The Lovely Writer: Episode 2 Part 2

A woman is looking at her phone looking at the Instagram photos for the series “Bad Engineer”. When Mhok shows up startling her.

Her name is Earn and she asks Mhok when he arrived. He tells her that he just got there a few seconds ago. Earn then teases Mhok that he is very popular right now, she should get an autograph before he becomes famous. Mhok tells her that she’s exaggerating as he’s not even in the main cast unlike Aey. Earn gets serious and wonders if she can ask him something. Mhok guesses that she wants to ask about Aey so he tells her that he is doing fine.

Mhok says that Aey is bubbly and friendly with everyone. Earn sadly says that Aey doesn’t answer her texts anymore, she wonders if Aey doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Mhok assures her that he is standing right in front of Aey, and Aey ignores him too. Mhok says that they aren’t kids anymore and at least Aey isn’t doing bad things to others, isn’t that enough? (No.. and ick). Earn wonders if he sees Aey could Mhok tell him to answer her messages. Mhok nods comfortingly promising that he will.

Mhok then asks her about med school. Earn says that it’s stressful but she’s not sure if it’s because of studying or something else. She seems to be depressed so Mhok asks what she means. Earn doesn’t say exactly what the problem is but she does say that it’s good that Aey didn’t enter Med school like his father told him to, like she did. She says that Aey is very brave to defy his father and that she gets jealous of him and as she wishes she could do that. Mhok reaches over to hold her hand to provide some small comfort.

Hin flops down on his big bed when he gets a notification on his phone about an apartment complex with a little chart that I think has to do with money (translation didn’t include the text). Hin sighs then locks his phone and puts his by head. It’s only there a moment before it rings, Hin looks at it realizes it’s his Mom, then answers the phone. In typical Mom fashion she wants to know what he’s doing. Hin tells his Mother he just got home, then asks what she’s up to.

His Mom says that she called because she missed him and wanted to talk (so adorable!) Hin tells her that he missed her too, he wonders how she is doing. His Mom says that she’s tired from work but hearing his voice makes her feel much better. It’s her turn to ask him, but Hin says that his work is the same. His Mom asks if he can come visit, so he promises that if he can get a day off then he will come to visit.

Hin asks about his Dad but Mom doesn’t want to talk about it because it’s the same. Hin tells her not to think too much but his Mom replies that she can’t not worry about it because the Dad is spending so much, she doesn’t know how much trouble and debt he’s getting into. Hin tells her again not to worry about it because he will take care of it. She tells him not to mind while he responds by tellling his mother to be patient and that it will get better.

Hin’s Mother tells him to hurry home and after they both say how much they love and miss each other, Hin hangs up the phone. Hin then gets up off the bed with a bit of effort. He goes to his computer to resume working on his on draft of a novel.

Gene is asleep when his phone starts buzzing waking him up. He didn’t get up in time to pick up the phone. Gene checks his phone to find that Tum left a text message asking Gene to tell Nubsib that Tum is picking him up tomorrow. Gene looks at the text then grumbles that Tum keeps bothering him.

Gene gets up off the couch slowly then starts walking when Nubsib comes out of his room shirtless. Nubsib asks Gene if he’s awake.

When Gene doesn’t answer, then Nubsib tells him that the way Gene is looking at him is making him shy however the way Nubsib smiles when he says that tells an entirely different story. Gene however is actually uncomfortable so he says that he has been awake awhile now and is hungry. Gene tells Nubsib that he’s going to go get something to eat, Nubsib promptly asks if he can join Gene.

Gene counters by asking how long Nubsib has been home. Nubsib says that he’s been home awhile which is when Gene asks if that’s true why didn’t he get something to eat already. Nubsib says that he was waiting for Gene. Gene wonders why Nubsib would wait for him when Nubsib has already been told that he works different hours then most people. (Because he’s crushing on so hard even Mr. Magoo can see it!)

