The Lovely Writer: Episode 4 Part 4

Gene isn’t sure how to handle Nubsib wishing him goodnight so he just stands there awkwardly for a moment before going into his room and shutting the door. After he leaves, Nubsib smiles as he knows that Gene likes him now.

Gene stands behind his door for a few minutes before he goes to fall backwards into his bed. A memory of Nubsib massaging the burn salve into his hand while calling him clumsy flashes through his brain. It’s quickly followed by another memory, this one of Nubsib asking him how he feels after Nubsib moved in with him. Gene then gently touches his burned hand while he remembers how Nubsib wished sweet dreams a few moments ago. Gene then sends a voice message to Tum telling him that he doesn’t have to come pick up Nubsib anymore.

The next day Gene gets woken up by a call from Tum. Gene asks whose phone Tum is calling from but Tum just wants to know why he isn’t up yet since Tum is in the lobby of his condo right now. Gene asks if Tum checked his voice messages since Gene sent him one. Tum says that he just got a new phone since his last one was dropped in water (poo water). Tum says that he has already called Nubsib, now Gene is panicking but Tum tells him to hurry up as he’s downstairs waiting.

Gene hurriedly runs out of his room to call for Nubsib. Nubsib comes out of his room asking if something is wrong, did Gene have a bad dream? Gene asks Nubsib where he’s going and it turns out that he is going downstairs to meet Tum. Nubsib asks Gene if he needs anything. Nubsib tells Gene that he still looks sleepy so he should go back to bed.

Gene doesn’t stop Nubsib from leaving but after he’s gone, Gene quickly grabs and sweater and some outdoor shoes to run out the door. Meanwhile in the lobby Nubsib asks Tum if something is wrong. Tum tells Nubsib to quickly pack his stuff so they can go. Nubsib is confused wondering why he has to pack. Tum says that Gene called him to pick Nubsib up since the month is over now. Tum says that he has reserved a temporary space for Nubsib.

Tum says that Gene likes his privacy and just doesn’t want Nubsib to bother him. Nubsib yells at Tum to quit running his mouth. Tum wonders why Nubsib is suddenly pissed off at him. Gene starts sneaking down the stairs. Nubsib says that he doesn’t need Tum to tell him Gene’s likes or dislikes because he already knows them. Gene overhears this as he has finally made it down the stairs.

Tum sees Gene and calls him over to help. Nubsib wonders if Tum called Gene downstairs but Tum hurriedly denies it. Gene tells Nubsib that he came down on his own. Nubsib reminds Gene of how sleepy he looks and that he should go back to bed. Gene says that he can sleep later but he has to clear this mess up first. Gene says that they should talk upstairs.

Nubsib glares at Tum before following Gene. Once in the condo, Tum says that he will leave and the two clear things up between themselves. Gene offers to see him out but Tum says he’s fine on his own, after a look at Nubsib, Tum says that he’s not in a rush to die. Tum quickly leaves the condo. After Tum has left, Nubsib asks Gene if he will be mad if he stays longer. Gene says that if Nubsib really needs to stay then he’s fine with it (popcorn has hit the screen in protest!)

Gene then asks seriously why Nubsib wants to stay with him so badly. Nubsib says that it’s because he likes Gene (like as in LOVE. They often use the word like instead of love in Asian dramas). Gene can’t believe that Nubsib would like him. Nubsib repeats it saying that he REALLY likes Gene.

Gene has to process this but can’t help but smile as he does so, which of course makes Nubsib smile as well.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode of 4!