The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 2

Someone approaches a dark house while we hear a little dog barking in the background. It turns out it’s Aey and he’s on the phone with someone. The person on the phone asks Aey if he’s finished shooting all his scenes today. Aey tells them that he finished every scene except for the kissing one.

When the caller asks why, Aey repeats the lie that Nubsib told about having a cold. He also explains that Nubsib wanted to use camera angles for the kiss, but instead they will just shoot that scene another day. Aey says that he found it a bit strange but tells the other person that it doesn’t matter because he’s happy.

The person on the other end of the phone apologizes for not being there to be able to take care of Aey today. They promise to be there next time though. Aey tells the person he loves them and the other person tells him not to get sentimental with them. The other person then tells Aey that they love him and hangs up. Afterwards Aey starts surfing Twitter and the hashtag for the drama.

Aey even takes a screenshot of some of the photos from the drama. Aey soon comes across a photo of Gene and Nubsib, the hashtag reads . There are already people shipping the couple. (*this is scandalous in Thai because Thai BL actors are meant to ship their couple all the time during filming and production of a drama*).

Aey quickly mutes the post before sitting sadly on his couch looking all depressed.

Meanwhile Gene is typing away furiously while Bua watches him. The lighting in the room is an angry red shade. Gene finishes typing and moves the laptop so Bua can read it. Bua takes a look, then demands that Gene write a kiss scene there because being close isn’t enough. Gene doesn’t want to because it’s sexual harassement (non consent scenes are pretty common in BL).

Bua tells him to trust her and that’s it not harassment. She demands that he write it again then hands the laptop back to Gene. Gene types furiously away before handing back the laptop. Bua reads it then complains that it doesn’t make sense. Gene says that he believes the story has a main point with lead telling the other lead that he loves him, and that he’s the only man on earth. Bua argues that readers want to be entertained, they won’t read if it’s too serious.

She says that they will read a research paper instead. She hands back the laptop so Gene can start typing away again. It looks like there are blood droplets on the backs of his hands. He hands the laptop back over to Bua. She tells him that are not enough NC scenes. He can’t just have two chapters with it and then one without. Gene asks if they are just selling sex then? Bua says that they are sailing ships (couple relationships) and moments for people to sail with.

Bua tells Gene that she wants a male lead that is always horny and kissing. Then the camera does that weird double image before Gene holds his head and screams. It turns out poor Gene is actually having a nightmare.

Gene talks in his sleep begging not to do this anymore. Nubsib comes to check on Gene. When he sees Gene is sweating, he uses his hand to check and see if Gene has a fever. Nubsib then leaves to go get a blanket and towel for Gene.

Nubsib comes back and uses the blanket to tuck in Gene. He also uses the towel to wipe off some of Gene’s sweat. He then sits down on the floor beside the couch staring longingly/lovingly at Gene.

Sometime later Gene’s cellphone rings, it’s on the shelf near his head. He picks it up but he’s more than half asleep. It’s someone saying that their university friends are having a party. They want to know if Gene wants to come.

Gene says that he’s only available on Saturdays and Mondays. The caller says that he will inform the others of Gene’s availability. The caller then asks Gene if he knows that Jim now has a girlfriend. The caller says that he and Gene are the only singles one now. Gene tells him to set him up with someone as he’s not picky.

The caller scoffs and says that he doesn’t even have time to find a girlfriend himself how would he find one for Gene? The person on the other line asks if Nubsib has left for class yet. (The caller might be Tum). Gene isn’t sure and asks if Tum has Nubsib’s class schedule. Tum says that he does then asks why Gene wants it. Gene thought he would pick Nubsib up and go have a bite to eat.

Tum says that Nubsib is very lucky and that he was right to leave Nubsib with Gene. Gene tells Tum to shut up and send him Nubsib’s schedule. It’s not long after that Tum hangs up. Gene realizes that the blanket was covering him.. wasn’t there when he fell asleep. He gets up then goes to the dining room. He finds a sticky note and some food on the table.

He then goes over to the rice maker where another sticky note tells him to “eat up!”. There’s more covered dishes on the table, so Gene sits down to chow down.

After he’s done eating, Gene goes onto his laptop to do some research. The first question on the message board is if being on the bottom the first time hurts (sexual position between two males). He then begins reading the “beginners guide to bottoming”.

Gene goes down the list then decides to check his phone.. Bua sent him a “research” video…

Gene puts the phone down then has a flash of memory. The memory is of his kiss with Nubsib. He then tries rubs his hair frustrated and unable to think clearly.

He gives up trying to work on his novel and decides to call Nubsib to see if he’s done with class. Nubsib is surprised to hear Gene call him so it takes him a few minutes to answer Gene which makes Gene think that the call dropped. Luckily Nubsib finally answers him then tells Gene that he never thought that Gene would call him.

Gene says that he got his number from Tum. He tells Nubsib that he’s coming to pick him up so they can grab a bit to eat together. Nubsib tells Gene to pick him up in front of his faculty. After agreeing the call ends and Gene heads out.

That’s the end of The Shipper: Episode 3 Part 2!