Psych Hunter: Episode 35

This episode starts off with Jiang Shuo in the Psych. Jiang Shuo sees the back of Liu Zhi and slowly comes a bit closer. That’s when Liu Zhi turns around and the face looks exactly like that of Jiang Shuo. Tears stream down Jiang Shuo’s face while Liu Zhi has a creepy Smile.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we see Captain Yang and his officers escorting Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo into a cell. Jiang Shuo tells Captain Yang that he had previously advised him not to bring so many people in because he wasn’t going to run away. Captain Yang then dismisses the other guards, once the officers leave the cell he tells the duo to behave themselves and not get on General Yuan’s nerves again. Captain Yang says that if they do, then even without the order from the General, he will shoot them dead.

After Captain Yang leaves, Jiang Shuo calls Yi Heng a fool, while Yi Heng says that Jiang Shuo is crazy. Jiang Shuo asks if Yi Heng can cure him then. Jiang Shuo says that he lured them out so why didn’t Yi Heng try to get away? Yi Heng says that all of Changshanzhou is under Yuan Zhen’s influence. Yi Heng wonders if Jiang Shuo thought that he could hide forever? Yi Heng then asks what about Jiang Shuo since he got caught too.

Jiang Shuo says that he was only caught because of him. They sit down on the pillows that are provided. Jiang Shuo says that it’s actually pretty nice because no matter where they go, Jiang Shuo will keep Yi Heng company. Yi Heng sighs and says that it’s too bad that they couldn’t at least catch Liu Zhi. Jiang Shuo tells him not to mention Liu Zhi anymore since they aren’t even sure that they can escape.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng not to worry though because if they are left with no choice, Jiang Shuo won’t let anything happen to him. Yi Heng says fine but it’s getting late so he tells Jiang Shuo to get on with it already and holds out his shackled hands. Jiang Shuo just bops them with his own hands.. Yi Heng asks what he’s doing and Jiang Shuo says that he thought that’s what Yi Heng meant. (These two are so cute together!)

Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo to quit fooling around as he knows that Jiang Shuo has a plan b. Jiang Shuo teases Yi Heng a little more before he gets out his lock pick and frees them both of the shackles. Just as they are about to leave the cell, Mu Qing barges in saying that she’s here to rescuer them.

She asks them what they are waiting for, hurry up and to change into their guards clothing. It’s funny how shocked they both look that Mu Qing did all that for them.

They arrive back at the compound where Jiang Shuo yells for Bu Yan and he also yells that everyone should hide away temporarily. Only no one is there.. Mu Qing wonders if her father came and took them away. Yi Heng says there’s no sign of that though. Yi Heng doesn’t believe they are hiding either since all their clothes are still in the compound. Jiang Shuo worries that it might be Liu Zhi, which makes Yi Heng worried about the map.

Yi Heng and the gang go up to his room and after searching through his many papers on the table, he finds that the map is still there. Jiang Shuo looks at it noticing it’s the map to the underground Yin river. He’s confused since he thought that Wan Jin Rong had escaped with it. Yi Heng admits that it’s a copy that he drew from his own memory.

Yi Heng says that the numbers are the map to the underground river that Wan Jing Rong risked his life for. Yi Heng says that he tried to find a pattern with the numbers then he put the numbers over top of the map of Changshanzhou. When he did so, he learned that some of the numbers corresponded to the cases they’ve worked so far.

Yi Heng tried to figure out if the numbers corresponded to a shape as well but after multiple tries he couldn’t find a shape that worked so Yi Heng wonders if he was wrong about it. Jiang Shuo is holding the map wondering why it looks so familiar to him.. then he spaces out as his eyes go all squiggly.

Jiang Shuo finds himself in the Psych where the voice of Liu Zhi asks if he can find the solution to the puzzle. Liu Zhi says that there’s only 12 hours left, Jiang Shuo only has one day left to go. Liu Zhi says that it’s already the last game. Meanwhile the characters “the twelve earthly branches” glows. Liu Zhi says that if he can’t solve it, then he will have to admit defeat.

Jiang Shuo tells Liu Zhi that it looks that they will finally meet. Jiang Shuo says that he will solve it in the 12 hours and then Liu Zhi will be punished for sure. Jiang Shuo says that for everyone that has suffered because of Liu Zhi, he must find him. Liu Zhi tells Jiang Shuo to quit dreaming about saving everyone, as he will end up getting people killed. The numbers 0527 now glow. Jiang Shuo says that’s fine, they will find out soon enough. Liu Zhi also says that’s fine, he’ll see what Jiang Shuo is capable of. Liu Zhi says that he will wait for Jiang Shuo at the underground river.

Jiang Shuo comes back to reality and barely any time has passed so no one noticed that he went into the Psych. Mu Qing asks him what’s wrong though and he promptly tells them about his encounter with Liu Zhi. Mu Qing asks if Liu Zhi provided him with any clues then. Jiang Shuo says that there was a vortex that seemed to suck in all of their experiences so far.

