The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 3

Nubsib is walking along on the sidewalk when Gene pulls up beside him in his car. Gene tells Nubsib to get in. Once Nubsib is in the car, Gene asks if he had to wait long for him to show up. Nubsib says that he didn’t wait long, in fact he just got there himself.

Gene says that Nubsib is pretty sweaty for someone that didn’t have to wait long for their ride. Nubsib just smiles so Gene says that they should go to Chinatown since he wants noodles. Nubsib says that it’s whatever Gene wants. Gene wonders what Nubsib is laughing at, when Nubsib says nothing.. Gene complains that Nubsib is getting on his nerves again.

Gene starts to drive off when Nubsib says that Gene looked so cute that he was caught off guard. Gene suddenly stops the car looking shocked. Nubsib tells Gene not to stop the car so suddenly because it’s dangerous. Gene blames Nubsib for it because of what he said. He then asks if Nubsib is crazy before telling Nubsib not to compliment him so much.

Nubsib claims that it wasn’t flattery but an actual compliment. Gene asks if he should be happy because another guy called him cute. This makes Nubsib jealously ask him if other guys have called him cute. Gene says no, it’s just Nubsib. Nubsib heaves a huge sigh of relief before telling Gene that he’s glad that he’s the only guy to call him cute.

Gene has no idea how to process this information so he does the only thing that he can.. drives silently.

At home Gene is in front of his computer when his phone notification goes off. It’s Bau.. and she’s sent him more films because one wasn’t enough. She says that if he wants to dig deeper then he will just have to try it himself.

Gene decides to click on the film on his computer.. it’s a bit loud which is when Nubsib comes into the room to ask Gene what he’s doing.. (just watching some gay porn.. nothing to see here…) Poor Gene was already embarrassed enough but now he can’t get the video to stop.. and it’s coming from the computer speakers.. (this is what headphones are for!) Eventually he just slams the lid of his laptop to make it all stop.

Nubsib comes to sit down next to Gene and asks if Gene was watching a sex scene. Gene calls him rude and says that he was just working on something but doesn’t feel that it’s good enough yet so he has to change it up a bit. The overeager Nubsib offers to help Gene with it (down boy!) When Gene asks what help Nubsib is offering.. Nubsib says that they could try a few of those positions. (He’s saying this while wearing a t-shirt that reads “eat me”…)

Gene asks if Nubsib is mad, or just joking about this stuff. Nubsib tells him that it’s his decision, but he’s willing to help if it will give Gene a better picture. Gene is really unsure and asks Nubsib if it would be weird if they were acting out the positions but not doing it. Nubsib says that it wouldn’t be weird at all, it’s roleplay.. besides doesn’t Gene have a deadline to meet? (He’s ready to go all the way though..if Gene says yes.)

Nubsib seeing that Gene is still reluctant says that because Gene helped him with his lines, he’s just returning the favour. Nubsib also points out that he learned how to do this in an acting workshop so it’s okay. Gene finally gives in, asking what he has to do. Nubsib tells him to just stay still as he’ll take the lead.

Nubsib starts to get into position when he notices that Gene isn’t that into it. Gene says that he feels strange, so Nubsib reminds him that if he’s uncomfortable or doesn’t like it, they can stop. Gene says it’s okay but as Nubsib gets closer.. he tells him to stop. Nubsib asks why.. is it uncomfortable? Gene says that the position is uncomfortable. Nubsib helps get Gene into a much more comfortable position.

Nubsib then asks if Gene is more comfortable now because if he isn’t comfortable.. then he might get hurt. Gene wonders about that last part, but Nubsib laughs telling him not to overthink it.

Gene claims that he wasn’t thinking about anything (liar!) Nubsib gets very close and just when the audience thinks it will get smooches… Gene tells Nubsib to fuck off and calls a stop to the intimacy. Nubsib quickly apologizes and asks Gene if he’s okay (good boy!) Gene says that he understands the feeling now.. so he’s okay. Then Gene gets up and leaves but he had a hard time getting the words out past his repressed emotions. (Gene might need to use the bathroom..)

Nubsib watches Gene leave and on one hand he wonders if he messed things up.. on the other hand, he’s just so happy he got that close to his crush. His happiness wins out as he grins with a very self satisfied grin.

The next day, Gene is in Bau’s office with Hin. Bau says that she thinks Gene has gotten better writing his NC scenes however, she wants more hot and steamy scenes. Gene says that he actually wants to reduce the NC scenes in his current novel and focus more on the characters. Bau does agree but says that if he can manage to slip it in, they he needs to make them extra hot and steamy.

Bau then recommends that Gene read the western novel that she sent him the other day. Bau says that if he can try to adapt and apply that to his novel then the sexual tension will be off the charts. Hin asks Gene if he’s tried reading Korean novels because the social media feedback on those.

