The Shipper: Episode 2 Part 3

Khet asks Kim what really happened that night so Kim stretches and pretends that he got his memories back, he says it must be because he came with home with his sweet brother. Kim says that he was totally lost at first but he’s okay now. Khet of course is extremely suspicious so he says if that’s true then Kim doesn’t need his brother to tell him which is which is anymore. Kim drops the bag he was holding realizing that Khet is a lot smarter than him.

They go inside the house and Khet immediately tells Kim that if he is tired, he can go and rest.. surely he knows which room is his. Kim lies saying that of course he knows, he just isn’t sleepy yet. Kim goes to sit down at the table when Khet tests him again by asking him to turn on the air conditioning. When Kim does manage that, Khet says it’s another thing that Kim remembers (Khet is going to be difficult). Khet gets himself some water and an apple while Kim spies on him to find out where things are. Then when Khet is just standing there, Kim repeats the actions hoping that this will show he knows stuff.

Khet says that he’s tired and will go rest, Kim says okay then waits until Khet leaves so that he can watch him figuring that his room is whichever one that Khet doesn’t enter. Kim opens the bedroom door to the other room to find Khet’s picture staring back at him.. Khet smiles smugly from across the hallway saying he thought Kim remembered.

Khet says he wanted to know if Kim would correct him for going into the wrong room. Kim thinks to himself that Khet is a bastard before he turns around and tells Khet that he thought his brother would correct him. He tells Khet to move, then pushes past him to go to his own room. Kim collapses on the bed and wonders if he will be able to survive this (Khet is a lot smarter then you!) A notification pops up on his phone, it’s P’Way asking if he’s been discharged from the hospital yet.

Kim smiles at the text, then types yes but it’s the female version so he quickly corrects the boy version before sending it. P’Way asks Kim if he will be at school tomorrow. Kim can’t help but think that he can barely survive at home, school will probably be a lot worse. P’Way says that if Kim can’t go to school, then he will just take Phingphing on a date then.. Kim quickly texts back that he can go to school tomorrow.

The next day at school, Kim is walking to class when the Angel of Death shows up. Kim stops her before she can even start making her introduction. The Angel slightly miffed says that he could barely survive at home, does he really think that he can handle school? Kim says that he’s been practicing all night. Kim says that he has memorized all the answers and P’Kim’s schedule. He says that he won’t fail today and walks away from her.

However Kim wasn’t paying attention and his body sat down at Pan’s desk in her classroom. Khet asks Kim what he’s doing there. Everyone is looking at Kim and Phingphing asks him if he wants some help. A very pissed off Angel of Death is glaring at Kim from the front of the classroom.

Kim struggles to come up with something which is when Khet says that he knew it. Kim quickly says that he came to see Soda which completely surprises her. Kim says that he came to apologize to her about her friend, then he quickly leaves the room. Khet is trying to figure out what’s going on with his brother.

Outside in the stairwell Kim bangs his head on the wall while the Angel of Death scolds him from failing at the very beginning, she suggests that he just goes home. Kim insists that it was just one time and that he will be more careful.. there are a bunch of students and a teacher watching him talk to the empty air..

The teacher asks if Kim feels okay and that it’s okay for him to take a day off if he isn’t well. Kim says that he’s fine, the teacher wants to make sure that he is, so he confirms that he is. The teacher says that if that’s the case then Kim can help her hand out the exam results to his friends then.

Kim follows the teacher to his classroom, the teacher tells everyone it’s Kim’s first day back so she asks the class to welcome him back. She then tells everyone that the exam results are out and that Kim will them hand out. Kim takes out the first sheet reads the name and tries to figure out which student it belongs to. The teacher seeing that Kim is struggling says the student is in the middle row.

Kim goes to the middle row and tries to give the results to the right student but he’s wrong.. 3 times in a row before finding the right student. P’Way is giving him some odd looks from where he’s sitting, the teacher also gives him a strange look before saying that she doesn’t think he’s fully recovered yet. The Angel of Death is glaring at him again this time with her scythe.

Kim gets sent to the school’s infirmary. P’Way is sitting on the bed next to him asking him why he came back to school if he still wasn’t well. Kim is going to answer when Phingphing and friends show up. Phingphing says that she brought her family doctor over. She also says that they shouldn’t keep their problems to themselves since she treats P’Way’s and P’Kim’s problems as seriously as her own.

Phingphing tells P’Way that if he doesn’t let her help next time, she will get even madder. She reminds P’Way that he knows she doesn’t forgive easily when she’s angry. P’Way tells her that he’s sorry but Phingphing doesn’t accept it, he tries again to tell her that he’s sorry only to be rejected again. P’Way sighs and Phingphing asks him if he’s going to stop apologizing then, she did all these things for them and all she gets is a sigh.

Phingphing asks him if she will ever stop doing things for them and of course the answer is no. One of her friends says Poor Phingphing and then Phingphing goes on to tell P’Way that she hates herself for loving only him since she does everything for him and all she gets is a sigh. Kim has had enough of listening to this tirade and tells her to “shut it, bitch!” Phingphing and her friends drop the items they were holding in pure shock even P’Way can’t believe what his friend just said.

The Angel of Death threatens Kim again with her scythe, however Kim says that he can’t take it anymore and points at the Angel saying “you, come here!” The Angel confused points to herself because she can’t believe he actually means her.

So ends Episode 2 Part 3!