Psych Hunter: Episode 36

This episode starts off in November 11, 2043. Jiang Shuo enters a futuristic looking office where a woman greets him asking if he’s the volunteer for today’s experiment. He introduces himself as Jiang Shuo to the woman.

Roll those opening credits!

The woman turns out to be Mu Qing (well the real version of her anyways.) and she shows Jiang Shuo into Dr. Qin’s office (Yi Heng appears to be real too). She tells Jiang Shuo to take a seat, then Dr. Qin asks what’s bothering him. Jiang Shuo says that he’s a real estate agent that specializes in Su sale property. Jiang Shuo says that lately strange things have been happening.

Jiang Shuo says that since he sold a particular house, he’s been getting nightmares. Jiang Shuo says that one day, someone started to harass him. The person sent text messages and even knocked on his door. The person says that their name is Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that he filed a police report. The police said that Liu Zhi doesn’t exist and that he should seek medical help.

Jiang Shuo asks Dr. Qin to believe him, even though he hasn’t seen Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo says that he’s really out of options now. Jiang Shuo says that this is his last shot. Dr. Qin asks Jiang Shou to explain to him how Liu Zhi harasses him. Jiang Shuo hands over his phone and says it’s this photo, he asks if Dr. Qin can see it. However the messages in the phone itself are empty.

Jiang Shuo says if Dr. Qin scrolls down, he will see all the messages that Liu Zhi sent him. However when Dr. Qin scrolls.. the phone is still empty of messages. The assistant writes it all down while Dr. Qin shows the blank messages to Jiang Shuo and asks if those are the messages he’s referring to. Jiang Shuo doesn’t see the empty folder though and thinks that there are messages from Liu Zhi there and tells Dr. Qin what he sees.

Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi wants to hurt him. Dr. Qin gives him his cell phone back then tells Jiang Shuo that he thinks they should start with a simple treatment first. That’s when the Mu Qing look a like takes the photo of them together.

Dr. Qin explains that they will be using a machine to aid in his treatment it will allow Dr. Qin to enter Jiang Shuo’s subconscious. (So basically it does the same thing in reality that Jiang Shuo’s copper coins do in the rest of the drama.) Dr. Qin says that he will view Jiang Shuo’s subliminal world and then devise a treatment plan.

Dr. Qin tells Jiang Shuo to look at the two photos on the wall as they will be set as his anchors. If he gets lost in his subliminal world, when he sees these photos, it will remind him that he’s in his subliminal world. Dr. Qin tells him that if his anchor is destroyed, he may never wake up. This means that his body may remain comatose in the real world, or another personality could take over his body.

Dr. Qin tells him not to worry if it doesn’t make sense as he will explain further when they are in the subliminal world. Jiang Shuo tells him to wait a moment. Dr. Qin asks if there is a problem. Jiang Shuo asks what happens should he die in the subliminal world? Dr. Qin says that since he’s the principal consciousness, if he dies, the subliminal world will collapse too.

Dr. Qin tells him not to worry though, as he will be there to ensure Jiang Shuo’s safety. Jiang Shuo then asks what would happen if Dr. Qin died in his subconscious. Dr. Qin assures him that he won’t die. Dr. Qin says that the machine only lets him enter the surface level of Jiang Shuo’s subconscious, if he appears dead, it merely means that he’s enter a deeper level of Jiang Shuo’s subconscious.

Dr. Qin says that theoretically Jiang Shuo would just have to find Dr. Qin and wake him up. Dr. Qin tells him that he doesn’t have to worry because it’s never happened in any of their other experiments (right… what could possibly go wrong?) The two of them enter the Psych.

Jiang Shuo is in the Psych and it’s interesting because he’s wearing what Yi Heng would normally wear and vice versa. The Psych is Changshanzhou as we know it, frozen in place at the moment. Jiang Shuo begins exploring.

He then comes back to ask Dr. Qin what is happening. In a continuation of the role reversal, Dr. Qin explains that he’s surprised that Jiang Shuo’s subconscious mind manifested so well the Republic times from centuries ago. It’s the first time that Dr. Qin has seen this happen.

Jiang Shuo is surprised that all this is in his subconscious. Jiang Shuo wonders where they should start. Dr. Qin says that he can’t kill the other personality but he can lock it up. However first he’ll give Jiang Shuo a code to protect his anchor. If the other personality destroys it, Jiang Shuo will be brain dead. Jiang Shuo is shocked to learn that his anchor could be destroyed and that they both could be brain dead from it.

