The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 1

Gene gets out of be and walks into the living room to find both Tum and Nubsib already there. Tum notes that Gene has been getting up early these days. Gene says that he’s been going to bed early too lately, yesterday he went to bed at 04:00 hrs. Tum exclaims that 4 a.m. is not going to bed early. Nubsib reaches over to touch Gene’s hair telling him as he does so that he didn’t dry his hair properly. Gene pushes Nubsib’s hand away then claims that he’s letting his hair dry naturally.

Gene asks Tum why he’s there, no scenes to film for the drama? Tum says that it’s just a normal photo shoot today. Tum invites Gene to come along. Gene wants to know if it’s okay if he tags along, but Tum just says that they will probably roll out the red carpet for him since he has so many followers on Twitter. Gene tells Tum not to tease him, then says that he will go along with them after he changes clothes and puts in his contact lenses. Nubsib is concerned since Gene hasn’t eaten yet, so he reminds him that there’s a bento for him in the kitchen.

Gene leaves and Tum warns Nubsib that he has to be more careful about what photos he posts online. Tum says that it’s not that serious now, but if Tarm were to find out then they would both be done for. Nubsib says that he knows but it’s easier said then done. Tum doesn’t understand since all Nubsib has to do, is to keep a low profile. Nubsib says that it’s because Gene is too cute, he can’t help but share photos of him, is that his fault?

Tum says that Nubsib always does what he wants to do, he’s surprised more people haven’t seen Nubsib’s evil side. Tum then teases Nubsib that everyday he calls Gene “Mr. Gene” so polite. Nubsib angrily tells Tum to shut up. Tum quickly says that he was jus joking.

At the photoshoot Nubsib and Aey have to look like a sexy loving couple for the pictures. Gene gets super jealous while watching them together, Tum calls him out on it. Gene says loudly that he’s not jealous and will kick Tum’s ass for saying so. This makes everyone at the photo studio stop and stare at them. Tum apologizes to them for his friend being so noisy, however Tum can’t help but laugh though he does try to hide it. Gene tells Tum that he’s going to go get a coffee but Tum warns him not to take too long. Tum says that if he’s not there when Nubsib is done the photo shoot, Nubsib will be mad at him.

Gene claims that they are just normal friends so Tum shouldn’t exaggerate. After he leaves, Tiffy comes to stand beside Tum. Tiffy says that Aey and Nubsib look very cute together. Tum says that it’s like they are their sons, while he and Tiffy are their parents. Tiffy says that Tum may be old enough to be father, but she’s just a beautiful older sister, not a mother. Tum can’t resist the urge to tease her, saying that she has wrinkles on her forehead, then suggests she get botox. Tiffy angrily tells him to shut up, she then thanks him for taking care of Aey awhile back.

Tum tells her that it wasn’t a problem then asks her where she went back then. Before she can answer him though, the photographer calls loudly for the make up artist as the models faces are getting oily. No one responds but Tiffy tells Tum that the make up artist might still be in the bathroom. Tiffy says that she will take care of it, but Tum says that he’s got this. Tum pulls out some tissue then tells everyone that the make up artist ate a sour and spicy salad this morning, so someone should go check on him in the bathroom. Tum then proceeds to wipe Nubsib and then Aey’s faces with the tissue.

Gene is sitting down at a table when a waitress gives him an iced latte and an Americano coffee. It takes her a few tries to get his attention though as he’s fiddling with his pen while looking at a notebook. Gene startled that she’s there asks what she said. She tells him that it was 180 baht ($6.70 CAD) for the two coffees. Gene gets ready to pay when Mhok shows up and tells the waitress to put it on his card instead, he tells her to add a green tea to the order though.

Gene tells Mhok that he doesn’t need to pay but Mhok says that he should consider it payback for Gene allowing him to be in the Drama series. Gene says that it’s not a big deal. Mhok sits down then comments that the two don’t talk with each other much. Gene says that they usually just bump into each other. Mhok asks Gene his age, turns out Gene is 26 years old. Mhok says that Gene looks so young that he thought Gene was still in high school.

Gene says that Mhok exaggerates, then asks if he’s done with his photo shoot. Mhok tells him that he’s on break and still has another set to do. Gene nervously asks if he can ask a question, when Mhok nods, Gene asks why he auditioned for a BL series. Mhok admits that he was tricked by his fujoshi (women that like BL) sister. His sister even made wanted him to bring a book for Gene to sign. Mhok notices that Gene seems uncomfortable so he asks if Gene is okay. Gene says that he always feels a bit uncomfortable when someone tells him that they like his book.

Mhok tells Gene that he shouldn’t feel weird when people say that since his novel is quite popular. Gene guesses that it might because he’s a guy and most BL novel writers are women. Mhok tells him that he doesn’t think that it’s weird, so next time he will bring the novel for Gene to sign. Gene says ok, then gets ready to leave so he can bring Tum his coffee. Mhok grabs his arm though, saying that he must warn Gene to stay away from Aey.

Gene wants clarification on why he should stay away from Aey. Mhok asks Gene if Aey has ever done something bad to him. Gene says no, then Mhok says that if he does, Mhok apologizes in advance on his behalf. Gene wonders why Mhok would apologize in advance for something bad that Aey has done.

Mhok smiles but doesn’t answer. Later the two are walking out together when Mhok tells Gene that when he first saw him he was quiet so Mhok thought that Gene was an introvert, like most authors.Gene tells him that’s actually a stereotype against authors. Gene says that authors are humans too, so not every author is an introvert. Gene does admit that he often likes to be alone when he’s working. Mhok says that he can understand that.

Nubsib walks up to them, and he doesn’t look happy. Nubsib informs Mhok that the staff are looking for him, didn’t he know? Mhok says that he just came to get a tea, then reminds Gene to keep in mind their conversation. When Mhok leaves, Nubsib repeats the phrase and asks Gene what the two of them were talking about that he needs to remember. Gene only tells him that Mhok wanted an autograph for his sister and nothing about Aey.

Nubsib tells Gene not to talk to strangers as it’s dangerous. Gene is offended saying that he’s not 10 years old. Nubsib fires back that it seems like Gene is that young. Gene tells Nubsib that he will kick him. Nubsib offers to help Gene carry the coffee back to the set and the bickering has ended for now.

Later that night, Tum is having trouble with his car. When the car won’t start he goes out to pop up the hood to see what’s wrong. He starts touching stuff and it sounds like he gets a little zap from something in there. Tiffy shows up to ask him what’s wrong with his car. Tum admits that he has no clue, but the car won’t start. Tiffy offers to take a look at his car, so Tum moves out of the way for her.

Tum tells her to be careful because the car is hot (so not a shock but a burn earlier.. whoops!) Tiffy continues to check under the hood of the car when she overreaches a seam in her shirt tears. It’s near the underarm so easy to hide if she crosses her arms. Tum offers to sew it back up for her. Tiffy asks if he knows how to sew, surprised. Tum says that he can fix it.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 6 Part 1!