The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 2

Back stage Tum is talking to himself as he looks through the make up gear. Tiffy comes up to him to ask about some make up. Tum says that Nubsib has sensitive skin so he has to use a lighter cream for him so he doesn’t get pimples. So Tiffy then asks about the sunscreen but Tum says that he doesn’t think it’s good for oily skin. Tiffy asks how Tum can know that when he hasn’t even tried it yet. Tum says that with some things you know with a slight look and the person using it. Tiffy asks him if he’s just messing with her but he swears that he’s just telling the truth.

Tum says that for her skin, she’s simply suited to a different formula. Tiffy then asks him if he’s free this evening (is she finally asking him out on a date??) She asks Tum to come help her pick out skin care stuff that works for her skin but it definitely has date vibes. They agree to go to a nearby mall after the shoot. After Tiffy Leaves Tum can’t contain his smile.

A little later and Tum is holding an Instagram story with Nubsib while they answer some fan questions. They ask if Nubsib has a lot of work and he tells the fans that he has so much work that there is little time for rest. Tum asks Nubsib if there is anything that he wants to say to the fans, so Nubsib thanks the fans for all their support. Gene walks into the room to ask what they are doing. Nubsib hushes him, as he tells him to wait for Tum to end the livestream first.

The fans want to know if Nubsib will be going to the event at Siam Paragon to which Tum answers that they will have to see if Nubsib has time first. Nubsib says that he thinks that he’ll probably be able to go though. Gene sits down nearby and whispers to Tum not to get him involved in the live stream. Tum wraps it up by elbowing Nubsib so that he can say goodbye to the fans and they promise to do a longer live stream next time. After they stop streaming, Gene asks why they are doing a live stream there instead of at home. Tum reminds Gene that he doesn’t live with Nubsib anymore.

Gene says that they can live stream at his condo, it’s not like he’s ever told them that they can’t. Tum tells Gene not to get all hangry (hunger anger) at him, they can go now. That’s when the ever annoying Aey shows up to try and get Nubsib to go to dinner with him. Nubsib is annoyed and reminds Aey that he said they could go to dinner some other time. Aey begs Nubsib to go saying that it’s almost his birthday, besides if Nubsib goes home now, he doesn’t know what he’ll eat. Aey says that it won’t take long and he can drop Nubsib off at the condo after.( I feel like Nubsib is losing patience with Aey pretty quickly).

Aey then goes into supreme begging mode which is every bit as annoying as a child begging for a toy at the store. Gene tries to leave by saying he needs to use the bathroom, Tum says that he’ll go too. However Nubsib straight out asks Gene what he thinks about the situation. Gene pretends not to understand so Nubsib clarifies that he wants to know whether Gene wants him to go to dinner with Aey. Aey throws in a whispered plea to Gene to side with him. Nubsib states that if Gene doesn’t want him to go with Aey then he won’t go.

Gene tells Nubsib that whether or not he goes with Aey is his own choice. Nubsib asks if that must mean that if he does go with Aey that Gene is okay with it? Gene quietly nods but it’s very clear that he doesn’t want Nubsib to go. Nubsib seems to understand that Gene is feeling forced to let him go, so he says that he’ll go. He also tells Gene to take a shower and rest, when he does get home after dinner, he’ll do his best to be quiet. Nubsib leaves first telling Aey that he will meet him out front. Aey stays behind just long enough to thank Gene and tell him that tonight he’ll confess his feelings to Nubsib.

After Aey leaves, Tum asks Gene if they can go now too. Gene is angry at having his crush go off with someone else for dinner so he says that of course they can go since Nubsib isn’t there anymore. That’s when Tum says that he can’t go eat with Gene either because he has a date. Poor Gene has to go home and eat by himself. Gene makes it down to the parking lot but it looks like Nubsib hasn’t left with Aey yet. Nubsib is doing something on his phone when Aey sneaks up on him and plants a kiss on his cheek, while recording it on his cell phone.

Gene however left before he could see Nubsib push Aey off of him. A little of which was caught by the IG story that Aey was running. Aey asks why he was pushed. Nubsib asks what the heck Aey thought he was doing. Aey explains that he was just doing an IG story for the fans. It’s clear that Nubsib was angry and uncomfortable with Aey though, he tells Aey to hurry up so they can go. In the distance one of the other actors watches Aey and sighs.

Tiffy meanwhile was waiting for Tum and when he finally shows up she comments that she thought he had stood her up. Tum apologizes then explains that he was doing a livestream with Nubsib. Tiffy hands Tum a bike helmet and tells him to wear it. A notification goes off on Tum’s phone before he get on the motorcycle though. It’s P’Tarm telling him that he has to come back to take Nick to teacher Durian’s acting class.

Tum just quickly puts the phone back in his pocket. Tiffy asks him if he’s ever ridden a motorcycle before but he tells her that he really hasn’t. She then says that he just has to hold on to her waist and reassures him that she won’t crash. Tum gets on the bike but doesn’t hold her waist, so she grabs his arms to wrap them around her waist asking him if he’s nervous or if he’s secretly has a crush on her. Tum gets a little nervous but Tiffy doesn’t actually believe that he has a crush on her.

