The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 1

On set Nubsib is acting out the non con kissing scene with Aey but he keeps avoiding Aey’s face to kiss his neck and such. Which is frustrating for Director Mai, as he starts to chant kiss, when Nubsib still doesn’t, Mai yells for a cut.

Once the cameras stop rolling, Mai scolds Nubsib by telling him that he should kiss Aey already. He tells them that it’s a boy love series so the kissing scenes need to be hot and passionate. Mai says that if Nubsib can’t do it, then maybe he should come over there and kiss Aey for him.

Nubsib asks if they can use camera angles instead as he’s not feeling well and doesn’t want Aey to catch his cold. (Didn’t seem to bother him when he was kissing Gene!) Mai then scolds the staff for not telling him that his “boy” was sick. A production assistant tells him that they found out at the same time that he did. Mai says that’s fine and maybe he should pretend to be sick too.

Mai tells them that they absolutely can’t do camera angles for the kiss because it would take at least 80 takes, plus it’s a very important scene so it must be done properly (fans won’t forgive camera angles, they want real smooches!) So Mai tells them that they won’t do that scene today and will move onto the next scenes instead. Mai sends the production assistant to go make sure Nubsib is okay.

While she checks on him, the media person tells Mai that their sponsors gave them some face masks and that he needs to make some scenes for it. **Asian dramas don’t have commercials, they have the characters perform an ad inside the drama, which is what happens next** Mai says that he loves those face masks and wonders if he should make a big scene for it.

Mai says that he could have the actors use them in a scene but the media person shuts that down saying she wants the masks into the whole scene. Mai meekly agrees to that and then tells everyone else to hurry up as they are behind schedule and he won’t pay them if they have to do overtime.

Gene shows up with Hin following behind. Gene sits down in the chair beside Mai that Fah (media person) has just left. Gene wonders where the acting coach that was there the first day has gone. Mai says that he was fired after he offended Fah. Mai says that he doesn’t want to gossip but anyone that disagrees with Fah and argues with her is doomed.

Mai then informs Gene about what happened with Nubsib and the kissing scene. Gene empathizes by saying that must have been very difficult. Mai says it was but there’s always some small inconvenience when filming dramas. Mai tells Gene that they can’t fake the kissing and that it has to be real or they won’t be able to compete with the other dramas (very true!).

Mai gets called away by the staff to deal with something but he tells Gene that he can hang around as long as he wants. After Mai leaves, Gene tells Hin that he has to go check something out and leaves. Hin is all by himself which is fortunate since he then gets a call from Bua demanding a status update. Bua also reminds Hin of his assignment to promote the book.

However when Hin asks about the novel he sent her, Bua hangs up on him before answering. He then gets out of his seat wondering where Gene could have gone. Gene of course went looking for Nubsib but it’s Nubsib that finds him. Nubsib comes up behind Gene asking what Gene is looking for, could it be him? Gene denies it saying that he just came for snacks and to do research for his new book.

Nubsib smiles but it’s clear that he doesn’t believe Gene. Gene changes the subject saying that he heard about Nubsib not doing the kissing scene because he’s sick. Nubsib stops smiling and quickly says that he has a sore throat and doesn’t want Aey to catch his cold (Liar!).

Gene says it’s odd because Nubsib wasn’t sick earlier.. Nubsib blames the hot weather for his cold. Gene touches Nubsib’s face to check for a fever and misses the delight Nubsib is taking from the touch. Nubsib quickly hides his smile when Gene moves away and says that Nubsib doesn’t have a fever.

Gene tells Nubsib to get something to eat and to take some cold medicine. Gene asks if Nubsib has finished filming and he says that he has. Nubsib asks Gene if he can get a ride back to Gene’s condo since Tum left early and he doesn’t have a lift. Gene agrees but says that he has tell Hin first since he drove Hin over to the set.

Nubsib bumps into Gene making the drink in Gene’s hand spill all over his shirt. Gene is horrified since the shirt belongs to the crew, but Nubsib says that it will be okay. He’ll go get changed and then they can leave. Gene is still worried that the crew will be mad about it but Nubsib points out that it was an accident.

