The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 2

Khet asks Kim how he knows that about his brother messing with the fan fictions. Kim gulps then gets a curious case of the hiccups. Khet says that the number of people that know about the fictions are very few. Kim finally states that he’s Khet’s brother so he must know something about him, the same way that Khet would know something about him. (Did he forget how tricky Khet was after returning from the hospital?) Kim says that of course he knows because they are brothers, what does Khet think that he can read his mind, or touch him to know his past?

Khet says that the more Kim talks nonsense the more he reminds him of someone else he knows (Kim SHUT UP! You’re making it worse!) We then see Pan saying that maybe she is from planet 89 and have supernatural intuition. Khet’s face as he pictures Pan instead of Kim as he continues to spout nonsense is priceless. Khet shakes his head and Kim’s body is in front of him again. Khet tells Kim to be quiet because he no longer wants to know.

Khet hurriedly leaves the house, so Kim texts him that if he doesn’t help with Soda then he will tell their Mom that Khet is skipping class in order to work in a barber shop. Khet ignores the threat but Kim watches him from the window so he texts back that if telling their Mom doesn’t bother him, then Kim will tell the barbershop owner that Khet is underage and can’t work. Khet sighs as he can’t ignore that threat so he texts Kim that he would never do that. Kim texts back that he will.

Khet must believe his brother so he goes back to go back inside the house, he starts keying in the code when Kim opens the door from the other side and the two bump into each other. We get a moment where it’s Khet & Kim then a moment where it’s Khet and Pan. The moment with Pan lasts a bit longer before switching back to Kim.

Later at school, Khet gets a text from Kim telling him that his brother is at the barbershop. Khet reaches over to tap Soda on the shoulder. When she turns around he asks her to stop writing fictions about herself and P’Kim. Soda just thinks that he’s jealous and tells him that she’s sorry but she’s found her true love. Kim starts sending pictures of the barbershop, first the storefront, then the lobby, then with Khett’s boss…

So when Soda starts typing about how P’Kim leans in to kiss her and that the kiss tastes like.. Khett interjects a sentence about the kiss tasting like fermented fish! Soda turns around to tell him to quit messing with her fan fiction, however his dream job is on the line so of course he can’t stop. Soda forgot where she left off then remembers that she was writing about what the kiss tasted like, only to have Khett interject a sentence that says the kiss tasted like someone that hadn’t brushed their teeth for a year. This shocks Soda when she reads it.

Soda tries to write the sentence again just to have Khet write that the kiss tasted like toilet water (EW!) She yells at Khett but that’s when Angkana comes into the classroom asking what’s up. Khet raises his hand and says that Soda is angry at him for interfering with her ability to write fan fictions in class. Angkana thanks him for reporting Soda, then asks Soda why she’s doing this nonsense stuff in class. Angkana looks to see what kind of fiction it is. She finds out that it’s about P’Kim then she has to leave the class. Angkana doesn’t quite make it out of the classroom before she begins sobbing loudly.

After Angkana has left, Soda turns around to ask Khett why he reported her. Khett tells her that it’s because he wants her to stop being absurd. Soda points out that Khett has been messing with the fan fictions since Pan and her started writing them about P’Way and P’Kim. Soda says now that she has stopped writing about them, Khett still messes with the fan fictions, so what exactly does he want? Khett doesn’t know how to answer this question so he changes the subject asking where Phingphing and her group are since they are all missing (still in the bathroom avoiding P’Way probably).

Turns out I’m right and the gang are still in the women’s bathrooms. Somza asks Phingphing how long they are going to be in the bathroom because it looks like Nun is about ready to eat the faucet. Phingphing asks Nun since when does she become hungry? Then she tells them that they can leave only when they help her come up with a better plan. Somcha has the bright idea of Phingphing dumping P’Way before he can dump her. Nun thinks that it’s a great idea, but Phingphing says that the end result is still the same so they had better come up with a better idea.

Somcha then suggests the Phingphing have her Dad threaten to kill P’Way if he breaks up with her. Phingphing angrily says that her Dad would never do such a thing. Somcha offers her last resort idea which is that Phingphing should pretend to be sick since no one dumps a poor sick girl. Nun says that it can’t be a normal sickness, Phingphing has to pretend to have a deadly disease (not helpful and just terrible advice in general). Phingphing says that a lovely rich girl like her would never pretend to be sick, she also calls it a silly old method.

That doesn’t stop her from doing exactly that as her and her crew are now in the infirmary. Phingphing asks the others if she looks sick enough, they nod. (They are probably just happy to be out of the bathroom). Phingphing coughs a few times and her trained seals *cough* I mean friends clap at her performance.

Angkana comes back in to the classroom after saying that she had to deal with urgent business but she was still wiping away tears on her way in. Soda thinks to herself that she has to figure out why Khett is messing with her fan fictions. She then uses the method of intersection that they are learning in class and thinks she’s figured it out that the only thing connecting the two fan fictions is P’Kim. Soda turns around, points at Khett then says really loudly that he likes P’Kim **likes as in loves** Angkana says that she doesn’t like P’Kim then scolds Soda for talking nonsense so loudly. Khet can’t believe Soda thinks that he likes his brother. He tells her that he doesn’t like P’Kim but Soda firmly believes that it’s so obvious that he does.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 2!