The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 3

Aey arrives home with some birthday gifts but his house looks pretty empty and cold. One of the gifts is from a person called Art wishing him a Happy Birthday and to stay his cute self. Aey opens one of the jars of snacks to eat some but then makes an “ick” face, he closes the jar, opens another one only to find the food there doesn’t taste that good either. Next Aey tries some of the cake, but nothing tastes good to him right now. This has more to do with loneliness and depression than it does the food. It’s very depressing to watch too.

Aey looks up a blog post on his phone about someone that likes to bake when his phone goes off with a text from ERN asking him to come home this weekend and have dinner with everyone as it’s his Birthday. ERN says that everyone is waiting at home for Aey. However Aey doesn’t respond to the text.

Elsewhere Tum is having a conversation with himself, it looks like he’s rehearsing a conversation that he’s going to have with someone about love, it looks like he’s sitting the lunch room for the drama. Gene comes up behind him to say hi. Tum is surprised that Gene came in today too but Gene says that he’s been there since early this morning. Tum says that he has to be up early to look after Nubsib but why is Gene being uncharacteristically awake so early.

Tum takes a wild guess saying that it must be Nubsib that compels Gene to get out of his room. Gene asks what Nubsib could have to do with it, he simply went to bed early and has some research to do on his novel. Tum asks Gene if Nubsib has seen him yet but Gene doesn’t know. Tum says that if Nubsib hasn’t seen him yet, he soon will since he seems to have an invisible gps on Gene. Tum gets a phone call from Tiffy but quickly hides it from a very curious Gene. Tum leaves Gene at the table.

It’s not long after that Nubsib enters the Cafeteria and spots Gene. He walks past Aey then sits down in front of Gene waving a Pocky Stick that Gene eagerly starts to eat. Gene manages to nibble on it little by little until it’s gone without pausing. Gene doesn’t even realize what he’s done until after he’s finished the first stick and then Nubsib holds out a second pocky stick. Then Gene realizes not only what he’s just done but that it happened in public. Gene is very embarrassed but Nubsib just asks Gene if he’s a hamster, then tells him that he can’t keep the pocky stick in his cheek.

Aey has looked up from his phone noticing the two of them acting all cute. Gene quickly takes a huge drink from his bottled water before asking Nubsib what he’s up to. Nubsib blandly responds that he’s just feeding Gene snacks. Gene says that he understands that but he wants to know why Nubsib is feeding him. Nubsib says it’s because he wants to Gene to eat. Gene fires back that he’s not hungry, Nubsib points out that Gene couldn’t stop chewing on the pocky stick though!

Nubsib is all smiles as he teases Gene. Gene asks him if he has a scene to shoot. Nubsib admits that he does have to be on sent soon, then right on cue a production member tells Nubsib to go get ready. Gene watches Nubsib leave which is when he notices Aey sitting at a table by the door looking upset. Then Aey gives Gene a little smug smile and Gene gives him a nervous smile in return. Aey’s phone gets a notification from ERN saying that they have prepared everything and asks for Aey to come home on Saturday. ERN then texts Aey that she had Waew prepare everything, so could he please come back on Saturday.

Tiffy comes over to Aey a moment later apologizing for being late while joining him at the table while Tum goes to join Gene at his table. Tiffy says that she got lost, so she had Tum come to pick her up. She notices that Aey is acting weird so she inquires about it but Aey says nothing is wrong and that he just got a random ad text. Tiffy tells him not to overthink things because he’s under a lot of stress recently, he’ll be on set soon.

Later Gene is driving Nubsib so that he can pick up a paper from a friend. Gene asks where he should wait for Nubsib. Nubsib suggests they get cake at the front of his university. Gene asks if the cake is good but Nubsib says that he doesn’t eat desserts so he doesn’t know for sure. He says that he’s seen good reviews on popular pages about it though. Gene tells him to send the location of the cafe then and he’ll wait there. Before Nubsib leaves the car, he teases Gene that whenever he hears the words dessert Gene can’t stop smiling which wipes the smile from Gene’s face.

Gene sits alone at the cafe while two women sitting at another table gossip about whether or not he’s the guy they saw on Twitter. One of girls whips out her phone to secretly take pictures of him, they also think that he’s really cute. They are just loud enough that Gene can hear them, which makes eating the cake very awkward. Nubsib walks in front of the phone as the woman is about to take another picture and tells her that it’s rude to take secret pictures of people. The girl is embarrassed and puts her phone down.

The girl says that she was only taking pictures because Gene was cute and she was just going to share them with her circle. She says that she didn’t have any bad intentions. Nubsib says that it’s still bad form to take someone’s picture without asking if it’s okay first. The girl then asks if she can take pictures of both of them.

Nubsib agrees and then asks Gene if it’s okay. Gene nods, soon they pose for a couple of photos. Then Nubsib asks the girls to use his phone to take pictures so the girls take his phone but they pose with them for the photo. Nubsib clarifies that he only wants pictures of him and Gene taken with his phone. The girls giggle before taking the pictures and returning Nubsib’s phone to him. Nubsib then silently teases Gene about being cute.

After they finish at the cafe, they get into the car when Gene asks Nubsib if those girls go to the same university as him, how cute. Nubsib says that they do. Gene then asks about Nubsib’s university friends since he’s never seen them. Nubsib seems a little angry when he asks Gene why he wants to know. Gene says that he was just curious but Nubsib says that if Gene wants to know something then he should ask him.

Gene says he doesn’t need to ask Nubsib because he already knows. Nubsib wonders if Gene knows what he likes then. Gene readily answers that he knows what Nubsib likes… him! (Oh flirty, very flirty). Gene says that he knows that Nubsib was going to go with that joke. Nubsib says it’s because Gene is very smart, he’s finally starting to understand him.

Elsewhere Aey rings the doorbell on this huge gated driveway. Seriously that fence is tall! It takes a little while for the gate to open and then a woman walks out to greet Aey. She hugs him but he doesn’t hug her back. She’s also very emotional but Aey just looks like he doesn’t know what to do or feel.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 3!