Gene tells Nubsib to take off his shirt so that Gene can wash it for him. Nubsib pretends to be shy and says that he can’t take his shirt off there. Gene quickly corrects him saying that he’s just going to wash the shirt. Nubsib says that he was hoping… but Gene cuts him off, telling him to quickly go get changed.

Gene waits for Nubsib at the car, when Nubsib shows up he’s told that he has to wait for Hin, since he’ll be joining them. They wait very cutely and awkwardly for Hin. Hin skips up to the car surprised that Nubsib is there. He says that he doesn’t know which is hotter the sun or Nubsib. That earns him a strange look from Gene.

Gene says that Nubsib lives in the same Condo, so he’s coming along. Hin teases Gene about showing off the fact that he lives with Nubsib. Gene snaps at Hin that he isn’t, then tells them to hurry up and get in the car since he’s hot. Hin makes a face, and Gene tells him to hurry up and get in the car because Nubsib is hungry.

Nubsib then asks Hin if he can have the passenger seat as he claims that he gets car sick easily. Hin agrees but it’s blatantly obvious given the look he gives Nubsib that he doesn’t believe the lie for a second.

They head to a restaurant for food. Hin asks Gene how his latest book is going so far. Seeing the glare from Gene, Hin quickly says that there’s no pressure, he’s just asking. Gene admits that he’s written some of it, then asks Hin, if there’s no pressure, then why are you asking? Hin then asks if Gene isn’t busy. Gene admits that right now he’s not busy, so Hin asks if Gene will take a look at the novel he’s writing.

Gene wonders when Hin became interested in writing novels. Hin says that he wants to try writing Boy Love novels. Hin says that his novel has a lead that’s a writer while the other character is the editor in chief (workplace BL novel). Gene wonders why Hin hasn’t ask Bua to read it then, since he would get more out of asking her than him.

Hin says that they have a closer relationship and that out of all the writers he knows, Gene is the best. Gene isn’t buying it though and tells Hin to tell the truth. Hin finally admits that Bua doesn’t have the time to read his novel. Hin also says that part about Gene being his idol isn’t a lie. Nubsib is trying hard not to laugh, but he can’t contain his smile. Lucky for him that the other two don’t notice.

Gene asks Hin why he wants to write Boys Love since it’s not that easy. Gene also says that if Hin has never written before then he will feel pressured and forced. He reminds Hin that he’s seen for himself what happens. Hin agrees but says that the Boys Love market is so popular that he wants to try it out. Nubsib was paying very close attention to the conversation. (He got a little insight into Gene!)

Hin says that he wants money and fame so that things might become better (readers can tell when your heart isn’t in it). Hin also points out that there aren’t many males writing BL novels. Hin says that he wants to be successful like Gene and maybe meet someone hot like.. *looks at Nubsib* before saying “oops”. That earns him a kick in the shin under the table from Gene.

Hin asks Gene if he really had to choose violence. Then complains to Gene asking him to look as what Gene did (think little kid tattling on another). Gene tells Hin to email him the novel and he’ll take a look at it. At first Hin doesn’t believe him, then thanks Gene and tries to suck up which makes Nubsib smile. Neither one notices however and Gene gets out his phone to check out the social media feed of the drama.

Gene continues to scroll when to his horror he finds a post about people shipping him with Nubsib.. with photos of them together!

Gene chokes on his drink, and Nubsib asks what’s wrong. Nubsib gets a napkin to help Gene. Gene tells Nubsib that it’s nothing and that he doesn’t have to overreact. Nubsib is just happy that he got to touch his crush some more so the scolding doesn’t bother him at all. Hin stares at them seeing how cute they are.

Gene catches Hin staring and demands to know what he’s looking at. Hin quickly says nothing, just looking at his kimchi. Which is when Gene catches Nubsib staring at him. When he asks why, Nubsib says that he’s only looking at him because Gene was looking at him. Gene asks when that was, Nubsib says now. Gene tells Nubsib to stop trying to get on his nerves. (so adorable!) Nubsib says that he wasn’t trying to which is when Gene tells them all to behave and eat their food.

When Hin gets home, he writes a scene into his novel about the lead choking on water. He remembers that moment in the restaurant as he types out a scene similar to it on his laptop.

That’s the end of The Lovely Writer: Episode 3 Part 1!