The Lovely Writer: Episode 4 Part 2

Tum tries to get a very drunk Gene to come with him so he can take him home. Gene however refuses to go anywhere and just sits on the floor. Tum keeps trying but Gene is a very stubborn drunk. A moment later and Nubsib is behind him angrily demanding to know how Tum could let his crush get so drunk.

Tum says that he warned Gene but he was downing shots like he has never drank before. Nubsib pushes tum away and tries to talk to Gene. Gene wonders how Mr. 18 got there. Nubsib gently reminds Gene that he had called Nubsib to come pick him up. Gene leans against Nubsib and when Nubsib asks why Gene drank so much, Gene points an accusing finger at Tum saying that Tum made him drink.

Nubsib angrily asks Tum if he forced Gene to drink. Tum denies it though saying that Gene drank so much on his own. Nubsib says that they are all drunk, how could they all drink so much? Tum says that they haven’t seen each other in awhile so of course they drank a lot. A glance at the table shows that most of their friends aren’t any better off than Gene. In fact Tum is the only one that is upright.

Tum apologizes to Nubsib saying that he’s getting a bit blurry himself so can Nubsib drive Gene home? Nubsib wouldn’t trust Tum with Gene anyway and since he drove his own car over he demands that Tum takes Gene’s car back to the condo. Tum says that he has to leave for work early tomorrow but Nubsib has no sympathy for him and tells him to simply leave earlier. Gene leans heavily on Nubsib as they walk away.

Korn (scummy guy) watches them leave and tells Tum that Gene was so stuck up when he asked about him being gay when he could have just answered it. He also point out how Gene acts with Nubsib. Tum says that Korn shouldn’t have tried to force the answer out of Gene since not everyone wants to tell everyone else their business all the time. Korn asks why Gene would want to hide it from his friends since they would accept it. He says that they have no Gene for years, he just wants Gene to accept who he really is (maybe not Scum after all.. still not his business though).

Korn says that Gene shouldn’t be embarrassed by being Gay so why is he? Tum tells Korn that Gene has his reasons and part of being his friend is to be understanding of that and not force him. Tum tells Korn to look after the others as he has to leave because he has to work early tomorrow. Korn teases him by calling him an asshole for leaving him to deal with the rest of the drunk friends. (We could make you deal with Nubsib’s anger instead…)

Nubsib and Gene have made it to the parking lot but Gene keeps trying to wander off. Nubsib tells him that if he doesn’t stay still, then he will be carried. Gene lets go of Nubsib then stands with arms wide open asking Nubsib to carry him. Nubsib asks if he can change it to a piggyback ride instead. Gene is pretty agreeable to Nubsib when he’s drunk and his barriers are down. Nubsib tells Gene to hug him tight so that he doesn’t fall to the floor. Nubsib has the biggest smile for getting to give his crush a ride.

They make it to the car, Nubsib helps Gene get in and makes sure that he doesn’t bump his head. Nubsib then gets into the driver’s seat and leans over so that he can buckle Gene’s seatbelt. That’s when Gene tells Nubsib that he’s very handsome. Nubsib responds by telling Gene again how cute he is. Gene asks Nubsib if this is his car, but then says that Nubsib doesn’t have a car (or so he claimed in order to get rides from Gene).

Nubsib comments that even when Gene is dead drunk he still has a great memory. Gene just gives him a look then Gene notices the plush dragon in between them. He picks up the dragon and starts to play with it which is when Nubsib tells Gene not to be naughty. Gene wonders why then asks if Nubsib’s boyfriend gave him the dragon plush. Nubsib reminds Gene that he has been staying with him for over a month, doesn’t Gene know whether or not he’s single?

Gene says that of course Nubsib has a boyfriend since he’s so handsome and lots of people of like him. Gene even admits to liking Nubsib!! So Nubsib wanting to hear it again asks Gene if he likes him. Gene gets offended and asks why Nubsib is questioning it, does he think Gene is lying? Nubsib points out that it’s because Gene is drunk. Gene asks if Nubsib thinks that being drunk makes him a liar.

Nubsib asks Gene what he likes about him then. Gene says that he doesn’t know but then tells Nubsib that he is handsome. Gene then uses his hands to rove all over Nubsib’s face pointing out all his handsome qualities. Gene then says that Nubsib’s muscles make him look like a male lead in a BL novel. Nubsib smiles at all the compliments just before Gene pushes his head away from him. Gene also says that Nubsib is very nice and even helps him write his novel. Nubsib comments that he’s starting to see the positive side of drunk people.

When they get back to the condo, Nubsib helps Gene into his room. However once Gene is on the bed, he grabs Nubsib and pulls him down onto the bed. Nubsib asks Gene what he’s trying to do. Gene says that Nubsib should know but Nubsib says that he doesn’t. Gene tells Nubsib that he’s helping him to write his novel. Nubsib was on the bed with Gene on top, but Nubsib shifts so that he’s on top and asks Gene to tell him exactly what he’s doing (he’s looking for informed consent) However Gene isn’t very talkative and tries to pull Nubsib into a kiss.

Nubsib tells Gene to calm down because he knows that Gene is too drunk to actually be okay with it. However drunk Gene is a tad aggressive and they both end up falling off the bed and onto the floor. Gene is again on top of Nubsib so Nubsib asks Gene if he’s sure this is what he wants. Gene tells him to shut up because he knows that Nubsib is trying to seduce him.

Then Gene asks Nubsib if he sees him more as an older brother instead of a lover. Nubsib tells Gene that in all their time together he’s never once thought of Gene as an older brother. Gene wonders what the hell Nubsib is up to then. Nubsib reaches out and caresses Gene’s face telling him that he wants to wait until their more ready for this (in other words, he wants Gene sober enough to consent). Nubsib asks Gene if he understands.

Gene says that he’s confused, Nubsib asks Gene just what he is confused about but Gene gets stuck on the word about. Nubsib gently strokes Gene’s hair telling him that it’s okay. Gene just kind of collapses on top of Nubsib then asks him to sleep with him tonight. Not sex but just sleep as Gene doesn’t want to be alone tonight.

Gene does ask for Nubsib to hug him though as they both lay on the floor. It starts off as a back hug but then Gene rolls over to face Nubsib and get closer. They fall asleep on the floor cuddling.

That’s the end of Episode 4 Part 2!