Jiang Shuo tells Dr. Qin that he doesn’t want treatment anymore and that they should leave immediately. Dr. Qin says that Jiang Shuo doesn’t know him well yet, but he never gives up. Since they have started the experiment, they will succeed unless there’s an emergency. Dr. Qin promises to keep him safe.

Jiang Shuo tells Dr. Qin that he’ll trust him. Dr. Qin tells him that he has to recall where he lives in this world on his own though as that’s something that he can’t do. Later that night, Jiang Shuo is trying but failing to stay awake when someone knocks on his door. Jiang Shuo runs to to the door to find a letter there.

The letter is of course from Liu Zhi. It says that Jiang Shuo went and got a doctor to defeat him, but the doctor can’t even save himself. Jiang Shuo runs to Dr. Qin’s room to find him on the floor with a wound in his abdomen. Dr. Qin admits that he was too hasty and that Jiang Shuo’s second personality is a lot stronger than he thought. Dr. Qin then sends Jiang Shuo out of the Psych.

Jiang Shuo wakes up back in reality where Mu Qing is panicking and wondering what happened since he’s awake and Dr. Qin isn’t. Jiang Shuo tells her that Dr. Qin tried to save him and wound up getting killed in his subconscious. Jiang Shuo asks if Dr. Qin is okay. Mu Qing tells him that if Dr. Qin died in his subconscious, he might never wake up in reality.

Jiang Shuo remembers that Dr. Qin had told him that if he appeared dead, it only meant that he went to a deeper level of his subconscious. Dr. Qin said that theoretically all Jiang Shuo would have to do is come and find him to wake him up. Jiang Shuo is prepared to go deeper but Mu Qing says that it’s not that simple. She says that he would be going to his second level of subconscious and no one in their experiments has gone that far. She says that if he goes down that deep, he won’t remember himself, so how will he save Dr. Qin?

Jiang Shuo says that no matter how the high risk, it’s his fault that Dr. Qin didn’t wake up so he has to do it. Mu Qing says that Dr. Qin knows the risks too and he wouldn’t want Jiang Shuo to do it either. Jiang Shuo says that he’s made up his mind and he will save Dr. Qin.

Mu Qing is left with no choice but to respect his decision and through him back into the Psych. That’s how Bu Yan ended up finding Jiang Shuo in the big empty grave back at the beginning of the series.

Now that we’re all caught up on what happened in both reality and the past of subliminal world. We go back to the Liu Zhi in the mirror asking if Jiang Shuo remembers now. Jiang Shuo now knows the truth and he turns to Yi Heng and tells him that he remembers that he is Dr. Qin. Jiang Shuo apologizes to Dr. Qin for all the troubles he’s dragged him into, and that he shouldn’t have dragged Qin’er into his troubles either.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that all of the people that they know aren’t real. Liu Zhi corrects him saying that everything in his subconscious is real. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that Mu Qing loves him with all her heart. We then get flashbacks to all of their kisses (ouch that hurts my heart). Another flashback of Jiang Shuo with Bu Yan and the gang celebrating his birthday while Liu Zhi taunts him by saying that Bu Yan cares for him too.

Liu Zhi says that they are all real, they are his family and they are waiting for Jiang Shuo to save them. Poor Jiang Shuo can’t stop his tears as he says that Liu Zhi is right. The picture comes through the mirror. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi is right and that they are all real people, they have made so many great memories together. Liu Zhi hands over the anchor and tells Jiang Shuo that if he destroys it, then the bomb will automatically be disabled.

Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo destroys it then everyone will be saved. However Jiang Shuo remembers what Dr. Qin said in reality about how the pictures are his anchors. When he sees them, he will remember that he’s in the subliminal world, once they are destroyed though he will either remain comatose or another personality will gain control of his body.

That’s when Yi Heng throws something at the mirror that makes Liu Zhi disappear. Dr. Qin says that he remembers everything now and he tells Jiang Shuo not to be misled by Liu Zhi as he’s just trying to get him to destroy his anchor. Liu Zhi’s voice comes out of nowhere telling Jiang Shuo to think carefully, will he destroy his anchor or let his friends all die.

A door opens up on the other side of the mirror. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that they have to stop Liu Zhi. Seeing his resolve, Yi Heng agrees and they both go through the door. They find the prison where Liu Zhi kept Jiang Shuo in his Psych. Yi Heng says that it was Liu Zhi’s intention all along to lock Jiang Shuo up there. He says that it’s too bad he had lost his memory but he sees it now.

Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi kept trying to make him confess his sins and that if he had confessed back then, he would have been him accepting the fact that he would be locked in there forever and never wake up again. Yi Heng says that he didn’t accept it though, so Liu Zhi had to come with another plan to make Jiang Shuo destroy his anchor.

Jiang Shuo says that getting him solve the Rubix Cube was a set up. Yi Heng says that in a way, he designed the Rubix Cube so that it would be something only Jiang Shuo could solve. Jiang Shuo reminds Dr. Qin that he told him that he could only repress personalities not kill them. Dr. Qin admits that it’s true. Jiang Shuo tells him that he wants to lock Liu Zhi in the prison that he created.

Jiang Shuo asks Dr. Qin for his help, one last time. Dr. Qin tells him that it’s no problem since it’s his duty as a doctor. They break down the cage door and go through the prison when Mu Qing calls out to them. Jiang Shuo is surprised to find her and the others inside a cell. He asks them about it. Mu Qing says that they don’t know how they got there as they were beaten and woke up in the cell.

They say that they saw someone that looked like Jiang Shuo while heading out, then they suddenly fainted. When they woke up they found Master Bu Yan already there. Xiao Quan asks Jiang Shuo if he is there to rescue them. Jiang Shuo tries the cell door but it won’t budge. Bu Yan tells Jiang Shuo that Liu Zhi brought them there to use against him and warns him to be careful.

Liu Zhi’s voice comes over the P.A. System asking if Jiang Shuo has thought it over and if he really wants his friends to die. Jiang Shuo begs Liu Zhi to let them go as they are innocent. Liu Zhi says that he will let them go if Jiang Shuo will destroy the anchor. Jiang Shuo asks Liu Zhi if he means it, Liu Zhi of course says that he does but Yi Heng just shakes his head. Liu Zhi says that their lives mean nothing to him.

Yi Heng takes the anchor away from Jiang Shuo and asks to him to come speak with him privately. He asks if Jiang Shuo understands that the others are imagination in his subconscious. He tells Mr. Jiang that they are not real. Jiang Shuo says that’s not true, they are real, real people. They are his friends and family.

Jiang Shuo says that he knows Dr. Qin is reminding him that everything is his imagination inside his mind. He tells Dr. Qin that he’s out of options though. Dr. Qin reminds him that if the anchor is destroyed then Jiang Shuo might never wake up. Jiang Shuo grabs the anchor and says that he won’t regret it. Liu Zhi is watching from a security camera.

Qin Yi bursts into the security room still holding the gun. He tells Liu Zhi that he promised him the Yin treasure. Liu Zhi gets up from his char and faces Qin Yi. Qin Yi wonders how Liu Zhi could be Jiang Shuo. Liu Zhi says it’s because Liu Zhi is Jiang Shuo and Jiang Shuo is Liu Zhi. Qin Yi tells him to stop playing tricks. Qin Yi demands to know where the Yin River treasures are.

Liu Zhi wonders what Qin Yi will do if he doesn’t tell him. Qin Yi fires the gun and a gunshot wound appears on Liu Zhi’s chest. That’s when Jiang Shuo in the hallway acts like he got hit by something and lets go of the anchor (Yi Heng still has a hold on it though). Liu Zhi’s voice comes over the P.A. System telling Qin Yi that killing him will kill Jiang Shuo. Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo dies then everything will disappear.

Yi Heng says that it’s his father and that they must be somewhere nearby, so he’ll go and find them. Qin Yi says that it’s impossible because he saw them on the island and Jiang Shuo was Liu Zhi’s disciple so how could they be the same person. Liu Zhi wonders why Qin Yi doesn’t understand that he’s only one part of Jiang Shuo’s consciousness. Liu Zhi tells him that in the real world he doesn’t exist at all.

Qin Yi tells Liu Zhi to stop spouting nonsense and tell him where the treasures of the Yin River are. Yi Heng runs into the room to tell his father that Liu Zhi is right.

Jiang Shuo comes in right behind Yi Heng and Qin Yi aims the gun at him. Dr. Qin moves in front to protect Jiang Shuo from Qin Yi who is confused at seeing both Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi in the same room. Qin Yi says that he doesn’t care which one is which, if he doesn’t get the Yin River treasure they can both die.

