The Shipper: Episode 3 Part 1

The next day Kim is thinking to himself that being P’Kim isn’t easy but at least he knows everything now. Kim thinks that the bonus of the whole body swapping thing is that he gets to live in P’Kim’s room. The room is also a mess at the moment as Kim goes through some books.

Kim wears a big smile as he thinks how exclusive it is to be in his room. He goes to sniff one of P’Kim’s shirts and cuddles on the bed with it before getting up to practice darts. However when he throws the dart the Angel of Death grabs it in midair. The Angel asks if he thinks that the puny dart will hurt her.. then cries out in pain as her hand starts to bleed. Kim asks the Angel why she is even there, the Angel wonders why he always asks that whenever she shows up.

Kim says it’s because she always pops out of nowhere making him jump, next time she should use LINE (messaging app) to tell him that she’s coming. The Angel asks him if he really believes that she owns a phone. Kim says that her relatives must have burned some Kong Tek notes for her (paper money to be used in the afterlife by the dead) The Angel asks if she looks Chinese to him (it’s a Chinese tradition).

She tells him that she isn’t his ancestor. The Angel of Death begins her intro and gets through a good portion of it before Kim tells her to stop. Kim suggests the the wind should blow as indicator that she’s coming. The Angel thinks that it’s a clever idea. Kim then asks why she’s there getting back to the original point. The Angel says that she’s checking on him to see how he’s doing. The Angel says that Kim seems to know everything about P’Kim now, then she reaches down about to touch P’Kim’s things. Kim yells at her not to touch P’Kim’s stuff. He then tells her what he knows about P’Kim now. Kim says that the more he knows about P’Kim the more perfect he is for P’Way.

The Angel doesn’t want to hear fangirl talk though so she’s about to leave. Kim asks where she’s going and she tells him that she is going to Milan since God is on vacation there, she plans to ask him how to switch their bodies back. She reminds Kim not to let anyone find out that he’s actually Pan or else. She tries to be intimidating but Kim is pretty nonchalant about the threats now saying that he knows. After she leaves, Kim can’t believe that the Angel didn’t shut the door behind her because the air conditioning is on. He goes to close the door when he notices that P’Kim had planted Kale in a pot near the door. He thinks it’s very cute!

Later at school the teacher is berating her students because it’s taken 10 attempts and still no one can solve the equation on the board. The teacher then asks for volunteers to solve the question which is when Kim raises his hand. The teacher tells Kim to put his hand down and not to help people by solving it for them (reminds of Snape scolding Hermione). So Kim decides to message P’Way and ask him why he isn’t in class.

P’Way texts back that he had to run some errands for his sibling, but he will be there later. P’Way also texts to ask how Kim is since he’s bored. He also sends a selfie which brings a smile to Kim’s face. The teacher then tells the class the answer to the equation which makes Kim text P’Way about how Miss Angkana is being fierce like always.

Kim asks P’Way which period of class will he come to school. P’Way texts back that he will be in time for the Physical Education class. P’Way says that he will change into his PE clothes and asks if Kim remembered to bring his. Kim quickly lifts the top of his desk to check and sure enough his PE uniform is there. That’s when it hits Kim that he has PE today and will be in the boy’s locker room!

Kim has a brief flashback to when Pan and Soda wrote some boy’s locker room scenes in their fan fiction before he returns back to reality.

Meanwhile in Pan’s classroom, Phingphing is showing off her nails saying that she always wanted to do her nails this way but P’Way wouldn’t let her. Her friends ask her why he wouldn’t which is when she tells them that he wouldn’t let her because they hurt too much when she claws his back. Soda has a look of disgust at hearing this of course. Phingphing says that P’Way will probably call her stubborn for doing it and she wonders if she will get punished again.

Her friends ask Phingphing what she will do, but Phingphing says that she doesn’t know then surprises everyone by asking Soda what she thinks.

Soda is startled to be asked her thoughts and it takes a little prompting before she tells Phingphing that if she doesn’t like something P’Way does then she should tell him honestly instead of complaining to her friends which doesn’t solve anything.

Phingphing gets out of her chair and approaches Soda scaring her. However after Phingphing backs Soda into a corner she tells Soda that she’s right and she will talk to P’Way. Apparently P’Way told Phingphing to look after Soda as he was afraid she might be lonely. Phingphing then asks Soda if she wants to join the squad. Phingphing’s friends ask her if she’s sure about this.

Phingphing and her “squad” are about to leave the room to put on more lipstick when Soda decides that she will join them. As she goes to leave to put on lipstick with them, Khet grabs her arm concerned asking if she’s sure that she wants to join Phingphing’s squad. Just then Soda’s phone notification goes off to let her know that Phingphing has invited her to join their chat group. Soda tells Khet that he can’t be paranoid about everything (I’m with him on this one, it has Carrie vibes but it could just be my suspicious nature). Soda says that it was nice of Phingphing to ask her.

The little squad is walking down the hallway which is when they bump into Kim. Kim asks Phingphing about her new friend. Phingphing introduces Soda before saying that they probably already know each other. Phingphing tells Kim that she knows he’s worried about Soda because of what happened to Pan was because of him, and Soda is alone now so Phingphing says she will take care of Soda for him.

Kim asks Phingphing if Soda is okay with this, so Phingphing tells Soda to speak up for herself. Soda says that she just wants to forget the pain and move on. We then see Pan standing there talking with Soda asking if she’s okay. Soda says that because she is who she is, she will be fine. Pan tells Soda that it’s because of who she is that Pan wants to make sure Soda is okay. Soda says it just isn’t for her though, she wants P’Kim/Pan to live without worries.

That’s the end of Episode 3 Part 1!