Ingredients: Episode 21 Goodbye Not Goodbye

Marwin is outside the house with his luggage when he calls out to Tops asking if he’s done yet. Tops comes running out with a bag of food that he wants Marwin to take in case he gets hungry.

Tops even brings him a scarf so that he doesn’t get cold, he puts it on Marwin and steals a kiss in the process. Marwin jokes that he will overheat if he wears it now though. So Marwin takes it off and puts it on top of his luggage. Tops asks if Marwin has his passport, and Marwin tells him it’s in the one bag already.

He does say that he’s missing one thing however, and very quickly sneaks in a kiss of his own!

It was very quick though, a moment later and Marwin’s ride is here for him. Tops won’t let him go without a hug though. Marwin tells him that he won’t be gone long though. Tops says it will feel like it though.

We go back in time to the previous night when Marwin gets home. Tops asks him how his Mother and brother are doing. Marwin says that they are doing great, he hasn’t spent much time with them like this in awhile. Tops says that’s good and then they both sit down to eat.

Marwin looks down and finds it’s the same food that he made for Tops back when he was in the hospital. Tops admits that it’s actually not Salmon Rice Porridge even though it looks similar. It’s actually Salmon Risotto. Marwin complains that it looks the same, then he gets the sniffles as he remembers how sick Tops was and that he had to carry him. Marwin says that his legs were numb, he teases Tops that if he’s here all alone he should try losing some weight then.

Clearly Marwin is in a nostalgic mood because he asks if Tops remembers the really hot day where he made Marwin pick up all that stuff. Tops says which day because he asks Marwin to do that stuff all the time. Marwin says it was the day that was so hot and the A/C broke. Marwin still wonders why Tops didn’t tell him beforehand that the A/C was broken, Tops says it’s because he wanted Marwin to come home quickly.

Marwin says that it all worked out in the end especially after Tops made him that really refreshing dessert. Marwin says that it helped him to finish writing “Moment” and pursue his dream. Marwin says that it was because of Tops.

It’s Tops’s turn to ask if Marwin remembers the Quinoa with mackerel fish? Marwin of course remembers that because Tops gave it to the neighbour instead of him. Tops asks if Marwin got jealous. Marwin says of course he got jealous. They are both sniffling/crying now. Tops asks if Marwin had a crush on him ever since then? Marwin admits that it’s true.

Marwin tells Tops that he is so grateful that they met. Marwin says that he won’t be gone that long and he will be back soon. Marwin tells Tops not to cry because he’s just pursuing his dream and Tops is doing the same (he’s crying too!) Marwin says that it won’t be that long and then he will come back and eat everything that Tops cooks.

Marwin admits that he didn’t know that every time Tops cooked, he had to do research and other stuff. Tops asks Marwin if he knows why, then explains. Every time he cooks, it not only about the taste, but he puts his whole heart into it whether it be nutrition, cleanliness and everything that suits the food and the situation. Tops says it’s the same thing he does for Marwin.

Marwin thanks Tops for the Birthday Cake Tops made for him as a surprise. He says that he doesn’t know how valuable it was for Tops but for him it’s very valuable. (Dang my glasses are fogging up..)

Marwin tells Tops that he will keep that and his smile in his heart. Tops remembers that he had overheard it was Marwin’s birthday while he was talking on the phone. Tops says that didn’t know how to make it special but he really wanted to do it for Marwin. Tops is really glad that Marwin liked it. Marwin says that it’s so like Tops, when he really wants to do something, he makes it happen.

Marwin says that Tops always does his best, even when he cooks for him, it always the best for him. Marwin tells Tops that he has to use his talent to pursue his own dreams. Marwin wants Tops to open up his own restaurant, just like he has always wanted to, then Marwin says he will come back and eat at his restaurant. Marwin says that they should stop crying and eat the food that Tops has made. Tops asks Marwin to do him a favour, while he’s over there he has to take care of himself.

Marwin laughs telling Tops not to worry because if he runs out of food, he’ll fly back to Tops. Marwin affectionately calls Tops a cry baby and tells him to drink some water. He then lovingly touches Tops’s cheek before telling him that they should eat the food to see what the difference is.

They start to eat and that’s when Marwin tells Tops that if he gets his own gig then he has to come over there to see it. Tops reminds Marwin that he will have to send a free ticket and find a place for him stay. Marwin tells him not to worry about it, he just has to bring his heart with him. Marwin feeds Tops a bit of the food and Tops says that it’s very good. Marwin says that of course it’s good he made it. Tops quickly corrects him saying that he made it. Marwin admits that’s true and is glad there are no burns on this food.

A little later and Tops says that’s he full. Marwin asks Tops to close his eyes for a moment. Tops teases him about having to close his eyes again. Tops says that his eyes are so small yet Marwin wants him to keep closing them. Marwin reaches over so Tops closes his eyes. Marwin does a quick check to make sure that they are closed before telling him to keep his eyes closed.

Marwin comes back and tells Tops that he can open his eyes. Marwin made Tops a little tart saying that he made it himself. Tops holds up the tart and teases Marwin by asking him if he got his Mom to make it for him. Marwin insists that he made it himself and is impatient for Tops to try it.

Tops takes a bite and says that he believes Marwin that he made it himself now. Marwin asks if it really tastes that bad but Tops tells him taht it actually tastes really good. Tops wonders why he made this though. Marwin wonders who took his phone, made a video then write down how to make it in the notes.

Marwin says that he didn’t even notice that his phone was taken. Marwin tells Tops that he really has no idea what he would do without him. Which of course makes Tops start crying again..

We return to the present time with Marwin in the car. He’s hungry and asks if he can eat what Tops made him now. Tops is sitting next to him and says that he can if he wants. Marwin opens the Tupperware and then starts to sniffle. Tops asks him what’s wrong and he tells Tops that he’s just remembering the good old days.

Tops wipes away Marwin’s tears then tells Marwin that he worries about him. Tops tells Marwin that he shouldn’t be so hard on himself that he forgets to eat. Marwin says that he will keep those treats and eat them over there instead. Tops then leans in for another kiss.

That’s how the episode and series ends! I hope GameplayRB (Tops) and Jeff Satur (Marwin) are in more projects together as they were just spectacular in this short series.