Dr. Qin tells Qin Yi that he might not understand what he’s about to say but that Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi are two personalities of his patient, he also tells Qin Yi that he’s not his son but in reality he’s a psychiatrist. Dr. Qin tells Qin Yi that he isn’t real and the treasures aren’t real either. That’s when Liu Zhi gets bored and sets off one of the bombs.

In the aftermath of the first explosion Sergeant Bai tells Captain Yang to listen to him for a change and lower the life boats. Captain Yang is mad because they still haven’t found Mu Qing but he caves and lowers the life boats.

Back in the security room, Liu Zhi now has possession of the gun and says that if Jiang Shuo doesn’t destroy the anchor then the next explosion will happen in the prison. Liu Zhi says that then there will be nothing that Jiang Shuo can do, even if he regrets. Liu Zhi says that it’s time for Jiang Shuo to make a decision. Jiang Shuo asks Dr. Qin for the anchor.

Dr. Qin says that he hopes Mr. Jiang can be rational. Dr. Qin says that if Jiang Shuo destroys the anchor on his own initiative, it will mean that he gives up on himself and Dr. Qin won’t be able to help him then. Liu Zhi is bored so he says that he will get the anchor for Jiang Shuo, he then shoots at Yi Heng. However Qin Yi protects his son, getting fatally shot in the process.

For someone that keeps saying it isn’t real, Dr. Qin has a lot of feeling for his “father”. Qin Yi tells Dr. Qin that his blood is red and so he’s real. He tells his son that everything he did, he did it for the Qin family. Qin Yi says that he did it all for Qin Yi Heng and his brother Qin Yi Chi. He tells him that his only regret is dragging him into this and causing Yi Chi’s death.

Qin Yi tells his son to remember that Liu Zhi is a master at reading minds and that Yi Heng shouldn’t believe anything that he says. Even as he’s dying Qin Yi says that Yi Heng isn’t a psychiatrist but a member of the Qin family and his son. Liu Zhi is just sitting back enjoying the show.

Liu Zhi cocks the gun and is about to fire at Yi Heng when Jiang Shuo grabs a dagger and puts it against his own throat telling Liu Zhi to let Dr. Qin go or they will both go down together. Jiang Shuo says that he only has one request that Liu Zhi let Dr. Qin and everyone else on the boat go. Jiang Shuo says that he will stay with him.

Back in the prison cell Xiao Quan asks Mu Qing if she thinks that they will be able to leave the ship alive. Mu Qing says not to worry as she’s sure that Jiang Shuo will save them. Bu Yan agrees that Jiang Shuo can overcome anything, so they just have to wait for him.

Liu Zhi lowers the gun and tells Jiang Shuo that he’s said it before, their lives mean nothing to him, if Jiang Shuo is willing to stay there, he will let the others go. Liu Zhi says that the prison key in on a table in the archive room. Jiang Shuo orders Yi Heng to get the prison key and rescue the others.

Yi Heng agrees to leave the room but he promises Jiang Shuo that he will come back. Jiang Shuo heads to the archive room and finds the book on the table. After flipping through a few pages, he finds the key just as Liu Zhi said.

Back in the security room, Jiang Shuo says that he wants to ask Liu Zhi question. Liu Zhi tells him not to worry, if he stays in the prison then everyone will be fine. Jiang Shuo actually asks Liu Zhi why he wants to take over the body so badly. Liu Zhi says it’s because human nature is evil. He says that Jiang Shuo pretends to be good though. Liu Zhi says that the body doesn’t just belong Jiang Shuo, it belongs to him as well.

Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo doesn’t deserve the body. Jiang Shuo realizes that Liu Zhi did all of this, just to dominate the body. Liu Zhi scoffs and says yes. He then tells Jiang Shuo that once he has the body, he will go forth and propagate goodness and eliminate the waste of the world. Jiang Shuo wonders who Liu Zhi thinks he is that he can judge the good from the evil.

Jiang Shuo tells Liu Zhi that the world isn’t made of absolutes. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo that he’s afraid to judge because he’s too weak. Meanwhile Yi Heng is freeing the others from the prison cell and tells them to find Sergeant Bai and Captain Yang so that they can get on a life boat. Mu Qing refuses to leave without Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng tells her that they have caught Liu Zhi and Jiang Shuo is watching him.