Gene tells Nubsib the next time he’s hungry, he should just go and eat. Gene also angrily tells Nubsib to go put some clothes on. Nubsib slyly asks if he’s making Gene shy. Gene tells him in no uncertain terms that he’s not shy and that just because Nubsib can stay there for free doesn’t mean that he can go walking around half naked.

Nubsib teases Gene by asking if he likes it though, because Nubsib thinks that he has a great body (doesn’t mean you have to show off, I’ve seen better). Gene says it doesn’t matter if he likes it or not, but Nubsib latches on to the words asking Gene if that he means he does in fact enjoy it. Gene quickly counters by wondering why his preference even matters.

Nubsib lies through his teeth saying it matters so that he can be the best character for Gene. Gene says that’s a lie and tells him yet again to go put some clothes on. Gene then leaves the room to get away from Nubsib’s blatant flirting. Nubsib smiles shamelessly because it was obvious that Gene it. (Gene should not play poker any time soon).

Gene and Nubsib end up wandering around the supermarket. Gene starts to look at some food but he notices that Nubsib is staring at him. Gene tells him to stop staring and pick out what he wants to eat. Nubsib claims that he doesn’t know what he wants to eat so Gene throws him a look of utter disbelief before saying that he will choose for him then.

Gene says that judging by Nubsib’s Abs it must be something lean. However Nubsib is ecstatic that Gene remembers what his body looks like. Gene says of course then realizes what he said and quickly backtracks by saying that he didn’t mean to memorize Nubsib’s body. Nubsib admits that it’s okay as he was just teasing Gene, then he points out that the food Gene picked has almost expired.

Gene asks Nubsib how he knows that and it apparently it’s because the price tag is yellow. Gene says it doesn’t matter since Nubsib can just eat it anyway since it hasn’t gone bad yet. A young woman approaches them wondering if Nubsib is an actor. Nubsib promptly denies this but she’s sure that she has the right person. After a moment’s thought she remembers Nubsib’s name.

Nubsib says that she has made a mistake and that it happens frequently. She asks if Nubsib just moved in and before Gene can escape to grab some water.. Nubsib turns him around, puts his arm around Gene’s waist and says that he just moved in with his boyfriend!

This shocks Gene and the two leave the bewildered woman in the produce section. Once they are in a different section, Gene asks if Nubsib was crazy to say all that to her. Nubsib claims that he just wanted her to think that it wasn’t him since he has to live there. If people knew that he lived there then there would be big trouble.

Gene points out that Nubsib is only staying there for 1 month while Gene still has to live there after he’s gone. Nubsib tries to play innocent by saying that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. This gets Gene to call his name angrily. Nubsib just laughs which frustrates Gene even more. Gene asks why he’s laughing to be told by Nubsib that he’s glad that Gene is scolding him since it makes him feel like the two have gotten closer.

Nubsib says that he doesn’t want Gene to feel awkward around when they are together. Gene says in that case he should just use the really impolite version of “You!” (Thai is similar to other Asian languages having formal, informal and downright rude ways to say things).

Nubsib says that if Gene is okay with it, then he is too! Gene says that Nubsib started this, then starts to call him all sorts of names. The woman in the background trying to shop flinches every time Gene says one so they must be pretty bad by Thai standards (translation seemed pretty tame to me but that could be censorship). Gene is embarrassed when he sees her and promptly apologizes for his language while Nubsib apologizes for his boyfriend prompting a slap on the shoulder from Gene.

The woman quickly leaves the aisle. Nubsib tells Gene that if his cussing makes them closer then he’s okay with it (oh no, that’s not okay). Apparently Gene agrees with me because he asks if Nubsib is okay in the head. He wonders why Nubsib won’t call him Phi (a title you use for those older than you). Nubsib complains that he doesn’t want to call Gene Phi. He also says that when they get closer, Gene’s title will change. Nubsib then saunters off down the aisle and Gene has to run to catch up.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 2!