The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 4

Somza and Nun hide behind a tree wondering if Phingphing will be okay. They are spying on P’Way’s and Phingphing’s conversation. P’Way starts the conversation by saying that what’s going on between them.. Phingphing interrupts him saying that she knows what he’s going to say but she doesn’t want it to happen yet.

P’Way just nods his head which makes Phingphing angry. She tells him that this is how well she knows him, is there anyone else that knows him as well as she does? Phingphing says that someone knowing him that well is the one that truly loves him. P’Way grabs her hand telling her that he knows that she loves him. Phingphing wonders what the problem could be then? Is it because they don’t eat together? Did she put him on a too strict diet? She then asks if it’s because she brags about them sleeping together? Or is it because she bought a ring and told others that he bought it for her?

Phingphing says that she can fix all that, she just wants him to stay with her. P’Way gets off the bench and looks down at their hands still holding onto each other before he lets go and tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore. Phingphing pleads that she still loves him, however P’Way says that he thinks he’s in love with someone else. P’Way starts to walk away when Phingphing demands to know who he loves, she’s starting to cry. P’Way turns back saying that it’s better if she doesn’t know.

Phingphing comes up to him and grabs his arm. She tells him that he has to say who he’s in love with or she will never let him go. P’Way just simply tells her that it’s over and walks away. Phingphing’s friends run to her side to ask her if she’s okay but she pushes them away.

In the hospital, Khett visits Pan’s body. Khett tells the body that maybe he misses her too much as he now even sees Kim doing things that she liked to do. He tells Pan that her being unconscious is causing other people to have problems.

At her home, Soda is typing up some more P’Kim fan fiction. She squeals so hard after writing her current sentence when she knocks her phone off the bed and onto the floor. Soda picks up her phone, her phone’s wallpaper is a picture of her and Pan together.

While Soda is writing her fan fiction, Kim is in his room cursing her name saying that she can fall in love with anyone but not an asshole like P’Kim. Kim wonders where the angel of death is and why she hasn’t put him back in his body yet. Kim resolves to find his own way to do it.

We return to the hospital where Khett is begging Pan’s body to wake up. Well since her soul is currently occupying your brother’s body there is of course no response from Pan’s body. Khett sighs then takes the flowers into the bathroom. While he’s in there with the door closed, Soda shows up. Soda tells Pan’s body that she has a confession to make and if she doesn’t get it out now, then it will become something that is stuck between them.

Soda takes Pan’s hand and tells her that she thinks that she’s in love with P’Kim. Khett is listening in the bathroom. Soda says that she knows that it’s against The Shipper rules but what he does and everything that happens to he makes her realize that P’Kim and her click. (She’s confusing friendship with love). Soda goes on to say that she feels like P’Kim understands her in the same way that Pan did.

Soda tell Pan’s body that she remembers the promise that thy made about not letting their ship sink. Soda then apologizes because she can’t resist his hotness. Soda says that it may be hard to believe but P’Kim approached her first. The door to the room opens and it’s Kim. Soda tells Pan to look, P’Kim came to see her. Kim however wonders why Soda is there. Soda is wondering the same thing about P’Kim so Kim quickly points to his original body and says that he came to see her.

Soda accuses him of lying, she says that he knew that she would be there so he came to visit her. Soda is convinced that their hearts are linked. Kim tells Soda that he didn’t come to see her, he came to see Pan. So Soda clarifies that he just came to see Pan and no idea that Soda would be there.. so it must be destiny! (Someone make her stop.. please). Soda tells Pan that she can see for herself that P’Kim is meant to be with her so she had better wish them a happy ending.

Soda then advances on Kim, she backs him into a corner until he falls over so that she can kiss him. Right afterwards an upset Kim asks Soda how she could kiss him since they are friends. This makes Soda very confused. Khett is listening in the bathroom very intently so he hears Kim say that he’s actually Pan! Soda confused points to the body saying that Pan is there. Kim says that her body might be there but her soul has been in P’Kim’s body since the accident.

Kim says that the person Soda likes is her, but she’s Pan not P’Kim. A fierce wind blows and a very menacing Angel of Death appears. The Angel of Death says that he spilled the beans on the secret so now he must die. She then swings the death scythe.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Episode 6 Part 4! (Don’t worry there are more episodes).