The Shipper: Episode 3 Part 4

Kim walks sadly to the door of his house when he gets a text from P’Way asking if he wants Thai BBQ pork. Kim is typing a response when another text comes from P’Way says that he’s not asking then texts his location.

Left with no choice Kim goes over to meet P’Way. While P’Way is setting up things up at the table, Kim is checking his phone when he notices that P’Way has left that toxic chat group!

Kim asks P’Way about leaving the chat group even though he said that it was dope. P’Way admits that he was just saying that but finds the group extremely gross (YAAAY!!) P’Way wonders why Kim is still in that chat group then tells him to leave it right away. P’Way says that if Kim wants to watch then Kim should watch the official stuff that is produced.

P’Way says that the videos that are secretly recorded are disgusting! When Kim still doesn’t move towards his phone to leave the group, P’Way tells him that if Kim doesn’t do it, then he will do it for him. Kim smiles realizing that he was wrong about P’Way, when Kim doesn’t move, P’Way grabs his phone and removes him from the chat group.

P’Way tells Kim that he can choose not to do bad things, then P’Way says that he can’t believe a person like him has to teach Kim how to be a good person since that isn’t like Kim at all. P’Way then gives Kim his phone back, and Kim confirms that he is now no longer part of the group chat either. P’Way gives him a solid kick under the table and asks him why he’s smiling.

Kim tells him that he’s not smiling at anything, so P’Way tells him to help out with the food since there’s a lot to do. Kim goes to start helping when P’Way grabs the dish from him and reminds him to guess the price. Kim is confused, so P’Way says that he has to guess the price like they always do, did Kim forget that too or is he just pretending to forget. P’Way tells him that they both have to guess the price of the meal and whoever is closer to the actual price wins.

P’Way wonders if Kim truly forgot everything. Kim asks him what the winner gets then. P’Way tells him that the winner gets to order the loser to do anything. Kim doesn’t believe it can be anything but P’Way confirms it’s true because the last time he lost he had to run around school at night, naked. He asks Kim if he remembers that. Kim of course doesn’t remember but his brain imagines it, which leads to a large goofy grin on his face.

Kim then realizes what he’s doing and returns to the current moment by asking P’Way if they can not guess the cost this time. P’Way wonders what game Kim would like to play instead and Kim suggests that whoever eats more should win. P’Way agrees to this but he’s also more than confident that he will win.

They start grilling the food and competing. Kim is losing so he tries to distract P’Way pointing behind him. When P’Way looks, Kim starts putting some of his food into P’Way’s dish. P’Way turns back around to catch Kim in the act of cheating. P’Way tells him to take the food back but gives Kim more than what Kim had put into his pile. P’Way wonders if Kim is that scared of having to go naked.

Kim is so shocked that he actually snorts out some food from his nose grossing them both out. P’Way tells him that he has to eat that “food” too or he will lose. Kim says that he can’t be serious since that came out of his nose (EWWWW!) P’Way asks if he’s cheating then because if he doesn’t eat up then he will lose. Sure enough Kim eats it to prove that he’s not a loser then takes a sip of his drink surprising P’Way it doesn’t last long because Kim throws it all up afterwards.

When Kim sits back up, there’s a noodle coming out of his nose (seriously? So icky!) P’Way sees this and bursts out laughing and can’t stop. Kim smiles feeling good because he made P’Way laugh.

A little while later P’Way is giving Kim a piggyback ride and complaining that he’s always a burden. Kim says that it’s P’Way’s fault for making him eat at that disgusting place. P’Way tells Kim that if he seriously wanted to win then he shouldn’t have tried to challenge him to an eating contest. Kim says that he thought it would be safe since P’Way had already eaten with Phingphing so his stomach should have been full.

P’Way corrects Kim saying that he should know that P’Way doesn’t get to eat much of anything when he’s around Phingphing. P’Way says that all Phingphing does is take pictures of the food which is why he always asks Kim out for BBQ afterwards. He says that he understands Phingphing cares about him and just wants him to be in good shape.

Kim points out that P’Way really doesn’t like it though or he wouldn’t keep calling him for BBQ. P’Way says that he was damn hungry though and if he called Phingphing, she would be angry at him so he called Kim instead. P’Way says that he feels more comfortable with Kim because he can do things more freely. P’Way says that honestly he’s not sure if his relationship with Phingphing is the right thing.

Kim wonders why since they looks so good together and sleep with each other often. However P’Way looks uncomfortable so Kim inquires. P’Way says that if he tells Kim something then he absolutely must keep it a secret as it could ruin Phingphing’s reputation. P’Way confesses to Kim that he hasn’t ever slept with Phingphing.

Kim remembers the hickeys and asks about them, P’Way says that he doesnt’ know but she must have made it up. P’Way says that he’s not sure why Phingphing did that but he has never slept with her. Kim reminds P’Way that he has been with Phingphing for a long time. P’Way admits that they have been together since they were young, and maybe that’s why he always feels like Phingphing is a child.

P’Way says wistfully that he is such a loser but Kim is quick to correct him that he’s not. Kim goes the extra step by saying that he thinks P’Way is cool. P’Way confusedly asks what Kim is saying which is when Kim wonders as well what he’s saying. Kim does tell P’Way that wherever he feels happy that’s where Kim wants him to be, he wants to see P’Way smile like he did today. P’Way says that he only smiles like that when he’s with Kim.

P’Way then teases Kim saying that he would have to snort out vermicelli 10 times a day. Kim happily says that he would snort it out more then 10 times a day which makes P’Way wonder why he’s saying those things. Kim then decides that they should take photos together and starts to take a few while still being on P’Way’s back. P’Way smiles when Kim can’t see then drops him saying that if he can take selfies then he must be okay now.

P’Way says that he’s tired. Kim insists on taking a few more pictures though. Kim thinks to Soda that no matter how bad the bad guys are out there, their P’Kim and P’Way are not like them. Kim also thinks to Soda that their ship may sail one day. P’Way comments that Kim was never like this before and wonders if it is because Kim is with Kana.

Kim wonders who Kana might be, and P’Way says that Kana is his wifey. That makes Kim drop his phone. Kim runs into his room to check out the cute little herb plant (kale I think it was?) and sees Kana’s name there. Kim checks his phone chat for Kana and sees no results there. He then looks up Kana in English to find out that it’s K-A-L-E. So he looks up Kale in his messages, only to find numerous messages.

Kale says that she loves him, misses him, apologizes for not visiting him in the hospital. Kim then finds the profile of Kale to see the same plant that he has in his room in one of her pictures but no picture of Kale herself.

Just then Kale phones him and he hesitates before deciding to answer the call. Kale says that she missed him so much, she then apologizes to him for not being able to visit him in the hospital, she says that she knows that he would understand. Kim is trying to imagine who the voice belongs to. Kim says that he understands, then Kale asks him for a date on Saturday.

She tells him that they will meet at Himawari, their place. Kim asks her what time and she says it’s the same time then says 10 am. The way she says 10 gives her away though because now Kim has the horrible realization that Kale is his teacher!

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 3!