The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 1

The episode starts off with Gene alone at his computer typing in the title of his new book. He decided to call it “Lovely Writer” and of course it’s under his pen name “Wizard”.

A moment later his phone is ringing, it turns out it’s Bau and she has read his latest chapter. She says that it’s very exciting and that her heart is beating very hard. Bau says that the NC scenes have also improved a lot. She loved it so much that she called him as soon as she finished reading it. Gene can’t help but smile at the compliment but she doesn’t stop there. Bau says that the lead was so hot that she was gasping for air. She is curious however to why Gene changed the lead character’s career from that of an actor to a writer.

He also changed the name of the novel from “Love Actor” to “Lovely Writer”. Bau wonders if it’s because Gene has fallen in love. Gene quickly says that it’s nothing and that he just wanted to change it form an actor to a writer. Gene says that he thought it would be a more in depth novel if he wrote the main character as a writer and he also wanted to write about the BL industry. Bau wonders if Gene is going to throw shade at her again but says that she doesn’t care because the novel is getting more fun and she likes it. She does remind Gene not to take the novel too seriously though as he is writing it for entertainment.

Bau says that to even the novel even better, Gene should add more NC scenes because the fans will eat it up. (Classic Bau!) She then tells Gene that she will stop bothering him for now, so he can get back to work on his manuscript, she then hangs up. Gene sighs then decides to look up the social media feed for his current novel turned drama. He searches Bad Engineer and sees a lot of fan service regarding Nubsib and Aey. Gene gets a little jealous watching everyone ship his boyfriend with another guy.

On the set of the drama Nubsib’s character Kin is getting beating up by another character for messing with Aey’s character Namcha. Kin asks the other guy who he is to tell him what to do. He’s not Namcha’s parents or boyfriend. Kin then realizes that this character is someone that is secretly in love with Namcha but is too scared to confess his feelings to him. Kin says that the only thing the other guy can do is harass the person he likes. The other guys says that he won’t let anyone bully Namcha. Then Director Mai yells cut.

Director Mai says that it was really good and realistic but he wants another take this time one that’s a little more over the top. He will choose between the two later. The director then shouts a few orders at the rest of the crew. Gene is sitting beside the director but once he has shouted his orders everyone leaves. Aey takes this chance to sit beside Gene. Aey says that Gene should come to the set more often because it’s been such a long time since they’ve seen each other.

Aey has also bought Gene’s novel and brought it with him, so he asks Gene if he would autograph it for him. Gene of course signs the novel and hands it back to Aey. Aey says that having Gene there makes him more nervous. Gene asks if Aey has a scene coming up. Aey says that he has to shoot a scene where Namcha is getting felt up by Kin in the bathroom. Gene offers some words of encouragement before trying to leave. Aey grabs his hand and asks him to stay. He asks if Gene knows that he “likes” Nubsib ( He’s not interested in you!)

Poor bleeding soft hearted Gene actually cares about Aey’s feelings so this hurts a bit. Aey says that he doesn’t know what to do about his crush, should he confess to Nubsib? Aey continues to lie through his teeth saying that if Nubsib doesn’t like him back then he will lose a friend too. (You’re not friends, your a few steps short of enemies). At least Aey does admit that Nubsib doesn’t seem that interested in him. Aey claims that he doesn’t know what to do. He asks Gene for help since Gene writes these kinds of novels so he might have some helpful advice.

Gene wonders if it’s because Nubsib is a guy. After all if Nubsib liked girls then it wouldn’t be that strange that he wasn’t that interested in Aey. Aey asks if that means that he’s out of luck with Nubsib then? Gene suggests that Aey write out his feelings for Nubsib in order to tell him. Aey mocks Gene by saying that “Dear John” letters are a little outdated but that it’s cute Gene would suggest it. Gene then suggests that Aey send a text from his phone then.

Gene asks Aey what he thinks he should do. Aey says pretty quick that he should just go after Nubsib more (toxic behaviour alert!) Gene asks for clarification on what Aey means by going after Nubsib more. Aey says that he will ask Nubsib out to eat more, like for dinner on Aey’s birthday after the shoot. Aey asks Gene if Nubsib is still staying at his condo. Once Gene confirms it then Aey says that after dinner, he’ll drop Nubsib off safely.

