The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 4

Aey seems to have made it inside the house because he’s standing outside when the woman from earlier comes up behind him with a present held behind her back. She asks Aey how he’s doing and if life outside of there is hard. Aey scoffs and says that he’s used to it. Earn says that if it’s too hard out there, he can always come home. Aey tells her that he’s fine so she wishes him a happy birthday while handing over the present. A man stands in the doorway behind them and Earn tells Aey that she invited to Mhok over as well for dinner.

She says that she has seen that the two are working together on the drama and the parents missed seeing Mhok. She also tells Aey that she’s been getting regular updates on him through Mhok. Earn is going to leave the two of them alone to talk while she goes to check on Waew’s cooking. She says that they should talk awhile before the parents come home. (Mhok was the guy that was watching Aey kiss Nubsib in the parking lot).

Mhok teases Aey saying that he finally came home, Aey doesn’t look very pleased to see Mhok though. Aey tries to leave but Mhok grabs him by the wrist, asking Aey why he’s always trying to run away from him. Aey repeats the question in a snarky tone before saying that he’s trying to run away because he doesn’t want to talk to Mhok. He also pulls his arm out of Mhok’s grasp. Aey tells Mhok that the next time that he comes, he should tell Aey so that he doesn’t have to come.

Aey says that in actuality his parents would be more than happy to have Mhok as a son instead of him. Aey then accuses Mhok of having always wanted to be a part of the family so that it would make him happy too if he was their son. Aey says that there’s nothing good about it though. Mhok tells Aey that he can talk however he wants but Mhok is glad to see that Aey got over his ego enough to care about others. Aey doesn’t say anything and walks past Mhok pushing against his shoulder as he goes by.

Dinner is a pretty quiet affair, you can hear Aey scraping his silverware against the plate. Finally the Dad can’t take it anymore, he slams his silverware down and demands to know why Aey has come back home (so much for everyone’s waiting for him to come home..) Aey being the little jerk that he is, immediately rats out Earn saying that she told him to come home as everyone missed him a lot. Earn nervously says that she did invite Aey home as she didn’t think that it would be such a bad idea since it’s been so long since they’ve seen him.

Aey says that if no one else is going to eat then he will. However the fork doesn’t even make it to his mouth when the Dad demands to know if he’s out of money. According to the Dad, he must be out of money by now or why else would he return home. Aey says that he thought the same but he’s not that desperate. The Dad says that he doesn’t care about Aey which gets Mhok to raise his eyebrows a little. Dad says that Aey can stay on his high horse if he wants but he won’t make enough money doing what he does to be able to go to that bakery in France.

The Dad then points to Earn saying that Aey’s sister never let them down or made them worry. The Dad then call Aey stupid and says that he likes to act lowly. Aey looks like he wants to cry but he decides to be angry instead. He tells his father that it doesn’t matter because being what his family wants him to be, makes him uncomfortable. Aey yells that his father already took everything away from him, his future, his lover and his life. Aey wonders if his father is happy yet with all that he has taken away from his son.

Aey asks if his father is full yet because the only thing left to eat are Aey’s bones if he wants to pick those clean too. Mhok tries to rein in Aey but gets told to mind his own business. The Father tells Aey not to argue with him, then says that his son was still as evil as he always was. (Wow.. no wonder Aey is so annoying.. ) The father reminds Aey that it was his first lover that tricked him. All it took was a bit of money and the lover closed his shop and ran away. Aey can’t hold back his tears any longer and starts to sob.

The dad says that what Aey did, didn’t fill up his dad but it did embarrass him. The mom begs the dad to stop there. Aey’s had enough of being bullied by his family so he glares at his sister for bringing him back into this mess then throws the unopened gift back at her before leaving the table. The dad gets up as well and says that if Aey is so great then he doesn’t ever have to come back there again. He also says that if Aey hates him so much then he doesn’t have to consider this place home then either. The dad is crying as he says it but he also tells Aey to get the hell out because he’s never had a son like him.