Bau tells Hin to stop as she’s already told him that it’s been done, so he should shut up. Bau then asks Gene to add more to the later chapters of his novel as a special favour to her.

A little while later and Gene is outside by his car talking to Tum on the phone. Tum wants to know if Gene has seen Nubsib yet, sure enough that’s when Nubsib comes out of the building. Gene lets Tum know that Nubsib just showed up, then he hangs up the phone. Nubsib comes closer after spotting Gene. He asks Gene why he’s there to pick him up. Gene says that he’s driving Nubsib to the shoot today because Tum is very busy and asked Gene to look after him for today.

Nubsib can’t hide his pleasure at the thought. Gene tells Nubsib not to worry as Gene will be his guardian for the day. Gene then pats Nubsib on the arm like an older sibling.. and Nubsib’s bursting with joy. Only for the moment to be completely ruined by that annoying third wheel known as Aey.

Aey has come over to ask where the couple are going. Gene replies that they are going to the shoot. Aey seizes the opportunity to interrupt their time together by saying that he also has scenes to shoot today, so can he join them? Nubsib looks beyond exasperated with Aey and his schemes. Gene however is an oblivious rabbit so he lets Aey tag along since they are all going to the same place.

Aey continues to suck up to Gene by telling him how he’s read and enjoyed Gene’s fantasy novel. Aey says that he especially likes the character Stephan and wishes that he could be that cool. Nubsib’s irritation with Aey increases. Gene admits that when he was writing the novel, Stephan was his favourite character too. Now Nubsib is jealous that the two have a fictional favourite character together.

Aey says that writing a novel must be hard. Gene says that it varies for each person however, none of his novels were easy to write. Nubsib then makes some very obvious coughing noises to break up the conversation. Gene then asks them both if they have eaten yet.

Aey enthusiastically says no, while Nubsib already seeing that he can’t get rid of Aey.. admits that he hasn’t eaten yet either. Gene says that they can probably hit a gas station as there is still a bit of time before the shoot. Nubsib tells Gene that they do have enough time for food then makes sure that he gets ahead of Aey so he can ride shotgun. Aey puts on a little pouty face.

Tum meanwhile is trying on some new threads in a dressing room. He’s even taking some selfies. That is until a woman walks into the hallway saying that it’s actually the women’s dressing room! The customer calls a staff member over. The staff lady says that Tum must have gone into the wrong dressing room as it is indeed the women’s dressing room.

Tum is super embarrassed and another lady is peeking around her curtain to see what’s going on. Tum apologizes, quickly grabs his clothes then says that he thought the change room was unisex (gender neutral). He quickly leaves and the women laugh at his mistake after he’s left.

Gene pulls into the gas station and parks. He then turns around to give money to Aey. Aey at first refuses but Gene says that if he feels bad about receiving money, he can always pay Gene back later. Aey has a very big smile as he thanks Gene. Nubsib can’t believe he loves such a gullible good natured rabbit.

Thankfully the money gets Aey out of the car so Gene and Nubsib can be alone. Gene asks if Nubsib is hungry since he didn’t get out of the car yet. Nubsib says no (Aey ruined his appetite) but then he asks Gene if he’s hungry and wants to eat something. Gene thinks about it for a moment before saying that anything will be fine. Gene smiles as he says it.

Gene then gives Nubsib some money and tells him to buy something for himself to eat as well. Gene says that he’s feeling generous today so he’ll pay for the food. Nubsib leans over and makes it very clear that from now on, Gene can only be generous with him. After Gene agrees with a nod, Nubsib leaves to go get food.

Once Nubsib leaves, Aey returns with his food. He asks Gene if he and Tum are close since he noticed they are together a lot. Gene says that they are university friends so of course they are close. Aey says that explains why Gene and Nubsib are so close then. Gene says that he doesn’t think that he’s closer to Nubsib after all they’re university friends, aren’t they?

Aey says that he and Nubsib aren’t really that close. Aey says that he thought it was strange, he also admits to being jealous of Gene’s closeness with Nubsib. Aey tells Gene that he thinks Nubsib likes him. Gene replies that he doesn’t think that’s true. There’s a lot of awkward silence after that.

A while later the car is stopped at a red light. Gene decides to snack on a doughnut. He has crumbs on his mouth.. Nubsib smiles and leans over to wipe the crumbs away. Aey’s look of surprise is priceless though Gene is more shocked. Gene eventually tells Nubsib that he doesn’t have to do that since he can wipe his own mouth.

Gene then hands the food over to Nubsib since the light is about to change to green. Gene tells him to eat it. Now not even Aey’s snide remark about how cute the two look when Nubsib wiped Gene’s mouth can dampen Nubsib’s smile. It did make Gene uncomfortable though, Aey notices this and smiles to himself at being able to cause discomfort in couple’s relationship.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 3!