The Shipper: Episode 3 Part 2

Kim says okay then watches his friend Soda walk off with the squad. He comments to himself that Soda has grown up a little more. A fellow classmate walks by wondering why Kim is still in the hallway and tells him to hurry up and get changed for PE class.

Kim heads towards the boys locker room thinking that it will be like the fan fiction. However when he enters, he finds that reality is a lot less interesting. For starters not all of the boys are super fit like idols. They do bully each other though but it’s more direct then girls that gossip. Kim says it smells like sports soap (they must be more hygienic then boys locker rooms in North America that smell like body odour and grossness).

However a moment later the boys gossip in their own way talking about the girls they are with (Boys are every bit as gossipy as girls in real life). We get flashbacks to the girls locker room where two of Pan’s peers were talking about sex when another one says that they should save themselves because they are too young. In the boys locker room we hear that the girl that claimed to save herself had sex on the first date. She also slept some of the other boys too.

She tells every boy that they are her first. One boy ends up crying because he gave his virginity to her. This is the same girl that in the girls locker room said they had to save themselves for marriage and thought that sex was a big deal. Kim thinks that at least the boys talk about things openly and don’t have secret smaller group chats.

We then see an example of this where Soda and the squad are taking a picture and Somza tells Soda that she looks pretty in the picture and that they are going to post it to Instagram. In a secret group chat Phingphing says that Soda looks ugly in the picture and praises the Somza for picking the ugly picture and lying to Soda by telling her that she’s pretty in it.

The Somza says that Phingphing trained her well. Then in another secret group chat that is without Phingphing or Soda the one squad Nun calls Somza a suck up. Nun says that she still needs Phingphing for now, while Somza says that when Phingphing falls, she plans to steal P’Way from her. Nun types angrily to a chat only she can see that P’Way is hers. (He isn’t clothing and doesn’t actually belong to anyone).

The girls then all put down their phones and pretend to be friendly to each other, even if Soda is the only the nice person there.

However the boys are no better as the one boy got sent a recording from a friend having sex with a girl while she didn’t know that she was being recorded. The boy tells the other one not to forward it as it was only meant for him but of course it gets sent around the locker room. Kim realizes in horror that while they don’t have bunch of secret group chats, boys do have a bigger community chat.

That’s when the first boy realizes that P’Way isn’t in the group chat so they invite him because they don’t think he should miss the video. At first P’Way doesn’t accept the invitation but then he does (he may not know the content of the messages though because that doesn’t show up in a group chat invite). Kim at first was ecstatic that P’Way hadn’t accepted the invite but when he hears that P’Way did.. Kim is crushed and internally screams.

That’s the end of Episode 3 Part 2!