Mu Qing wonders if that means that there’s a pattern on the map that will lead them to the underground river. That’s when Yi Heng figures out that the pattern is a spiral. He tells the other two to take everything off of the map. Yi Heng says that it has nothing to do with a vortex and that the corresponding graphical pattern is an Archimedean Spiral.

Yi Heng says that since Liu Zhi said that things were ending, Yi Heng used the chronology of the 11 cases that they worked, then some of Yi Heng’s calculations to pin down the location. The spot that turns out to be the location of the underground Yin river, as well as the pier itself.

They arrive at the pier to find a lot of people. Mu Qing wants to know how they will find Liu Zhi in such a populated area. That’s when Jiang Shuo spots a familiar looking car and asks if that’s the same one that Jin Rong escaped in. Yi Heng confirms that it’s the family car which means that his brother is probably in the area as well. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo if Liu Zhi left him any other clues.

Jiang Shuo has to think for a moment then has a flashback to the numbers that appeared next to the other writing. Jiang Shuo quickly tells Yi Heng that the number 0527 also appeared but he has no idea what the numbers mean. Mu Qing repeats the numbers then tells them that all boats in Changshanzhou start with the number 05 so she suggests checking the schedule to see if the numbers match a ship docked there.

They go over to the schedule and Jiang Shuo spots the number first and the ship is about to leave in 10 minutes so they have to hurry. Just as they are about to leave the schedule area, they notice that General Yuan’s men have arrived at the port. Mu Qing says that she will distract them while the other two go board the ship. Jiang Shuo tells her to be careful, while she tells him to stay alive.

General Yuan’s men spot Mu Qing and go after her. While Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng go hide behind some cargo. That’s when Sergeant Bai spots them and asks what they are doing there. Both Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng grab him to hide him from view. Jiang Shuo tells him that they came there following clues and that they think Liu Zhi is on ship 0527.

Sergeant Bai is surprised that Liu Zhi might be there since Wan Jin Rong is dead. That surprises the other two, they ask what happened. Sergeant Bai says that he died in Qin Yi’s car. Yi Heng says that his father is most likely on the ship while his brother is more likely somewhere around them. Jiang Shuo asks Bai Kai to find him a way to get on the ship, if he doesn’t show up than neither will Liu Zhi. Sergeant Bai says that he can stop the ship from departing.

Yi Heng says that won’t work because it would alert Liu Zhi. Yi Heng says that the only thing they can do now, is to act according to the situation. Sergeant Bai says that he will help send them to the ship.

On the dock, Captain Yang is trying to convince Ms. Yuan to go back with them. Captain Yang says that ensuring her safety is their main duty by the General’s orders. he tells her to leave capturing Liu Zhi to the subordinates. Mu Qing tells him to cut the nonsense as she will catch Liu Zhi on her own. She tells him that if he tries to stop her again she will jump from there, and he will have trouble explaining that to her father.

Captain Yang says that if she tries to board the ship, then he will take her away by force and she can punish him as she wishes back at the mansion. She tries to board the ship again and is stopped again. That’s when Sergeant Bai comes off the ship to talk to Captain Yang.

Sergeant Bai tells Captain Yang that they both know how Ms. Yuan is and that the boat shall depart soon. Sergeant Bai says that there are so many officers that Ms. Yuan will be protected so they should just board the ship. Sergeant Bai also says that he has reports that Liu Zhi, Qin Yi and Qin Yi Chi are on board the ship.

Mu Qing then begs Captain Yang to be let on board the ship. Finally Captain Yang agrees only as long as she promises that once on board, she will follow his orders. Mu Qing readily agrees to this (does anyone actually believe her?) Everyone boards the ship, a moment later it sets sail.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng come out of the cargo crate that they were hiding in only to find everyone else from the compound there as well. Jiang Shuo asks them what they are doing there. Xiao Quan says that they were there to see Bu Yan. Jiang Shuo wonders where Bu Yan is then. Xiao Quan says that after Dr. Qin was taken away, Bu Yan received a signed letter saying that Liu Zhi was on this ship.

We get a flashback to the compound where Mantou was complaining about the lack of food, while Xiao Quan was worried as Jiang Shuo was nowhere to be seen. Da Long had packed his bags prepared to leave because he doesn’t think that Liu Zhi would let any of them go, but the world is a vast place and he hopes to escape.

Bu Yan says that they are like a family and that it’s not easy to live together. Bu Yan says it’s not that easy to leave either. Bai She tells everyone that Sparrow told her that Da Long got a letter this morning. Xiao Quan curses at him saying how could he leave when they are all in danger? He says that he treated Da Long like a real brother.

Bai She wonders if the letter was from Liu Zhi. They then demand to see the letter but Da Long doesn’t want them to. Luckily Tie Zhu holds him in place while the others search his stuff and find the letter. The letter was from Liu Zhi and addressed to Bu Yan. In the letter Liu Zhi admits that he killed Ling’er. There’s even a ship ticked for Bu Yan included in the letter. They wonder what Liu Zhi could be up to now.

