The Lovely Writer: Episode 2 Part 4

Gene waits nervously for Nubsib to come out of his room. Nubsib eventually comes out and sits on the couch beside Gene before handing him a copy of the script. Gene starts to look it over when suddenly Gene shouts “Do you know what you’ve done!” Startling Gene, Nubsib waits a moment then prompts Gene by calling his name. Gene has to gather his scattered wits before he finds his line.

Gene reads the script while Nubsib acts it out. When Nubsib grabs Gene’s mouth though, Gene says “shit” which makes Nubsib concerned as he thinks that he may have hurt Gene. However when he asks Gene if it hurt, Gene says no. Gene then asks him if it has to be that real, can’t they just read the lines?

Nubsib tells Gene that reading the lines isn’t the same though and he needs to act it out to make it more realistic so he doesn’t mess it up when he’s on set. Gene says that he thinks Nubsib is practicing really hard so that it will be realistic on set. Gene throws the script on the table saying that Nubsib is making him read that part and he doesn’t want to.

Nubsib pleads with Gene saying that it’s okay if Gene just reads it while he acts it out. Gene says it’s weird for Nubsib to act it out alone though. Nubsib’s face lights up as he asks Gene if he wants to act it out too. Gene quickly dashes that hope by saying a very firm no. Nubsib says that if Gene just reads it, then that’s enough. Gene reluctantly agrees as he picks up the script to continue.

Nubsib says his line then holds Gene’s face as he leans in for a kiss.. but Gene demands to know what Nubsib is up to. Nubsib claims that he is just practicing his lines. Gene points out that this is actually a kissing scene and wants to know if Nubsib plans to act out that part too (you’re catching on to his plan).

Nubsib asks Gene if he has a problem with the kissing scene. Gene denies that but asks if they really have to kiss. Nubsib looks disappointed but says that he has to kiss a guy anyway on set. Gene gently reminds Nubsib that he isn’t an actor. So Nubsib asks Gene what he was feeling when he was writing this part.

Nubsib says the reason why he wants to try is so that he can know how Gene feels. Nubsib then says that if Gene is uncomfortable with it, then they don’t have to do it because he doesn’t want Gene in an uncomfortable position. There’s an moment of silence as Gene processes this information before agreeing to kiss. Gene says that he will do the kiss because he doesn’t see anything wrong with it, after all he did write the scene.

Nubsib does his best to look too eager about it, so he asks Gene if he’s absolutely sure because he doesn’t want to make Gene uncomfortable.

Gene tells Nubsib to just kiss him already! Nubsib leans over to take off Gene’s glasses. Nubsib then tells him that in the scene the character Gene is playing is supposed to be shocked but that Gene can keep his eyes closed. We finally get a kiss but the scene fades to a bright white.

Later that night Gene grabs his laptop and after touching a hand to his lips he begins to type about the kiss he just had. He types that those soft lips moved to his lips making him feel hot, warm and soft. He continues to type that the moment it touched his lips, he froze like his body was making him wait out the shock on purpose.

Gene types out that he felt a strange tingle, his mind went blank while his face was burning. Gene types that sounds of moaning came crept from his lips. It looks like they kissed for quite a while because Gene kissed Nubsib back. Gene types that he could feel his breath shorten but couldn’t break away.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 2!