Ingredients: Episode 15 Vacation

Marwin is practicing on his guitar in bed when Tops jumps into the bed to tell him that he has booked the hotel and planned their trip. He asks Marwin if he wants to see it but Marwin tells Tops that he doesn’t have to put so much effort into doing it. Marwin says that the others that want to go haven’t done anything.

Tops says it’s okay as he is very excited. Tops says that since COVID 19 they haven’t gone on a trip together. Tops tells Marwin that he’s really missed the beach, Marwin agrees that he misses it too. Tops looks at the wallpaper in Marwin’s room and laughs a little. He tells Marwin that whenever he comes into his room, he can’t stop smiling. Marwin wonders what Tops is smiling at.

Tops points to the wallpaper of flowers and says that he’s smiling at Marwin with flowery wallpaper. Marwin says he didn’t have a choice as he came last, so he has no choice. He says that it’s very blooming. Marwin also comments that the wallpaper seems to suit Tops more than him. Tops wonders if Marwin really thinks so.

Marwin says that when guests come, he doesn’t know how to explain the wallpaper. Tops tells Marwin that he doesn’t have to explain anything as he thinks the wallpaper suits him too. Marwin wants to know how Tops thinks that. Tops says the design and colour seem to suit Marwin.

Marwin asks for more information while Tops tells him about the all the colours and details..Marwin grabs his pillow and hits Tops with it. A very brief pillow fight starts but Tops surrenders when Marwin is on top of him.

Tops apologizes for saying the wallpaper suits Marwin, saying that it does suit him better. Marwin asks Tops if he really surrenders to which Tops says that he does. Marwin tells him that’s good because if he truly surrenders then he has to take the room. Tops tells Marwin that if he really hates the room so much then when he doesn’t have night practice, he can sleep in Tops’ room.

When Tops starts to get up from the bed he notices that Marwin is stashing snacks on the bedside table. Tops asks him why he’s eating snacks in bed. Marwin says it’s because he can’t find anything else to eat when plays music at night in bed. He says that it’s easy and makes him feel not hungry anymore. Tops says that there are crumbs all over his bed though.

Tops gets out of the bed and wishes Marwin to have a good night with his flower field wall paper. However Marwin is following him, when Tops asks him about it, Marwin points out that Tops said if he wasn’t late night practicing he could sleep in Tops’s room.

The next day Tops starts to cook. In the middle of cooking Marwin enters the kitchen wondering what Tops is making. Tops says that he’s making Potato Cheese Puffs. Marwin offers to help then asks if it will be eaten in the car. Tops confirms that he will, and Marwin wonders if it wouldn’t be better just to buy it. Tops wonders why, so Marwin tells him that someone once dropped food in the car, and they all had to get out to release the smell.

Tops wonders how someone could drop food in the car. Marwin says that there are bumps in the road and it can happen (was it you?). Marwin asks how he can help, so Tops gets him to put a few things away and grab something from the fridge for him. Marwin wonders how long it will take Tops to cook. Tops says that it won’t be long as he’s going to use the fryer.

Marwin wants to know if there is anything else he can do to help, so Tops asks if he’s finished packing his bag yet. Marwin says that he is, so Tops asks if he can bring down his bag as well then.

One of their friends comes over ready to head to the beach and wonders where everyone else is. Marwin tells him that the others decided it was too early and that they don’t want to wake up yet, so they are going to have to pick them up. The friend can’t believe the others felt it was too early. The friend then asks who the cook is so Marwin quickly introduces Tops. The friend introduces himself as Dome then holds out his hand for a handshake. Tops apologizes but he’s currently cooking (so no handshake).

Dome also wonders how it can be early when they are going to go on vacation and they have to travel there as well. Dome asks what they are up to, so they tell him that they are making food so that they don’t have to stop somewhere to eat. Dome asks where they plan on eating the food, so Marwin says they will eat it in the car. Dome reminds Marwin of what happened the last time someone ate in the car.

Dome goes to sit down while Tops asks Marwin to cut stuff for him. However Tops looks over to see that Marwin is not doing it right so he asks if Marwin even knows how to cut it. The two get really close while Tops says he will show Marwin how to cut it.

After the awkward tense closeness, Marwin tells Tops that he can cut it then. Marwin notices that Dome is being impatient and tapping on his watch so he tells him to sit still and quit watching. Marwin tells Dome that if he’s in such a hurry then he can go first. They put the potato cheese puffs in a styrofoam container before going to the car to load up.

Tops and Marwin get in the back while Dome sits in the driver’s seat. Dome teases Marwin by asking where Mr. Passenger would like to go, then says that Marwin can sit up front. Marwin says that he’s leaving space for their friend Nut. Dome says that he could sit up front until then though.

Dome wonder who they will pick up first, Marwin says that they should pick up Nut first. Tops pulls out the puffs and Dome asks if they stink. Marwin says that they don’t, Tops goes one step further offering Dome one to eat to prove that it doesn’t smell.

Tops asks him if it tastes good. Which of course Dome says it does, then Tops offers him another one while asking if it stinks. Dome says that it doesn’t smell. Marwin is getting a bit jealous in the back seat. Marwin steals a puff before Tops can offer it to him which prompts Tops to ask if he’s hungry.

They arrive at the beach where the group has a lot of fun splashing around. Marwin even brings his guitar to the beach and plays a bit for everyone.

That’s the end of the episode! Seriously this show is a lot of fun to watch and very cute.