Ingredients: Episode 20 Loving You

Tops is decorating the Chirstmas tree all by himself when Marwin comes down the stairs. He can’t believe that Tops has already brought it home. Tops asks Marwin if he likes it, which of course he does because it’s a beautiful tree. Marwin asks Tops how he got the tree home and Tops says that he carried it all by himself.

Tops remembers that Marwin was talking about it a lot. Marwin says that he was but.. then Tops tells Marwin to help him decorate the tree. Marwin grabs a decoration but then he drops it on the floor. Once Marwin picks up the decoration he tells Tops to stay still, then hangs the decoration off of Tops’s ear.

Tops laughs and turns around to tell Marwin that he told him to decorate the tree. They both laugh, then Marwin takes the decoration off of Tops so that he can put it on the tree where it belongs. Then Marwin watches Tops decorate and tells him that he’s doing it wrong. He then uses Tops’s hand to show him how to do it properly but I’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse to decorate Tops again.

Tops isn’t fooled and tells Marwin that it’s basically a “Put the ring on it” hand gesture. Marwin wonders why Tops can’t just play along with it. Tops continues to decorate the decorate the tree but just as he about to put a Santa decoration on the tree, Marwin tells him no, that this decoration has to go beside the other one.

Tops says that it’s so cute, Marwin asks if he means the Christmas decorations. Tops quickly corrects him saying that he is cute. Marwin asks what’s next and Tops tells him that they have to put the last decorations on the tree. He gives Marwin the Merry Christmas decoration to be put on the top of the tree while Tops puts another decoration on down below.

They are so close that Tops almost repeats what happened with Dome in the Halloween episode. Tops asks Marwin what he’s up to, but Marwin claims that he was just checking to make sure the decoration was put on quickly. Tops gives him a quick kiss on the cheek but the audience can barely see it because Marwin’s arm is in the way. (BAD Jeff, you are blocking the view!)

Marwin tells Tops to turn on the Christmas lights. The lights go on and it’s very pretty as even Marwin says “Wow”. Marwin says that he can feel the cool breeze flowing from the wind, then asks Tops if he can feel it. Tops looks very confused and then tells Marwin that he has no idea what he means. Apparently Marwin doesn’t know either and was just spouting nonsense. Tops puts his arm around Marwin’s shoulder saying that he must be chilled.

Marwin says that if that the case then they have to.. Tops finishes by saying they have to hug! (I don’t entirely think that’s where Marwin’s mind was going). Marwin tells Tops that what he was actually going to say was that they should get something to eat to warm themselves up. Tops wonders what Marvin might be craving so he asks him. Marwin says that it should be something that will go with this beautiful tree.

Tops tells Marwin that he should go sit down then.

A little while later and Marwin is sitting in Tops’s lap (seriously could you two be any cuter?!) he asks Tops if he thinks it will be cold there. Tops says that he’s never been there but that Marwin should pack a thick jacket just in case.

Marwin says that it would definitely be too cold there, and he worries about who he will hug then. Tops isn’t falling for it though saying that he will just buy Marwin a lot of thick jackets to keep him warm. Marwin complains that he gave Tops so many hints, can’t he be romantic? Tops hugs him and asks if he isn’t romantic enough?

Tops asks Marwin to show him how to hug then which leads to a really cute hug where Marwin is hugging himself and Tops is hugging him.

Marwin tells him to hug tighter but after two times and told to hug tighter still, Tops says that’s enough. He says any tighter and he’ll end up strangling Marwin. Marwin says that if he dies right now, he’s okay with that. That leads to three more tight hugs the last of which actually does hurt and Marwin asks Tops to stop because if he did die right now then he wouldn’t get to go.

Marwin does say that it would be really nice if he didn’t have to go, as all he ever wanted was to stay like this forever. Marwin complains that they won’t be able to hug like this when he’s over there. Tops very sadly asks if Marwin has packed his things since he leaves in just a few days. (I’m not ready!)

Marwin admits that he packed his clothes but with all the pressure, he’s not sure if he can take it. Marwin also says that he won’t be able to talk to Tops like he always does either. Marwin then says that maybe it isn’t all the complicated at all, Tops just has to come with him. Marwin tells Tops that he can just think of it as a trip and Marwin take care of the accommodations.

Tops rubs Marwin’s head saying that he would love to go with him but he has to take care of many things here. Marwin asks tops what will he do then when he misses Tops’s cooking. Tops thinks about it for a little while before suggesting that he can teach Marwin how to cook. Marwin says that Tops is speaking nonsense because he knows how bad Marwin is at cooking.

Tops reminds Marwin that he once made porridge with salmon before. Marwin then says that he doesn’t want to but Tops is determined to teach him now. Marwin gets to the kitchen and then tries to cook but Tops stops him because he has to wash his hands first. Marwin says that if Tops was cooking by himself, he would be done by now. (But then we wouldn’t get skinship so be quiet!).

Tops reminds Marwin that he’s seen done it done plenty of time on Food Design -the YouTube channel that Marwin had set up for Tops. Marwin asks if he can just be the cameraman as he doesn’t want to cook. Tops reminds him that he was the one complaining about what he would do if he missed Tops’s cooking. The first step is to cut the bell peppers.

Of course Tops has to help Marwin with cutting the bell peppers so he gets behind Marwin and guides his hands. Marwin looks at him, before Tops scolds him to look at the cutting board.

When Marwin has the peppers chopped he’s pretty proud of himself and brags that he’s good at cooking. The two then have a lot of fun cooking together. The end product is this little Christmas tree served with crackers.

The two then sit down to try the food. Tops teases Marwin by dipping a cracker into the tree first and pretending that he would eat it before feeding it to Marwin. Marwin then feeds Tops (such a cute couple moment).

Marwin says that it tastes great, then he claims to be a good cook. Tops wonders if he means both of them but Marwin is claiming all the credit. Marwin says that if he has to make this dish every time he’ll think of Tops, then he will probably be eating it everyday.

Marwin then asks Tops to close his eyes for a second, Tops asks if he really has to but Marwin insists. Tops is pretty sure that Marwin is going to tease him. While Tops has eyes closed, Marwin brings out an apron, then still with Tops’s eyes shut, Marwin gets him to stand up and puts the apron on him.

Tops is told that he can open his eyes now and Tops looks at the new apron. Tops wonders if it’s because his other apron is old but Marwin says it’s because the apron is something that Tops uses all the time. Marwin tells Tops that he’s giving him the apron so that every time he cooks, Marwin will be there to embrace him. (Awww!)

Marwin also says that when Tops misses him, he can just look down at the apron. Tops says that he will wear it everyday then. Marwin asks him if he will wear it even he goes to sleep, Tops says that he will. Marwin says he wants pictures then.

Tops tells Marwin that it’s his turn to close his eyes. Marwin teasingly asks if it will be another apron. Tops says no. Tops comes back and tells Marwin that he can open his eyes. Marwin looks down to see Tupperware and he wonders why Tops would buy one when they have plenty already. Tops says that it’s the same one that Marwin brought over the salmon and porridge that he had made back when Tops was in the hospital.

Tops tells Marwin that it represents Marwin’s love and care for him. Tops says that he knew about it all along and thanks Marwin. They both say Merry Christmas then Marwin suggests that they finish eating.

They both sit down, then Marwin says that it’s Christmas so they can’t just dress casually. He reaches over and puts reindeer antlers on Tops’s head. Tops says that if there is reindeer then there must be a Santa Claus and he puts a Santa hat on Marwin.

They then top of the Christmas night with some noise makers and saying Happy Christmas.

That’s the end of Episode 20! Only one episode left..