Aey leaves the house in tears, his sister Earn tells the family that she will talk to Aey then follows him out. She catches up to him outside but Aey suspects it might be another one of her schemes. He asks her why she would invite him home when she knew that it would turn out like this. Earn tells him that it wasn’t supposed to be like that, she just wanted her family to be together the way that it used to be.

Aey tells her that the family will never be the way that they used to be since Earn ratted out him and his then boyfriend a guy named Time. Aey tells her that the family is the way it is because of her scheme and asks if it’s going according to her plan. Earn admits that back then she hated and was jealous of him. She told their father about the relationship because of that. Earn says that Aey was always the favourite son, getting all the good stuff while she worked her ass off but never got anything good.

So she told their father about Time but she didn’t realize what Aey was going through back then. Since he’s left though, their father now puts all that pressure onto her. Now that she understands the pressure the father was putting on Aey back then, she’s very sorry. Aey thanks her for at least being honest now, but the real reason that she wants him home is so that their father can quit pressuring her. He says that’s great but selfish of her. That’s when Mhok tells Aey that’s enough and that he should calm down.

Aey leaves, Mhok tells Earn that he will take care of this before he follows Aey. Mhok catches up to Aey outside, grabs him by the arm and tells him that he will take him back home. Aey tells Mhok to leave him alone since he’s making everything worse. Mhok won’t let him walk though because it’s dangerous. Mhok grabs Aey and Aey fights back, yelling for Mhok to let him go. Mhok doesn’t let go and eventually Aey just breaks down into sobs as Mhok hugs him.

Mhok strokes Aey’s hair gently while Aey asks if his dad wasn’t bad enough already. Mhok tell him that it’s going to be okay. A few moments later and the hug turns into some pretty passionate kissing between the two of them. However in the middle of the kissing, Aey pushes Mhok away and leaves him standing there in the street alone.

Aey visits Tiffy and looks up the drama Bad Engineer to improve his mood… however, there is now pictures of Gene and Nubsib that the girls took earlier online. There’s even people supporting the ghost ship of Gene and Nubsib **Ghost ship is a ship that isn’t supported by a drama/novel but one people think should happen. ** One of the fans even says they will create a fandom for the ghost ship. Tiffy calls out from another room asking why Aey decided to visit her so late at night. Aey claims that there’s no reason, he just didn’t want to be alone.

A moment later and Tiffy comes out with birthday cake singing Happy Birthday for Aey. She wishes him a happy birthday and hopes that he stays her cute brother forever. After the night Aey has been having, this is the best thing so of course he starts to cry. Tiffy tells him not to get so sentimental, she was originally going to surprise him at the set. She says that he should blow out the candles and make a wish. Aey just nods grateful for some positivity on his birthday.

Aey takes awhile before blowing out the candles so Tiffy wonders what his wish was since it took him awhile to make it. Aey claims that he wished for her to be his beautiful manager forever. Tiffy wipes a tear from Aey’s cheek telling him not to cry. While he was mostly holding it back but that just broke him, so he starts to sob and asks if he can lie in her lap. Tiffy seems a bit uncomfortable but she does agree to it, probably because Aey is such a mess.

Aey lies down and continues to sob on her lap, Tiffy asks him if something is wrong and if so, would he like to tell her about it? Aey is too guarded though so he says that it’s nothing but him wanting to lie on her lap. (Nobody will believe that when you cry that hard). Aey asks if she can just let him stay lying there for awhile. ( To be that heartbroken on your birthday just makes me feel very sad for Aey).

The next morning Gene’s phone keeps going off with notifications until he finally wakes up to check on it. It turns out to be a LOT of Instagram notifications. When Gene checks it out, it turns out be the picture of him and Nubsib that’s setting the phone off. Gene notices that hashtag GeneIsNotTheDriver and looks into it.

There are a bunch of other photos of him and Nubsib together online including when they were shopping. Gene’s been in the industry long enough to know just how bad this is. His phone rings and it’s Tum asking if he’s in the condo with Nubsib. Gene plays innocent and asks if something is wrong. Tum says that he will meet Gene there and then hangs up.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 5!!