The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 4

This part opens up with a little of students sitting on the floor in groups with some of them wearing blue headbands. We see Aey asking a couple without headbands but wearing engineering student clothing asking what they want him to do. They wonder if they should make him ask Tawan to be his boyfriend. If you’re feeling a little lost this is a scene in the drama and Tawan is a character. (This is very familiar to those that have watched dramas like SOTUS).

The couple pretends to be all shy about it, but they are obviously enjoying bullying Aey about it. Aey tells them that he doesn’t think that it’s a good idea for him to ask Tawan to be his boyfriend but the couple insist that they think it’s a great idea. Just then the couple point out that Kin is showing up. Enter Nubsib and his drama gang with slow walk and bad boy music.

Aey’s character is Namcha and the boy asks if he still wants his signature (so students have to go around collecting signatures from senior students for reasons, go with it). The boy says that if Namcha wants his signature then he has to go and hug Kin very hard, then he will get the signature. The girl thinks that it’s a great idea, while the boy ushers Namcha on his way.

Namcha (Aey) approaches Kin (Nubsib) hesitantly and calls out his name softly. Kin doesn’t hear him and to be honest it might as well be a whisper so it’s understandable. Luckily Namcha raises his voice louder than a mouse so Kin finally turns around.

Kin is very aggressive and demanding when he asks who Namcha is and what he wants. It doesn’t help that Namcha stumbles over the words as he describes the situation. Kin’s friends are enjoying this, even going so far as to push Kin into Namcha for the hug that Kin never agreed to do. There’s a bit of tension with the hug before Kin pushes Namcha away. Namcha quickly apologizes and leaves as fast as his feet will carry him.

Kin’s friends tease him about Namcha maybe having the hots for him. Kin tells off his friends for being jerks. That’s when the director calls cut, he tells Nubsib to push Aey’s arms away a bit slower next time, the director also tells Aey to hug Nubsib harder next time. A production assistant uses his radio to let everyone know that they are doing the take again.

Meanwhile Gene looks a little uncomfortable with how close Nubsib and Aey are even if it’s it all fake.

Backstage in the dressing room, Tum messages Tiffy asking if she’s coming in today. Tiffy texts back asking if Tum can look after Aey for her. Tum sighs really big knowing that he won’t get to see his crush today but he agrees to help her out by looking after Aey. She texts a thank you to Tum but his heart is still a bit crushed.

Gene comes back stage and notices that Tum is all dressed up. Tum claims that he just wanted to try a new look but we all know he dressed up for Tiffy. Gene tells him that he looks very sharp, all the guys couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Tum tells Gene off since he’s not into guys, he the remembers to invite Gene to a meeting with friends at 2100 hrs. at Hotel L on Saturday.

Gene thinks about it and decides that he will drive there, Tum is happy because then Gene can give him a ride home after the meeting. Tum tells Gene that Nubsib is really attached to him, always asking about him too. Gene looks worried but says that it’s not true. Tum reminds Gene that he is letting Nubsib stay with him and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it, so why not let Nubsib live with him?

Gene says that they aren’t that close at all. He also reminds Tum that in one month, Tum has to come and collect Nubsib. Tum then teases Gene about how close he is with Nubsib, so Gene leaves him alone in the dressing room. Once alone, Tum looks really sad as he straightens out his outfit.. he really wanted to see Tiffy.

Later at home Gene is relaxing while wearing a skin care mask when Nubsib comes out of his room to check on him. Nubsib says that he’s live there awhile and this is the first time that he’s seen Gene wear a face mask. Gene claims to have found it in the fridge so he asks if it belongs to Nubsib. Gene says that he remembers that Nubsib is the presenter.

Gene then tells Nubsib that he is having a meeting with University friends and he’s worried that they will tell him that he looks old because he hasn’t gotten much sleep lately. He then asks if he can borrow the mask (it’s already on his face..)

Nubsib just smiles then asks if Gene has been asleep for awhile. Gene says that he’s only been asleep for about 30 minutes, so Nubsib reaches over to pull off the face mask. Nubsib says that he thinks it should be okay now. Gene says that time really flies as it’s already been a month living with Nubsib. Nubsib asks Gene if he wants to say something but Gene says no.

Nubsib then asks Gene how he feels after Nubsib moved in. Gene tells him that he feels happy. Nubsib is pleased with this but wants to know if Gene feels anything else.

Gene asks Nubsib want kind of answer he is looking for since living with him is the best. Gene says that he doesn’t have to hire a maid, is Nubsib happy now with the praise? Nubsib is practically glowing under the praise but all he tells Gene is how cute Gene is.

The word cute resonates in Gene’s mind and flashbacks of what Nubsib has done (the boyfriend like stuff) comes back into his mind. Unfortunately the comment Aey made about Nubsib liking Gene also comes up which prompts Gene to tell off Nubsib for calling him cute and ask when Nubsib will find a new place.

Gene tells Nubsib to pack his stuff and get ready to move out. Nubsib looks like he might cry, while Gene looks like he regrets saying it.

Roll those end credits! That’s the end of Episode 3!