The Shipper: Episode 5 Part 2

Soda types in again the sentence about Rainbow earwax into her fanfic only to have the words disappear again. Soda gets so frustrated that when it happens again she jumps up from her seat yelling about the damn earwax. Angkana is being somewhat nicer today, tells her that she can go remove her earwax or do whatever she wants. (HAHA!)

Soda turns to Khet and tells him to quite messing with her fan fiction. She knows that he doesn’t like it, but he should stop messing with it.. only to realize that his head was down on his desk the whole time. Khet confusedly asks what she’s talking about because he was probably asleep. She asks if he really didn’t do it, but Khet just asks what she means then puts his head back down on the desk before she can answer.

Soda wonders who could be messing with it if it isn’t Khet. She looks around but as near as she can tell, no one in the room is doing it. Soon more words start to disappear from the fan fiction as someone is hitting the backspace key pretty hard. Soda is ready to go to war though and simply copies and pasts the text from her phone back into the fan fiction.

Soda says that as long as she is the admin of the account the other person won’t stand a chance. Khet wonders who she could be speaking to. Soda thinks for a moment before claiming that she was talking to herself. Khet says that she’s getting closer to going crazy. Soda tells him that he’s the crazy one since he always flunks the exams. Soda asks him if he loves re-sitting the exam that much. Khet scoffs wondering who would actually like re-taking an exam. In fact the conversation reminds him that he has to go do another rewrite of an exam now.

Which is how Khet and P’Way end up in the same room together. P’Way had his feet up on the table which makes Khet ask if he must always try to look cool even for retaking an exam. P’Way calls him a jackass then explains that he was just stretching his legs. P’Way wonders where the teacher is anyways as it’s such a waste of time waiting. Khet asks if P’Way wants to beat her up when she arrives, which P’Way says sounds great. Khet asks if P’Way means beating up the teacher but P’Way says he means beating up Khet. The two are just teasing each other though as if they were brothers or really close friends.

P’Way asks Khet if he’s trying to get him into trouble. P’Way says that he could get expelled at any minute. P’Way asks Khet what’s up with his brother since P’Kim is acting like a woman on her period (his words not mine). Khet says that if P’Way doesn’t know then how would he know? Khet tells P’Way that he was dumb for even asking. They then go back to teasing each other until the teacher shows up. They both have to leave their phones at the front desk and they look almost identical to me.. (foreshadowing?)

Soda is back to writing about rainbow earwax in her fan-fiction but she’s typing it out on her phone instead of the computer. That’s when Kim sits down in front of her. Soda thinks that she is daydreaming and says out loud that he looks so real.. only to have Kim tell her that he is real which shocks Soda so much that her phone goes flying.

Kim and Soda both reach for the phone, so when they catch it, they catch it at the same time so their hands are touching. Soda is swooning and Kim manages to back her up to a wall and do the whole male lead leaning thing that happens in dramas all the time. Soda of course thinks that he is leaning in to kiss her but actually Kim is just after her phone. He swipes the phone from her and runs away!

In the exam room Khet finishes first and takes the wrong phone. P’Way finishes a moment later taking the other phone. They walk downstairs to a main hallway, P’Way is checking the phone out before he calls out to Khet. P’Way says that he thought Khet had a thing for Soda after Khet told him about Phingphing’s bullying, and to make her stop it. P’Way says that it’s clear he was wrong about that. Khet tries to figure out how P’Way could know about his crush but his question is answered pretty quickly when P’Way tells him that he’s been caught red handed, showing Khet his own phone’s wallpaper. It’s a picture of Pan.

P’Way calls him out for protecting Soda not because he likes her but because he’s in love with Pan. Khet tries to play it off as if the picture doesn’t mean he likes Pan but that he thought the picture itself was nice. P’Way says that there are plenty of nice pictures out there yet Khet picked this one. P’Way tells Khet to quit lying since he has the evidence clear as day in his hand. P’Way says that Khet should just admit that he loves Pan. Khet just grabs his phone and puts it in his bag. P’Way asks for his own phone back so Khet just gives it to him without a hassle. The two are still on good terms.

Soda chases down Kim as he finishes up with her phone. She demands to know what he was doing with her phone. Kim tells her that something needed to be done and now it has been so she can have her phone back.

Kim then uses his own phone to start deleting the fan fiction posts. Soda asks why and Kim says that these posts should be gone forever. Soda then realizes that it’s Kim who has been deleting her fan fictions.

That’s the end of Episode 5 Part 2!