Ingredients: Episode 17 Audition

Tops knocks on Marwin’s bedroom door, asking if he’s asleep. Tops then knocks again before saying that he’s coming into the room. Tops goes into the room and can’t believe what a mess it is.

Tops moves to the other side of the bed to look at some of the sheet music when Marwin comes out of the shower wondering why Tops is in his room. Tops says that he remembers Marwin has an audition tomorrow so he came to check and see if he was ready. Tops asks if he has gotten any sleep, Marwin doesn’t answer. Tops says that judging by what he sees here, Marwin really should get some rest.

Marwin doesn’t think so though because his heart is skipping a beat since it’s the global audition tomorrow. Tops tells him that he understands and he knows that Marwin is working hard on it. He asks him if there is anything that he can do to help him. Marwin says that there is as he’s planning to play a certain song, however when he gets closer to Tops, Tops tells him that he should put one some clothes first before they talk.

A little later and Tops has cleaned up the bed so only the guitar is on it. Marwin jumps on the bed to grab his guitar and Tops sits down next to him. Marwin asks Tops if he remembers the song that he helped Marwin to write. Tops thinks for a few moments before asking what song. Marwin says the song back when Tops made the Sweet Yellow Marian Plum, of course that jogs Tops’s memory!

Marwin says that he’s finished writing it. This is the same song as the previous episode titled Moment. After he finishes playing, Tops gives him a round of applause, he says that he likes the song. Tops then goes on to say it’s a pity that he can’t be there to cheer Marwin on as he has to help his father take care of his little brother.

Marwin tells him not to worry about it as they might not let him in, they might only let in those that are auditioning. Marwin then asks if the song he just played was okay. Tops leans in close to say that it was fantastic, he says it a bit annoyingly which is why Marwin messes up his hair. Marwin asks if he’s joking then messes up Tops’s hair some more while Tops keeps saying that it’s good.

After they are done playing around, Marwin thanks Tops, he then goes on to say that if he gets the scholarship then.. but Tops finishes for him saying that everything will be okay. Marwin says that it must be, Tops confirms it.

The next day Marwin is playing his guitar before his audition. He meets someone he knows there, the person asks if he’s nervous. Marwin says that he’s not sure but his hands are stiff. The friend says that just proves that Marwin is stressed out, he asks Marwin if it’s truly that nerve wracking. Marwin says it’s because he’s never done it before and everything starts from there.

The friend doesn’t believe that everything starts from there. He asks Marwin what would happen if he didn’t get the audition, would he still play music? The friend says that it starts from his reason for playing and his guitar.

The person says that what the judges really want to see is that Marwin is happy with what he’s doing and that he’s giving it his all. The person then says that Marwin must be good since he’s gotten there already so he just has to get out there and do his best. His friend quickly cheers him on before leaving.

Another person comes up to Marwin saying that he got there pretty early. He tells her it’s because he had to get himself ready. She asks Marwin if they have to compete against each other. Marwin says that it’s not that. She tells him she doesn’t think she can do it, and Marwin confides that he doesn’t think he can either. She asks if Marwin is well prepared and he says that he thinks so. She then leaves to go get herself ready for her audition.

We see her perform in front of the four judges. Then the camera takes us to the waiting room where Marwin is told he can go audition now. Marwin goes in and introduces himself to the judges. He then sings an English song. Afterwards the judges ask if he has an original song to play for them, he says that he does but that they are all Thai songs. The judges say that it’s okay since music is an international language. So Marwin performs Moment for them.

After he finishes the song, the judges ask him what he would do if he passed the audition. Marwin tells them that it’s his one and only dream so he wouldn’t let the opportunity go. The judges then say that his voice is good but doesn’t stand out, so they make a few suggestions and then Marwin plays Goodbye Not Goodbye for them. The judges say that he did great and that they will call him if he passes the audition. Marwin thanks them for their time before leaving.

Later that night Marwin returns home. Tops calls out to him from the kitchen asking if he’s back. Marwin says that he is but that he is still very tired as he used up all his energy. Tops says that it’s good that he called ahead then as Tops has just finished cooking for him. Marwin comes into the kitchen wondering what Tops has prepared as he’s very hungry and will eat anything. Tops tells him that he made scrambled egg and grilled pork neck with rice.

Marwin remembers that it’s the same food that Tops made for his YouTube channel Food Design. Tops admits that it’s true, so Marwin is eager to have some.

Tops tells Marwin to go sit down and he will serve it to him at the table. Marwin says there’s no need he’ll just eat it there so he grabs a chair and does just that. Tops is eager to know how the audition went, if Marwin passes this round then will he have to do another round? Marwin wonders who went to the audition since Tops seems to care about the result more than he does.

Tops says that he’s just eager to know, Marwin asks if he can at least have a bite of the food first. Tops tells him to go ahead. Tops says that they should release the result today that way he would know right away if Marwin had to leave. Marwin wonders if Tops just wants to know the results or if Marwin is leaving. Tops quickly apologizes. Marwin says that he asked more questions then the judges did.

Marwin also tells Tops that he did the best he ever could. Marwin wonders if he will finally get to do what he’s been dreaming of. Tops assures him that if he did his best then it’s going to come out well. Marwin also tells Tops how he ran into a senior friend of his that helped him well he was down. He says that when he was there his hands were shaking so much that he couldn’t even play the easy chord he always does for Tops.

Marwin goes on about how stressed he was until he realized that he was the one that didn’t believe in himself. So he did the best he could and he thinks the judges might like it. Marwin finishes the food and asks Tops to do the dishes for him as he’s going to bed. Marwin never noticed how sad Tops looked during the last bit of conversation though. (Whether it was because he wasn’t there when Marwin needed him or because Marwin might be leaving I’m not sure. Maybe a bit of both)

After Marwin heads to bed, Tops starts to clean up. When he goes to wash Marwin’s dish though he just stares at it sadly for a little bit first.

That’s the end of Episode 17!