Aey has no shame in asking Gene for help in convincing Nubsib to go to dinner with him. Gene tells him that he thinks that Aey should talk to Nubsib himself. Aey isn’t about to give up asking for Gene’s help but luckily Director Mai comes back asking why Aey isn’t getting ready for his scene. The director asks Aey if he’s already practiced his lines. Aey then leaves to go get ready and the rest of the crew comes back to their seats so Gene isn’t left alone as he ponders the conversation that he just had with Aey.

A little while later Director Mai calls for a lunch break but tells the crew to eat their lunch boxes quickly. Gene wanders off from his seat looking a bit depressed when Nubsib finds him. The two aren’t alone for long before Aey creeps up with a bottle of water for Nubsib. Nubsib barely acknowledges Aey but does take the water bottle. Nubsib asks Gene why he’s always talking when he should be looking at Nubsib while he’s acting.

Gene claims that he’s seen it so much that he’s bored of it. Nubsib is in full flirt mode though and says that it’s unlike him since he never gets bored of looking at Gene. Gene is uncomfortable because of what Aey just told him so he tells Nubsib that maybe he should go get some rest. Nubsib replies that Gene should join him and that Tum is over there. Gene says that he’s fine right there. Nubsib was trying to make it clear to Aey that he’s taken so he should buzz off. However Aey takes that moment to ask Nubsib to go to dinner with him.

Aey says that it’s almost his birthday so he’ll pay for the meal. Aey suggests that he and Nubsib go to the same hotel as last time and afterwards he’ll drop Nubsib off at Gene’s condo. Nubsib says that maybe they can have dinner some other time. Aey’s voice gets really whiny as he asks Nubsib why he can’t go since it’s not like he has plans for after the shoot (how would he know?) and Aey says that Gene is busy anyway. Nubsib looks hurt as well as slightly suspicious and asks if Gene is really busy tonight. Gene is now caught between being a bleeding soft hearted fool for Aey’s supposed feelings and lying for his sake or telling the truth to the one he loves.

Director Mai yells at everyone to hurry up and eat so they can start working again or they will run out of daylight. Aey tells Nubsib to come with him, however Nubsib looks at Gene for direction but Gene just head nudges for Nubsib to follow Aey. Seeing that he doesn’t have much of choice Nubsib leaves with Aey close behind him. Aey stays back only long enough to give silent thanks and a smile to a very uncomfortable Gene.

Not long after the two actors are in the bathroom scene. Kinn is hurting Namcha because Namcha told the other guy whose name turns out to be Tawan about Kinn’s business. Director Mai yells to keep rolling and then gives them directions on how far they should stand apart. The director also tells Nubsib that he should be more aggressive while Aey should act like he doesn’t want it while actually his character does want it. They go at the scene again but it’s not NC enough for the director.

Nubsib is having problems with it already and with the director pushing him to be more like a rapist he’s had enough. He stops to call out the director saying that the scene is almost rape. (unfortunately a lot of BL is super toxic and rape like. Rape is often romanticized and excused. Consent didn’t seem to exist in a lot of BL).

Nubsib points out that from the script he read, Kinn wasn’t that aggressive. Kinn also becomes gentler later on in the series. The director tells Nubsib to shut up and do as he’s told. Director Mai says that it’s okay since the characters are supposed to be in love, doesn’t Nubsib understand the Soap Opera vibe? (No, even if the people love each other there MUST be consent otherwise it’s rape).

The NC scene continues and Nubsib does as he’s told and kisses Aey. That has to be hard for Gene to watch. That is one very long passionate kiss though! Gene is trying to control his jealousy and anger at the scene. However Gene is losing the battle and when the director asks if something is wrong with scene like his directing, Gene tells him no. He says that he just needs to sit somewhere less crowded. The director tells him that he can’t go now since the next scene is the highlight.

Gene says that they can do it without him and pulls his arm from the director’s grasp so that he can leave. The director wonders what’s up with Gene then suggests to the crew that Gene might be hot because the scene that he directed just now was really hot.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 5 Part 1!