At the mall the two sit down at a table and Tiffy thanks Tum for going with her. She tells him that she gets really nervous buying skin care stuff even if the reviews are good. Tum explains that it all depends on the person’s skin. This is why some reviews will say something is great while others will say that it’s not. Tum says it’s actually pretty normal. Tum says that he buys stuff based on reviews too and the stuff that doesn’t work for him, he gives to the kids that are modelling. Tiffy says that she normally sticks to the same brands, though she has used up to 5 bottles with some of them.

Tiffy tells Tum that he’s really good at stuff like this. She says that he’s really conscious of beauty and appearance. Tiffy then tells Tum that he’s almost prettier than a girl. She has noticed that Tum is dressed differently today and inquires if he’s changing his look. Tum asks Tiffy if she likes his new look. Tiffy tries to play it cool but she did panic there for a second before saying that it doesn’t matter what she thinks of his clothing choices and that he should wear what he wants to wear. Tum’s phone starts to ring and it’s P’Tarm calling probably because Tum never responded to the text. Tum decides to answer the phone then says tells the woman that he had already taken Nick to his acting class and done everything else that P’Tarm had planned.

He asks the woman on the line for some personal time. The person then wants to know what he’s doing with his personal time. Tum gets up to leave the table but Tiffy asks if he’s talking to Tam. Tum nods, then moves away so he can argue with Tam. He reminds the person that he’s done everything he was ordered to do and managing actors at modelling agency isn’t any fun. The person complains about Tum not even being able to do a simple task. They also say that the graphic design job that Tum wants elsewhere, isn’t a job they think that he can survive.

Tum hangs up the phone while the other person is still talking because he’s had enough of their bossy negativity. Tum goes back to the table, Tiffy tells him that he can go if he needs to since he’s been busy helping her out all day. She says that she doesn’t want to cause him any trouble. Tum tells her not to worry about it, as Tam is always like that as Tiffy should know. The two then start to eat their meal but the mood has lost some it’s romance and fun.

Gene meanwhile is home alone waiting for Nubsib to come back. He checks his phone and watch frequently. Eventually he decides to start munching on a red delicious looking apple. The memory of Nubsib asking Gene his feelings on whether or not he should go to dinner with Aey play through his head. He also remembers that Aey said he was going to confess to Nubsib tonight which adds extra tension to his waiting. A little while later, Nubsib comes home and Gene pretends not to notice. Nubsib however has a quick smile to himself before he greets Gene and asks if Gene has eaten yet.

Nubsib is pretty concerned about Gene but Gene just makes a noncommittal movement so Nubsib goes to his room. Gene isn’t sure how to handle this so he panics a little but when Nubsib comes back into the room, Gene tries to pretend he’s all cool. Nubsib smiles as he pulls out a chair because he knows that Gene is dying to know what happened. Nubsib asks Gene if there’s a question that he wants to ask. Gene tries to play dumb like he doesn’t know what Nubsib means.

Nubsib points out that Gene has been staring at him so he must be wanting to ask something. Nubsib encourages Gene by telling him that he’s the only one that Nubsib will answer any question. Gene struggles but then finally asks how it went. Nubsib isn’t very helpful because he just says that it went fine. Gene says he doesn’t mean that, he wants to know how dinner went. Nubsib finally understands how jealous Gene is feeling and his face lights up brighter than a Christmas tree.

Nubsib tells Gene that the dinner went fine, the food was delicious. Nubsib also says that if Gene wants to try the food there then next time they can go together. Gene says that he doesn’t want to know about that either. Nubsib is now completely confused so he asks Gene what else would there be to know? Nubsib says that if Gene isn’t straightforward with his questions then it’s hard for him to answer it. Gene finally asks what Aey said during dinner? Are Nubsib and Aey now a couple?

Nubsib wonders why Gene would think that he and Aey would become a couple. Gene admits that he saw the two of them in the parking lot, so Nubsib asks him what he saw (remember he left before Nubsib pushed Aey). Nubsib tells Gene that they aren’t together, in fact he only with Aey because they had something to discuss. Gene asks what they talked about. Nubsib says that he had seen Gene talking with Aey at the shoot and having a pouty face. Gene asks if he fought with Aey, Nubsib smiles and says no. Nubsib says that if he knew Gene would get jealous, he wouldn’t have gone with Aey.

Gene says that he’s not jealous but Nubsib tells him that he can’t deny he saw Aey kiss him and is now overthinking it. (Someone knows you too well). Gene tells Nubsib about seeing him and Aey on his timeline then seeing them together in the parking lot, he thought that they might actually like each other. Nubsib reminds Gene that they are part of a BL series and as such the series wants to them promote **Note BL actors provide a lot of fan service, this can lead to false assumptions about their gender/sexual orientation. They also can’t date anyone while a drama is promoting because they have to act like the relationship is real (based on what I’ve seen)**

Gene pouts that it looked so real and Nubsib has a big smile again as he points out Gene’s jealousy. Nubsib points out that if it doesn’t look real then who would believe it? The whole point is to make fans believe the ship is real. Nubsib says that kiss with Aey was just for work, the only one he kisses with his real emotions is Gene.

Nubsib says that there will never be a reason for Gene to get jealous. Gene again claims that he wasn’t jealous so Nubsib says that he’ll try to believe him. Nubsib reaches over to grab Gene’s cheek and squish it. Gene wants to know why Nubsib is doing that. Nubsib says that when Gene gets jealous his cheeks puff out and he thinks it’s really cute! Gene is flustered so he leaves to go take a shower which leaves his apple half eaten on the table. Nubsib picks up the apple and starts to eat it.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 2!