The Lovely Writer: Episode 2 Part 1

Tum reminds Gene that he has finished talking yet, after Gene stood up and said no interrupting him. Gene sits back down but tells Tum that he has said so much already that Gene has a pretty good idea of what he wants.

Tum begs Gene to help out as Tum is experiencing an accommodation problem, so can he let Nubsib stay with him in the condo for a month? Gene says no repeatedly as Tum keeps to trying to negotiate starting with three weeks then going down to 2 weeks before Gene tells him that it doesn’t matter how many days he suggests the answer will still be no.

Tum goes back to begging saying that he doesn’t want to bother Gene but he’s out of options. Tum says that Nubsib lives really far away and he has still has to go to school as well as work. Tum tells Gene that Nubsib has been living in the dorms but Tam has brought a bunch of new recruits Tum says that it’s Nubsib’s fault because of how he spoke to Tam things got all mixed up and now he has no place to stay.

Tum also tells Gene that he is in deep shit because of this issue and the shooting for the series will start soon. Gene says that Tum should just rent a hotel room since the agency is so damn rich. Gene is certain that it won’t cost that much to house the kids. Nubsib prods Tum on with a look which makes it perfectly clear to the audience that it’s a set up and he’s behind this just to get closer to Gene.

After the prodding from Nubsib, Tum tells Gene that he must be crazy since Nubsib is famous and if people see him at a hotel then fans will be waiting in the lobby and there will even be stalkers. Tum says that a hotel isn’t that private. Gene asks why Tum doesn’t just have Nubsib room with him instead. Tum tells him that he thought about it but his house is even further away then Nubsib’s.

Tum begs Gene to take in Nubsib as he’s the best option that they have. Tum even tells Gene that Nubsib can help him with the housework and that Nubsib can cook too (prime dating material right there). Gene reminds Tum that he isn’t close with Nubsib and that even though Tum says that it’s temporary, Gene works from home and has to think up a new plot. Gene says that everyone values their privacy not just him but Nubsib too!

Tum says that Nubsib doesn’t have a problem rooming with Gene and Nubsib is a little over eager nodding his head vigorously. Gene is starting to waver asking if they truly don’t have any other options. Tum says that he’s at his wit’s end, he knows that they just reconnected so it’s too soon for Gene to trust him but he has nobody else to turn to. Tum says that Nubsib won’t stay for free, he will pay the electric bill and.. Nubsib jumps in to say that he will help clean the place if Gene is busy. (Nubsib is acting like an eager puppy).

Tum jumps in to say that Nubsib is the best at housekeeping and that Gene won’t see a speck of dust so surely Gene can let him stay for at least a month. Gene finally tells them both that they are very hard selling and that they don’t have to come up with so many excuses, one month is fine. Nubsib and Tum both smile once they hear this. Gene says that he will only let Nubsib stay there because they are in trouble, his older brother hasn’t even slept over yet.

Gene tells Nubsib that the cleaning is fine but he doesn’t have to worry about the utility bills. Tum gets on his knees to thank Gene for being such a lifesaver while Gene just tells him to stop being cheesy before he makes Gene want to throw up.

Some time passes and Tum has left. Gene is vacuuming some white sheets covering furniture while losing the battle with sleep. In fact every time he nods off while vacuuming he wakes up a little bit before nodding off again. Nubsib enters the room and calls out to Gene but Gene is actually asleep while vacuuming now. Nubsib turns off the vacuum and calls out Gene’s name again while sitting beside him which startles Gene awake.

Gene now somewhat awake wonders why Nubsib was calling for him. Nubsib tells Gene to go get some rest and that he will clean up. Gene says that he will take a little nap for a bit because he has been so busy thinking about work lately. Gene tells Nubsib that he’s a writer so his working hours are a bit different from normal folk. He’s working on a new novel and his ideas come to him at night. Gene tells Nubsib that while he’s living there, he can’t bother Gene while he’s working.

Gene asks if Nubsib understands and he nods affirmative. Gene then tells him that this is his room, so he should make himself comfortable, then Gene leaves Nubsib alone in his room.

The next day while Gene is asleep, Nubsib makes toast and spreads a ton of jam on it. (It’s not as much fun as watching Tops cooks but it will have to do). It’s the smell of yummy food that wakes Gene up. However when Gene comes out of his room, he immediately notices how clean and tidy the place is. Nubsib walks up to him with the toast but Gene is still half asleep and it takes him a few moments to notice that Nubsib is trying to get his attention. Nubsib then asks Gene if he would like toast in the morning. Gene says yes, but that he has to put a mountain of jam on it. Nubsib holds up the toast to ask if that’s how Gene likes it.

Gene is flustered and asks Nubsib if he’s trying to get on Gene’s nerves. Nubsib is offended since he’s only doing as he was told by Gene. Gene takes the plate of toast from Nubsib then asks him how he normally gets to school. Nubsib says that he normally either takes the bus or a taxi.

Gene surprises Nubsib by telling him to get ready as Gene will take him to school today. Nubsib asks Gene if he really means it which confuses Gene because why would he lie about something like that? Gene tells him to go get ready, but before Nubsib can do that, Gene tells Nubsib that he doesn’t have to be nice to him. Gene says that he’s letting Nubsib stay because he feels bad for Tum. Gene tells Nubsib to just stay in his lane and not to bother him. Nubsib silently nods. Gene tells Nubsib to go get changed then, while Nubsib enters his room, Gene sits down to eat his breakfast.

A little while later the two are driving off in Gene’s car in the parking lot when the car suddenly stops. It stopped because Nubsib reached over Gene to do up Gene’s seatbelt since Gene forgot to do it himself and he just wanted to help. Gene grabs the seatbelt and tells Nubsib that he can do it himself. After Gene buckles his seatbelt he notices that Nubsib hasn’t done his so he reminds him to do it but doesn’t offer to help.

Just before Gene drops Nubsib off at his school, he gives Nubsib his keycard to access the condo. Gene tells him not to lose the keycard as it’s expensive. Nubsib enters flirting mode and tells Gene that he will never lose anything that Gene gives him. Gene is now flustered so he tells Nubsib that he better get going or he’ll be late for class. They say goodbye by Gene wishing Nubsib to study hard and Nubsib telling Gene to get home safely.

Gene doesn’t leave right away though as he watches Nubsib receive a gift basket from a girl that likes him. Nubsib then turns around to find that Gene is still there which prompts Gene to drive off in a bit of hurry embarrassed.

That’s the end of Episode 2 Part 1!