The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 1

Kim drags the Angel of Death by her wrist out of the church and back to where they had their last conversation. The Angel complains that he might as well drag her back to hell then because he’s hurting her wrist. She asks him why he’s doing that. Kim wonders that she can’t see what’s happening, Soda likes P’Kim! The Angel looks at P’Kim’s body then asks what the problem is. Kim says that they can’t let Soda like P’Kim because he’s a bad guy.

Kim asks the Angel what they are going to do about it. The Angel says that Kim is misunderstanding something, she isn’t taking any responsibility for who Soda likes. The Angel then tells Kim to deal with it himself and goes to leave. Kim yells at her to wait. He then points out that he’s only in P’Kim’s body because of her. Kim says that she has to take responsibility and if she doesn’t help him then he will rat her out to God and she will get fired.

The Angel of Death tries to bluff that she’s not afraid of him telling God, so Kim starts to head back to the church. The Angel pulls him back by his wrist, admitting that she does feel threatened after all. She says that making Soda dislike P’Kim should be easy since Pan is in his body, all he has to do is something nasty then Soda won’t like him anymore. Kim thinks it’s a good idea and the Angel thanks him for the compliment. Kim quickly clarifies that he wasn’t complimenting her, she replies that’s okay, she can compliment herself and they both laugh.

The next day, Soda is practically skipping around when Kim grabs her by the wrist and drags her. Soda wonders why he dragged her there and asks him about it. Kim says he brought her there so that she could step in wet dog poop. The Angel of Death pushed the poop there with a stick so Soda would step in it, then laughs. Soda wants to know why P’Kim is treating her this way. Kim pushes her into the wall and does the lean in thing while saying that he’s doing it because she has disturbed him for so long.

Kim says that if she was a boy he would have punched her in the face by now. Soda wants to know why he’s acting this way, Kim says that he’s always been this way because he’s a bad guy. Kim calls P’Kim a bunch of names then says that he hates it a lot when people like him. When Soda tries to talk to him about it, he asks her if she wants to get hit. That’s when the Angel of Death tells Kim to spit.. Kim thinks about it then tries but it’s very embarrassing and even the Angel can’t believe how bad he is at it.

The Angel even tells him how pathetic that was but says that at least with Soda watching him do all that.. surely she’ll stop liking him now. Unfortunately for him, he gets a notification from his phone as Soda has started a new fan fiction about herself and bad boy P’Kim. The fan fiction starts off with P’Kim not showing his real self to anyone not even P’Way but he did show it to Soda, because he was madly in love with her… In the real world Kim takes out his frustration with Soda on his bed giving it a few kick.

Sure enough the new fan fiction is being read by Phingphing’s two friends out loud to her. Phingphing tells them to stop reading such nonsense. Her friends tell her that they don’t want her to worry about Soda writing fiction about P’Way and P’Kim because she’s writing fiction bout herself and P’Kim now. They tell Phingphing that she can set her mind at ease now but Phingphing says that she can’t rest easy yet.

Phingphing remembers back to the restaurant where she tells P’Way that the screenshot he’s using for a wallpaper is nice, but her phone’s wallpaper will always be a picture of them together. She tells P’Way that she uses it because he’s the most important person to her. Phingphing’s driver arrives so she says that she’s going to leave.

P’Way grabs her arm and says that he has to tell her something. He tries to get it out but Phingphing tells him to say it another time, she also says that he doesn’t have to rush it. Phingphing says that they get to see each other everyday. She strokes his cheek then leaves the restaurant before P’Way can anything.

Back in the present moment, Phingphing and her gang are now in the bathroom when she tells them that P’Way is acting weird. She tells the others that she can’t put her mind at ease because she thinks that something bad is going on. Phingphing tells her friends that she believes that P’Way will break up with her. Her friends celebrate before realizing that they are supposed to support her, so they quickly change to sad faces. Phingphing’s friends then say that it’s impossible and that they won’t let P’Way do that to their beloved friend.

Phingphing says that a lovely wealthy girl like her can’t be dumped. She then asks her friends to help her come up with ideas to prevent P’Way from breaking up with her. Phingphing’s friends play dumb but she tells them that if they can’t think of anything then they will hide in the bathroom forever. Phingphing says that P’Way is the type of person to break up with someone face to face therefore she’ll just avoid him for now. However P’Way meets her outside the bathroom and tries to talk but Phingphing just pushes her friends back into the bathroom without acknowledging him.

Phingphing tells her friends that they will have to stay in the bathroom for awhile longer. Somza says that if they stay in the bathroom any longer then they will have to find something to eat for their lunch break. Somza then perks up saying that it’s a great thing that they never eat because then they are never hungry. (Obviously you should eat food on a regular basis. Don’t starve yourself!) Nun’s stomach growls loudly which makes the other two look at her as she puts a hand to her stomach.

Meanwhile Soda is in class with Khet. Soda sighs happily over her laptop which catches Khet’s attention. He then remembers his brother Kim cursing her loudly at home. Kim asks Khet to help him sabotage Soda’s fan fiction. He tells Khet that he’s the only one that can mess with Soda’s fictions as he does it all the time. Khet is really confused, then Kim tells him to create a new email account. Khet looks at his brother like he’s possessed (technically true!)

Kim sets up a new account then tells Khet to mess with Soda’s fan fictions so she’ll stop daydreaming about him. Khet just keeps staring at his brother. Kim asks why Khet isn’t doing anything yet, is he confused? (Yes, yes he is because you know waay too much!) Khet does admit to being confused then asks Kim how he knows that his little brother liked to mess with the fan fictions? Kim gulps as he realizes the mistake that he made.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 6 Part 1!