Ingredients: Episode 19 Out of Control

Poor Dome is complaining that Marwin is such a burden when he’s drunk as he’s helping him get home safely. Unfortunately he wasn’t paying enough attention and manages to let Marwin bang his head on the open gate, he apologizes but that looked pretty painful, definitely a loud ow from the very drunk Marwin. Dome gets him inside the house and calls out for Tops to come help him.

Tops comes running into the room after turning on the lights asking Dome why Marwin is so drunk. Dome says that it was Marwin’s idea to go get drinks and that the rest is history. Tops and Dome manage to get Marwin on the couch though while Tops is still wondering why he’s that drunk. Dome says that Marwin told him that he passed the audition, though Dome doesn’t think that Marwin is very happy about it.

Tops is very protective of his boy so he sits down on the couch beside him before Dome gets a chance to. Marwin seems to be coming around a little so Tops asks if he’s feeling better, that’s when he notices the cut on Marwin’s forehead. He asks Dome what happened and Dome explains that Marwin hit his head on the gate before they came in.

Dome goes to sit in the one of the chairs since it’s clear he’s not getting a spot on the couch. Tops asks Marwin why he’s so reckless but don’t expect Marwin to make sense anytime soon. Dome asks what Tops was doing, and he replies that he wasn’t doing much, just reading a book. He then asks Dome to look after Marwin for a minute, while he goes to get a wet towel. Dome tries to flirt with Tops asking if he needs help, but Tops says he’s fine. (Tops is basically with Marwin so stop trying Dome)

Dome does ask if Marwin’s okay but Marwin isn’t in any condition to answer. Dome also has to put him back properly on the couch as Marwin sprawled out with one leg hanging off of it after Tops left.

Tops comes back taking his rightful place by Marwin’s side, so Dome has to go sit back in the chair. Dome seems to realize he’s a third wheel though as he asks Tops if he’s bothering him. Tops says he can do it. Dome then offers to let Tops go and rest while he takes care of Marwin but Tops isn’t going to let his crush be handled by another person and says that he’s fine, so Dome can go take a rest.

Tops starts to wipe Marwin down, that includes taking the wet towel to wipe down Marwin’s chest.. Dome asks if he can get a towel too. Tops just tosses him one, so Dome’s attempt at flirting was an epic fail. Dome isn’t one to give up though asking if Tops can soak the towel for him. Tops asks Dome to look after Marwin so he can go get the first aid kit. (Dome, quit trying to miss with the TopsMarwin ship.)

Dome goest to put a pillow under Marwin but Tops comes back telling him not to use the high pillow as Marwin doesn’t like it. Tops came back with a more appropriate pillow as well as the first aid kit. He adjusts Marwin and the pillow on the couch and sits back down.

Dome goes back to sitting in his chair. He tells Tops that he knows how to dress a wound, would Tops like him to do it? Tops tells him that it’s okay he will do it. (He’s not going let you touch his crush).

Dome does seem a little crushed though, so he asks if Tops needs anything else but Tops isn’t even paying much attention as he’s absorbed with taking care of Marwin. Dome sadly says that the will go home then. Tops stops him before he leaves and Dome gets all hopeful but it’s only to ask if Marwin has eaten yet. Now Dome really is crushed but he says that Marwin did eat, but threw up after.

Dome slips out after that because Marwin has gotten Tops’s attention again. Tops is trying to figure out what Marwin is mumbling but it’s probably just drunken nonsense anyway.

A little while after that Marwin wakes up and grabs Tops’s hand. Tops asks him if he’s sober now and if it was just about passing the audition. Marwin sits up saying that it was, then Tops tells him not to be sorry as he knew Marwin would pass the audition so he could chase his dreams.

Marwin says it’s weird because it doesn’t feel that way. Tops says that Marwin is probably just anxious. Travelling to a new place, meeting new people, it’s normal to be scared.

Marwin says that’s just part of it. He tells Tops that he thinks it’s really because he doesn’t want to be away from Tops. Marwin asks Tops if he remembers when he had a fight with his mother and brother. Tops told him back then that success wouldn’t mean anything without having someone by your side. Tops tells Marwin that it’s not like he still won’t be by his side. In fact he tells Marwin not to fret because he will always be by his side (fan girl screams).

Tops tells Marwin that he’s really happy for him and if Marwin has a concert then he will be there for it. When Marwin asks if Tops means it, Tops teases him by saying that Marwin will have to pay for the plane ticket and provide a free pass to the concert. Marwin says that if Tops came, he could live rent free but he would have to cook his favourite meal for him.

Tops tells Marwin that drunk talk doesn’t make much sense. Marwin says that he must prepare himself well for missing Tops. Tops says that if Marwin misses him, he could always cook some food and send it to him with love. Marwin asks if Tops is sure, and Tops is. Marwin then asks Tops for a favour, could he cook something for his hangover as he wants it now. Tops says that he thought Marwin was going to ask for something else. (I know Tops, he got all our hopes up!)

Marwin says in that case can he get a hug? Tops is more than eager to hug Marwin (okay not smooches but it is very emotional so I’ll take it!) Tops says that Marwin doesn’t even have to ask for a hug, he never did before.

After the hug there’s some longing looks and then SMOOCHES!! (fans are hearing a choir sing hallelujah, because finally!)

After the kiss, Tops teases Marwin that he is sober now so Tops doesn’t have to cook for him. Marwin tells him that he’s still a bit tipsy (from the kiss or the alcohol?) Tops agrees to cook for him and leaves the couch with Marwin begging Tops to take him along. However Marwin has to get up on his own.

Tops is in the kitchen cooking with Marwin staring at him.

Tops asks him why he’s staring at him as he’s almost done cooking. Marwin asks if he can’t just look at him as he wants to look at him forever (sweet talker).

Marwin wonders what he will do when he misses Tops’s cooking. Tops leans in and tells him to wait until then and they’ll see.. Marwin asks what will they see but Tops doesn’t respond. Marwin tells Tops to look at him. He says that if you’re cooking for someone, you should at least look at him. Tops says that he might cut himself if he did that.

Marwin replies with no but he wants to know what Tops would say if Marwin missed him. Marwin stands up and leans really close asking again what Tops would say. They are really close and Tops says “why do mussels look so orange?” They both break apart to laugh and there went the emotional tension like a balloon that had just been popped. Marwin sits down saying that he’ll stop teasing Tops and let him cook.

After the food is cooked and served to Marwin, Marwin stares at Tops. Tops tells him to quit staring and eat his food. Marwin tells him that he thought Tops would feed him. Tops brings over a glass of water in case the food is too spicy and reminds Marwin to drink it. Tops stares at Marwin with a little smile on his face while Marwin eats. When Marwin is done, Tops asks if the food was good. Marwin of course loves the food and wonder how could he not miss Tops?

Tops goes to clean up the dishes and tells Marwin to go have a shower. Marwin grabs Tops’s arm and asks if Tops wants to join him in the shower. (Boy, that escalated quickly) Tops says that he has to clean the dishes. Marwin goes up to have a shower but not before telling Tops that once he’s finished cleaning the dishes, he can come and join him in the shower. A moment later we hear Marwin yell from upstairs “what happened to my face?”

That’s the end of Episode 19!