottle**

Gene doesn’t understand why Nubsib would say that since he’s hasn’t kissed Nubsib. (A BL writer should get the reference, in fact it’s even Het dramas too.. ) Nubsib tells Gene that it doesn’t matter. Gene then tells Nubsib that he’s going to go home for 3 days. Nubsib asks him if he will be staying there overnight. Gene says that he will be for 2 nights. Gene asks Nubsib if he will be okay in the condo by himself. Nubsib teases him by asking what would happen if he said no. Gene replies that he would then ask how old Nubsib.

Nubsib says that he will feel lonely without Gene. Gene asks him to take care of the house for him. Nubsib tries a different tactic asking if he can text Gene when he misses him. Gene firmly says that if it’s an unimportant text then he won’t respond to it. Gene goes to leave when Nubsib stops him, pointing out that the bottle Gene is taking with him doesn’t belong to him.

Nubsib hold up the other bottle saying that it’s Gene’s but he can take both. Nubsib in full flirt mode says that his bottle became Gene’s when he drank out of it. Gene switches the bottles then leaves but he has to come back because he forgot one of his bags. Nubsib watches the flustered Gene leave before he takes a long sip of the drink that he and his crush shared. He’s enjoying it a lot more since it touched Gene’s lips.

Sometime later a woman is searching LGBTQ+ stuff on the internet. Gene sneaks up on her and basically yells boo. She turns out to be his Mom and she scolds him for almost giving her a heart attack. Gene prepares to be hit, but she just hugs him instead while asking how he could prank his own Mom. She teases her son saying that she thought he forgot all about them. Gene says that he saw nice cake and it made him think of home. His Mom says that she has to thank the cake then for bringing him back. She notices that he has something behind his back and asks if it’s the cake he mentioned.

Gene says that she can’t have cake because her blood sugar will rise. His Mom argues that it’s been awhile so it should be fine. Gene tells her that he knows how stubborn she is, so he will supervise her diet. His Mom says that when Gene says that, it makes her so happy. She smiles and squishes his face between her hands. She tells him that he will take good care of her then. There’s another hug and then Gene wants a selfie of them together so that he can post it on Instagram.

After a few selfies, Gene asks his mother what she was doing on the computer. His Mom admits that she was writing an article about gender diversity in Thai dramas and it’s due this week. His Mom says that she included his BL series too. Gene teases her about being a BL fans pioneer. His Mom then says that it’s good that he’s there because she can ask him a few questions, since he would understand it better than she does.

Gene sighs saying that he’s not an expert in BL, though BL novels are quite popular right now. Gene says that it’s popular because it doesn’t have a centre force, it’s just a fantasy about love. His Mom says that it makes sense then invites him to dinner so that they can discuss it further. His Mom says that everyone misses him including his father. She tells him that she keeps telling Dad to call Gene but he’s too stubborn to do it.

Gene tells his Mom to make him some delicious food then, she replies that she will make a full table of it. Gene says that he will go upstairs to unpack his things, he leaves and his mom returns to his computer thinking over what Gene told her about BL. Later that night the family is having dinner. Gene’s Mom tells him to eat more as all the food is his favourite and he’s too skinny. Gene tells her that she should see him at his apartment, she’ll tell him to quit eating so much. His brother chimes in that frozen food doesn’t count.

Gene tells his brother to not pretend that he knows everything. Gene says that frozen food is easy to eat and he doesn’t want to go anywhere while he’s writing his novel because he might lose his flow. His brother says that’s just an excuse since delivery apps exist. His Mom tells him that’s enough but his brother is right, he has to take care of himself. She says tha tGene is only getting older, who will look after him? (Nubsib!) She says that Gene is hard to find a partner for and his brother agrees.

Mom tells Gene that they won’t be around forever to look after him. Gene tells his Mom that she’s so mean while calling her Mrs. Run. Dad says that if Gene’s just writing a novel, he can stay home with them then. Gene says that the apartment would then go to waste, he bought it with his savings. Dad says that it’s fine and that Gene can leave the apartment empty and just stay with them when he’s visiting Bangkok.

Gene says that he’s actually quite busy because the novel he wrote is being turned into a series, can he decide later?. His brother asks how the main female lead is of Gene’s novel. Gene corrects him saying that it’s called a bottom not a female lead and that it’s a new actress **bottom being the sexual position or submissive in a BL** Dad looks a little uncomfortable but doesn’t say anything. Mom and Jap (his brother) say that when Gene’s famous, he can’t forget about them.

Gene replies that no one could forget about Mom but promises to forget Jap. Dad tells them all to eat.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 2! I’m glad Gene’s dinner with his family was a lot more comfortable and loving than Aey’s.