The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 3

Khett walks out of the classroom with Soda right behind him asking if she’s correct about her assumption that he likes P’Kim otherwise things wouldn’t have turned out this way. Khett tells her to quit talking nonsense since him liking P’Kim is insane. Soda asks Khett if he doesn’t like P’Kim then why is he messing with her fan fictions? Khett doesn’t answer her though so she just assumes that’s she correct.

Khett tells her that him liking P’Kim that way is wrong on so many levels. Soda says the reason he denies it, is because it’s wrong. Soda tells Khett that they can’t control who they fall in love with. She says that even a shipper like her has fallen in love with her own ship. She then asks him why he can’t love P’Kim.

Khet just reiterates that he can’t like P’Kim. Soda claims that she understands him, who can resist P’Kim’s charms? Soda then backs Khett up into the wall saying who can resist P’Kim when he gets close like this. Poor Khett is remembering that moment earlier this morning when he bumped into his brother as he went to go back into the house. She will then says that he will wonder if it’s love but his heart will go thump thump.

Soda then says that Khett will even see his face as someone else’s that he’s loved before and when the face of the previous loved one gets replaced by P’Kim, that’s when you know it’s love. Poor Khett keeps thinking about the times recently where he was reminded of Pan while looking at P’Kim. (To be fair she IS in HIS body.. so it’s more of Khett still loving the soul rather than being attached to a physical form).

Khett still says that it’s impossible for him to like P’Kim though. Soda tells him that he knows that it’s wrong, yet the image of him is clearer than ever, that’s when you call it true love. Khett drops his water bottle as he thinks it over. Soda welcomes him to the world of Yaoi where she is his enemy. Soda picks up the water bottle while she smiles and hands it back to him before leaving him with his thoughts. Khett is having a hard time coming to terms with his feelings, so he just tells himself that it’s not possible, but he doesn’t really believe it.

Phingphing and P’Way are in the infirmary. Phingphing fakes a few coughs then tells P’Way that her doctor said that she needed more rest and should avoid anything that will hurt her feelings. P’Way asks Phingphing if her doctor told her what’s wrong. Phingphing fakes a couple more coughs before claiming that it’s a heart disease. P’Way points out that she’s pointing to a lung not her heart. Phingphing quickly tries to cover by saying that her lungs are infected too.

P’Way doesn’t look like he believes her so he asks if her condition is both heart and lungs. Phingphing says that it is, then coughs some more. She bends down as she coughs so that Somz and Nun can hand her Kleenex with red syrup on it, so that it looks like she is coughing up blood (that is evil!). However when Phingphing goes to show him the Kleenex it turns out to be green, Somza tells Nun that the red bottles were all sold out.

Phingphing tries to cover by saying that it’s her mucus and that she must have a cold as well. Now P’Way is angry and tells her to stop lying because she’s never lied to him before. P’Way says that the Phingphing he knows, wouldn’t do this to him. He demands to know why she is doing this. Phingphing gives up the act and yells that she’s doing this because of him. P’Way tells her that they will have to have a serious conversation.

Khett is at home standing in the hallway thinking when Kim shows up. Kim wonders why Khett didn’t go upstairs. Khett says that he was going to find something to eat in the kitchen so Kim comes along. Kim asks Khett what’s up with him lately because he couldn’t even do what Kim had asked him to. Khett points out that even though he failed in his mission, Kim didn’t report to his boss that he was underage.

Kim says that the job is important to Khett. Khett says that Kim has changed but Kim quickly turns the tables by saying that it’s Khett that has changed. Kim then asks if Khett has changed his feelings towards him. There’s a very awkward silence before Khett shouts that he has no feelings for Kim. Kim asks why Khett is shouting then calls him weird. The two fight over which one of them is acting weird.

Khett then goes to look through the cupboards for food when Kim reveals that he was bored at home and can’t go to school so he cooked something that Khett can eat. Khett asks his brother why he can’t go to school but Kim says it just’s because he doesn’t want to. Khett then asks what the fight with P’Way was about but Kim says that it was nothing. Khett laughs and says that Kim answered that like a girl.

The two start to eat noodles when Khett remembers Soda and Pan saying how much they loved Home Economics class because they didn’t have to buy lunch. The money they saved that way then went towards buying new novels. Pan then said that Khett would still have to buy lunch because he’s not a very good cook. Pan also told him that since he’s not a good cook and not that smart, what were his good qualities? Khett told them that he had good visuals **he’s good looking**

Pan makes a yuck face at that. Khett then teases Soda saying that her food looks a bit burnt, is she sure that her food is edible? Soda says that of course it’s edible because they are good looking and good cooks. Soda tries her food, it turns out that she will have to buy lunch because she’s not a good cook. Khett then asks if Pan’s food is edible, after she brags about what a good cook she is, she takes a bite. She tells him that it tastes pretty good but Khett says that she’s just pretending it’s good. Pan shoves the food towards Soda to try, Soda agrees that the food is really good. Khett says that her friend is just lying to help her out so Pan gets Khett to try the food she made since he doesn’t believe them (He just wanted to eat your food).

They both start eating from Pan’s dish and they have a Lady and Tramp moment where they are both munching on the same noodle, until Pan broke it. (No smooches.. so disappointing) Pan even winks at him over the broken noodle. After they finish a mouthful, Pan tells Khett that he has to admit she did well cooking. Khett teases her by saying that it’s okay.

Meanwhile back in the present, Khett sees Pan instead of Kim telling him to say that the food is delicious. He gets up from the table awfully fast which makes Kim wonder if his little brother is sick. Kim gets up front the table to check Khett’s temperature with his hand on Khett’s forehead. Khett quickly moves away from the touch, he tells Kim not to touch him, then runs away.

Later that night, Khett is in his room trying to focus and he keeps telling himself that he doesn’t have feelings for P’Kim. However Kim comes into his room saying that the AC in his room isn’t working so can he crash with him? Before Khett can answer, Kim jumps into the bed beside him. Khett looks over and sees Pan lying there instead of Kim. That’s when Khett panics, he tells Kim that he can stay there and he’ll go hit the sheets somewhere else. Khett can’t leave the room fast enough which makes Kim wonder what’s wrong with him today.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 3!