The Lovely Writer: Episode 4 Part 3

Gene wakes up still wrapped up in Nubsib’s arms, however they did manage to make it to the bed. Gene realizing that he’s lying with Nubsib can’t get up fast enough. Nubsib asks Gene if he’s already awake then he slowly sits up. Gene asks about last night and at first Nubsib pretends that he doesn’t know what Gene is asking about. Gene then says that they should forget about it since they are both guys. Nubsib teases Gene telling him how he kept kissing him last night.

Gene hurriedly puts both of his hands over Nubsib’s mouth to make him be quiet. Gene says that they are both men and that he was very drunk last night, therefore Nubsib shouldn’t think that much about it. Nubsib pushes Gene’s hands away saying that of course he’s thinking about it, isn’t Gene? Gene denies thinking about it but Nubsib teases him saying that’s not what his face said last night.

Gene can’t remember much of last night so he admits at least to thinking about it. Gene throws metaphorical cold water on Nubsib as he says that it doesn’t matter since Nubsib will be moving out of the condo soon. Nubsib looks depressed at the news so Gene wonders why since he can’t remember what happened last night. Nubsib didn’t think he would still have to move out since Gene admitted last night that he liked him. Nubsib tells Gene about his drunken confession.

Gene can’t believe that he confessed to Nubsib. Nubsib repeats that Gene confessed to him last night, and a drunken memory surfaces of Gene doing just that. Gene is very embarrassed so he tells Nubsib that he’s talking nonsense and to get out of his room. Nubsib leans in close saying that it’s fine, he’ll leave the room but he has still has the memory of the confession. Nubsib has a huge smile as he leaves a very frustrated Gene alone in the bed. Gene texts Tum telling him to come pick up his kid ASAP. Gene then goes and hides under the covers.

Tum is using the toilet when his phone goes off with Gene’s text. He checks it then phones Gene. Tum says that he just got off work, what has Nubsib done? Gene says that Nubsib didn’t do anything but that it’s almost been a month. Tum asks Gene if he’s talked with Nubsib first but Gene doesn’t understand why he should do so. Poor Tum is trying to quietly poop. Gene says that they only agreed to a month so Tum had better come pick up Nubsib, then he hangs up the phone.

Tum still in the toilet stall wonders how he will talk to Nubsib about it. Tum then calls P’Tam and asks what they should do about Nubsib’s living situation since the current contract is almost up. P’Tam tells Tum that he is a big boy and should be able to figure it out himself. The person then says some nasty stuff before hanging up on Tum. Tum isn’t having a very good day which is made even worse when he drops his phone into the poopy toilet.. and has to reach for it… (EW! Don’t use your phone in the toilet!!)

Later that night Gene’s stomach starts grumbling from hunger as he’s still hiding under the covers. He’s still pretty nervous so Gene comes out from under the covers and tries to listen to see if Nubsib is still home. Gene very quietly gets out of bed, slowly gets out of the room and tries to sneak around so he can avoid Nubsib. He even tries to make his ramen without making much noise.. however as Gene goes to pour hot water over his noodles, Gene calls out to him and startles him enough that he spills boiling hot water on his arm.

Nubsib rushes over to Gene in concern as Gene curses from pain. Nubsib takes Gene’s arm over to the sink to run cold water over it before gently drying it with a towel. Nubsib then squeezes out some medicated cream to put on the burn but Gene tells him that he’s using too much and that he’ll do it himself. Nubsib firmly tells Gene to stay still and let him handle it. Nubsib tells Gene that he’s very clumsy as he continues to rub in the salve.

Gene however can’t stay still even though Nubsib tells him that the more he moves the more it will hurt. Gene asks him how can he stay still when it hurts that much. However the wound doesn’t seem to hurt much after awhile but Gene sure does seem to enjoy the hand massage.. that is until he pulls his hand away telling Nubsib that’s enough.

Nubsib tells Gene to go get some rest while he finishes up with the food. Gene agrees but when Nubsib isn’t watching.. Gene stares at him possibly already regretting asking him to move out. Nubsib notices that Gene is still there but they don’t say anything. Not long after that Gene finally gets to eat his noodles.

Gene notices that Nubsib is staring at him while he finishes eating and asks him about it. Nubsib claims that it’s nothing. Gene says that he’s going to go to bed now but Nubsib won’t let him go without freshening his breath with a spray first (it’s a product placement). After some teasing Gene uses it and it makes Nubsib smile. Nubsib then follows Gene down the hall so that he can tell Gene to have sweet dreams.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 4 Part 3!