Mu Qing still refuses to leave which is when Dr. Qin calls her Nurse Yuan in annoyance before remembering that it’s Ms. Yuan in this world. Yi Heng tells her that if she doesn’t go, then Captain Yang won’t let the others onto the deck as he doesn’t know them. Mu Qing knows how important the others are to Jiang Shuo so she agrees to leave with them. She tells Yi Heng to remind Jiang Shuo that he owes her a date and to come back safely.

Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi watch from the monitors. Liu Zhi says that since the others have left, it’s time for Jiang Shuo to destroy the anchor. Liu Zhi says that if Jiang Shuo doesn’t then he will detonate the other bombs.

Jiang Shuo tells him that he said what he means, then he takes the dagger and stabs the anchor breaking it into pieces. This sends Jiang Shuo and Liu Zhi back into the Rubix Cube space where chains capture Jiang Shuo.

Liu Zhi throws away the remote for the bombs. He tells Jiang Shuo that he is the “real” Jiang Shuo now. He also tells him that if he had signed the confession back then, all those innocent people wouldn’t have died. Liu Zhi says that he wouldn’t have had to create so many games just to get Jiang Shuo to destroy the anchor.

Liu Zhi says that they all died because of him. We get flashbacks to all the murders since then including Xiao Hei’s murder. Jiang Shuo cries as he tells Liu Zhi that they have both sinned, and that he at least confesses his. Jiang Shuo says that the anchor is destroyed and he can’t get out now, so he asks Liu Zhi to stop now.

Liu Zhi smirks and says that he will never stop in the face of evil. Liu Zhi says that he will become a scavenger. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo to stay here quietly and that he will visit when he’s free. Liu Zhi goes to leave and that’s when Jiang Shuo pulls out a long knife that he had hidden and stabs himself with it.

Liu Zhi asks him why he did that. Jiang Shuo says that Qin’er said that personalities don’t die, but if Jiang Shuo dies here then he will become comatose and Liu Zhi won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore. Yi Heng comes back to the office, and gets surrounded by white light. When the light fades we see that he’s entered the Rubix Cube.

Yi Heng sees Jiang Shuo on the floor with the dagger sticking out of him and runs to his side. Yi Heng demands to know why Jiang Shuo would do this. Yi Heng says that he will come back for Jiang Shuo. He tells him that he will just go further into his subconscious. Yi Heng then leaves the Psych.

Jiang Shuo is wakes up in a room at the compound with no idea why he’s there. At the Yuan Mansion we see that Mu Qing is now the General.

Jiang Shuo leaves the room to find the rest of his family outside playing. Jiang Shuo seems to remember who they are though. He asks Bu Yan whose room he was in just now (Yi Heng’s) but Bu Yan says that the room has always been his, he asks if Jiang Shuo is playing dumb again.

Bu Yan tells Jiang Shuo that with the passing of Yuan Zhen, Mu Qing is now the General and that he better be on his toes after he marries her. Jiang Shuo thinks to himself why he didn’t know that he and Mu Qing were getting married.

Bu Yan even has a red wedding invitation. He tells Jiang Shuo to quit playing dumb as he’s going to be the man of the house soon. Jiang Shuo goes back to his room, and wonders how he could forget the upcoming wedding. He also wonders why the room feels like it belongs to someone he knows instead of him.

Jiang Shuo wonders why he can’t remember that other person. Jiang Shuo looks around the room and eventually pulls back the curtains to reveal the map with the spiral on it (that shows the location of Yin River). The map had all the locations of the cases he worked with Yi Heng on it as well.

Jiang Shuo starts to have flashbacks as his memory starts to return. He checks his coat pocket and sure enough, there is the ring Yi Heng asked him to keep for him until the case was over. Jiang Shuo starts to cry as all the memories come back to him.

In the middle of the city is Liu Zhi. Liu Zhi says that it may be Jiang Shuo’s prison but it’s his playground. He hopes to trap Jiang Shuo there forever.

Yi Heng wakes up back in reality and in his rush to save Jiang Shuo he actually trips over his own feet and falls. Nurse Yuan helps him up and while he’s playing with the controls, she asks him what happened to Mr. Jiang. Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo is now in the third level of consciousness and should wake up at anytime. However he doesn’t know which personality will enter reality.

Yi Heng says that it’s fifty-fifty which personality will emerge. The body of Jiang Shuo wakes up.. and we don’t know which one it is either because sadly that’s the end of the series… the jerks. I think Jiang Shuo is the one that woke up though because Liu Zhi knows Jiang Shuo will end them before letting Liu Zhi loose on the world.