The Lovely Writer: Episode 2 Part 3

Gene is typing is on his computer about how “his” lips were crushed by the tall protagonist. He types about how “he” was out of breath while his mind went blank. Gene types out that “he” kept his eyes closed during the kiss for fear of being unprofessional. He began to feel unsure if what was happening was just something in the scene or really happening. Gene then stops typing, sighs and starts delete some of what he just wrote.

Gene is frustrated so he messes up his hair with his hand while he tries to figure out what he wants to type. A notification buzzes on his phone interrupting him. It turns out to be Tum texting him a picture of Nubsib. After Gene checks the text, Tum calls him asking Gene how his main character, Khin looks. Tum says that he just wanted to show Gene how Nubsib’s outfit looks and asks if Gene likes it.

Gene asks Tum if he looks like a fashionista to him (in other words he couldn’t care less!) Tum says that Gene can trust him then, because he guarantees that Nubsib will be so handsome that everyone will fall in love with him. Gene tells Tum that he’s very good at “going over the top”. Tum says that it’s his job to look after Nubsib then wonders what Gene is up to.

Gene replies that he’s working so Tum asks if he’s writing a novel, then wonders what Gene is working on and if he’s allowed to ask about it. Gene says that he’s just writing a film production set, however the outline isn’t finished yet. Tum says that’s great and that Gene can come do research by coming the Drama’s set. Nubsib calls out to Tum telling him that he’s going to change outfits, he then wonders who is on the phone with Tum. Tum yells back that he’s on the phone with Gene.

Nubsib seems surprised that Gene is awake and comes over to share the call with Tum asking Gene how long he’s been awake. Gene admits that he’s been awake for awhile, which leads Nubsib to ask if Gene had toast for breakfast. Gene says that he ate whatever he could find. Gene takes a sip of his drink and almost spits it back out when Nubsib tells him that Nubsib had made Gene a sandwich earlier and it’s in the fridge.

Nubsib reminds Gene to eat otherwise he will get a stomachache. Nubsib then asks if Gene is going to stay inside and write all day. Gene admits that’s his basic plan so Nubsib offers him words of encouragement before Tum hangs up.

Gene looks back at his laptop when Nubsib’s words about having made him a sandwich flit through his brain, he then recalls the last time when Nubsib had asked him if he wanted toast for breakfast. Armed with these memories, Gene begins to type looking much happier with his writing then he had before.

While Gene is busy typing on his computer, poor Nubsib is in the midst of a photo shoot with Aey. Mai keeps giving them directions on how to stand and to look more intimate with each other. However the two still stand a bit apart so then Mai tells them that they have to stand closer only he makes it sound like an image of a non-con (non consensual) scene.

There seems to be a break because Mhok goes up a spiral staircase and then runs into Aey in the hallway. Aey is pretty icy towards him and Mhok looks uncomfortable (there’s a story there, I just know it!) However Mhok relays the message to Aey about answering Earn’s texts. He tells Aey that she is concerned. Aey knows that Earn asked Mhok to say that so he tells Mhok to quit being Earn’s spy as he finds it irritating. It’s pretty clear that Mhok cares about them both but Aey couldn’t care less about either of them.

Tum is in the changing room looking through his bags when Tiffy sneaks up on him to yell “boo”. She asks Tum what he’s searching for and he admits that he’s looking for Nubsib’s wallet but he has no idea where it might be. Tum then asks Tiffy if she needs anything but she just wanted to tell him that he’s looking sharp today and that Gene is a lucky guy. Tum tells her AGAIN that he’s not gay and that Gene is just an old friend but she says that he doesn’t have to hide it, she can see it. Tum says there’s nothing to see (Tiffy needs to learn how to listen, and needs her gaydar checked because it’s clearly malfunctioning).

She then asks him about some of the skincare products before asking Tum if he will help her apply some of the makeup that belongs to the company (This is stealing!) Tum tells her that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea since they haven’t even asked yet. Tiffy says that the makeup crew are all on the set so no one’s coming. Tum asks again if she’s sure before he caves in to his crush and begins to apply the lipstick she chose.

He does it so gently that even Tiffy starts to realize that he might just be crushing on her instead of Gene. When he finishes, Tiffy admires her new lipstick colour in the mirror before she decides to help Tum out with his oily skin. She takes a makeup brush and begins to brush his face lightly with it. Tiffy seems to notice that this might be a very intimate gesture so she quickly backs off. Tum was enjoying it so he asks how he looks.

Tiffy says that he’s so pretty that he could put on a wig and be a girl (Wow..Tiffy that is wrong on so many levels). Tum looks really hurt by what she said. That’s when they hear voices and realize that the make up team is coming back into the room. When the others enter the room that’s when Tiffy makes her escape by saying that she has to go to the washroom. Tum smiles to himself because he got to have an intimate moment with his crush.

Gene is just leaving his apartment building while Nubsib is being dropped off. The two meet at the entrance and Gene asks Nubsib about the person that dropped him off. Nubsib says the driver was just someone from on set that happened to be going the same way. Nubsib wonders where Gene was going anyway. Gene says that he was just going to get something to eat. Gene asks if Nubsib has eaten, when Nubsib says no, Gene says that he can join him. Nubsib lights up at the fact that his crush has just invited him out to eat!

The two are eating and Nubsib keeps putting grilled meat into Gene’s bowl. Gene says that the drama will begin shooting soon and asks Nubsib if he knows his lines yet. Nubsib says that he’s read the script but hasn’t practiced it yet. Gene remembers that Nubsib had questions about the character and tells Nubsib that he will help him with his character. Nubsib asks Gene if he will help him practice his lines when they get home. Gene can’t believe Nubsib wants his help with that.

Gene tells Nubsib that he isn’t really that good with reading out loud since he wrote it. He thinks that it’s just too weird. Nubsib tells Gene that he doesn’t have to act it out, he just has to read the lines to him. Gene says that Nubsib can’t just read the lines, but Nubsib assures him that he can. Nubsib begs Gene to do it though.. Gene just ponders it while eating a bit of lettuce.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 3!