Da Long says that it’s clearly a trap and that Bu Yan shouldn’t go. Bu Yan says that Liu Zhi killed his daughter and is now trying to harm Jiang Shuo. Bu Yan tells them that Liu Zhi should come at him, if he dares to. He also tells everyone that he knows what Da Long was trying to do but this is between him and Liu Zhi. Everyone tries to stop Bu Yan from going by saying that he should wait until Jiang Shuo or Yi Heng get back since it’s obviously a trap.

Bu Yan says that something clearly happened at Dr. Qin’s house, General Yuan’s sister is dead and that Jiang Shuo won’t be able to get away easily. The others say that they would go with him, but he says that it’s a personal matter. The group refuses to let him leave though even when he insists. So he goes to his own room. They figure it’s settled but when they knock on his door, they find that he’s already left. They couldn’t let him face danger alone so they snuck onto the ship.

After listening to the story Jiang Shuo is sure that Bu Yan is on the ship. Yi Heng is also pretty sure that they have fallen into Liu Zhi’s trap. Jiang Shuo says that they’ve always been in Liu Zhi’s trap so they have no choice but to break the trap. They all want to search for Bu Yan but Jiang Shuo says no because Liu Zhi is on the ship.

Jiang Shuo says they need a plan first. So Jiang Shuo tells them that he and Yi Heng will go on deck and let the authorities know. Whether or not Bu Yan is on the ship they have to meet back in this spot in an hour no matter what. He also warns them not to split up because the ship is not as simple as it appears to be.

Mu Qing is escorted into a room where she is told to wait while the military officers search for Liu Zhi. Mu Qing insists on coming along but Captain Yang reminds her of her promise.. as predicted Mu Qing plans on ignoring that but Sergeant Bai promises that when he finds Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo, he will bring them to her.

So he asks her not to make life difficult for Captain Yang. Mu Qing makes Sergeant Bai promise to protect Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng before she agrees to stay.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng make it to the deck where a moment later someone bumps into Jiang Shuo and drops a leather bound journal. Jiang Shuo calls out to the person trying to return it, that’s when they both notice that it has the Liu Zhi seal on the cover. Jiang Shuo opens the book to read it. The book appears blank at first but then words start to fill the pages.

Liu Zhi’s voice narrates, it congratulates Jiang Shuo on making it. It also says that according to their deal, Jiang Shuo is running out of time. It also tells Jiang Shuo that he’s right and this is a trap so he better be careful. That’s when they hear what sounds like a gunshot and they run to find the source.

They run to the source to find Yi Chi in a room dying of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Poor Yi Heng has to watch his brother die. Jiang Shuo looks to find where the blood trail leads. There’s not much comfort that he can give to Qin’er but he tells him about the blood trail.

Yi Heng assumes that it belongs to his father. Before Yi Heng leaves to follow Jiang Shuo and the blood trail he takes a last look at his dead brother, hardening his heart against what will come next.

They follow the blood trail through a crowd of people until they get further on deck where some tables are. That’s where Jiang Shuo bumps into Lin Ying and the other Jiang Shuo. Our Jiang Shuo is surprised to see them both on the ship and asks what they are doing there. They tell him that they are sight seeing and won a ticket to be on the ship. Jiang Shuo asks to see the ticket.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng check out the tickets and they realize that it’s Liu Zhi’s work. Jiang Shuo opens the book up again and the voice of Liu Zhi asks him if it’s a surprise that the ship is filled with people that Jiang Shuo cares about. The voice says that if Jiang Shuo can’t figure out the puzzle in the Rubix Cube space then he can guess the consequences. Liu Zhi says that there are more surprises in the Captain’s room for him.

Yi Heng asks if they have seen anyone suspicious come by. Lin Ying says that she saw General Yuan chasing an old guy with a gun. Yi Heng asks what the old man looked like. The other Jiang Shuo says that the old man kind of looked like Yi Heng’s father. They ask which way the men went and the other Jiang Shuo points. It’s no surprise that the direction he points is the same as the captain’s room.

Mu Qing is very bored in her room, and eventually she bangs on the door asking for it to be opened. No one responds from the other side though. However when she tries the door latch it opens. She enters the hallway to see someone dressed very much like Jiang Shuo in the distance running down the corridor, Mu Qing thinking it’s Jiang Shuo follows.

The real Jiang Shuo is with Yi Heng and they go into the Captain’s room to find Sergeant Bai and his officers already there. They also find one complicated looking bomb. Jiang Shuo asks Sergeant Bai why he’s there and Bai Kai just points to the bomb. Jiang Shuo says that according to Liu Zhi that’s only one of the bombs. When Sergeant Bai questions him about it, he just hands over the book.

Sergeant Bai swears, then says that even if they defuse this one, there are others. Yi Heng asks Sergeant Bai if he’s seen anyone suspicious on the ship but he says no. Captain Yang enters the room.

As soon as Captain Yang spots Jiang Shuo he pulls out his gun and aims it at him. Yi Heng tries to block Jiang Shuo while Sergeant Bai and his officers aim guns at the military people.. this will not end well if anyone shoots. Sergeant Bai tells Captain Yang and his men to put down their guns as Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are there to help arrest Liu Zhi.

Captain Yang says that he doesn’t care about that. Captain Yang demands to know where Jiang Shuo is hiding Ms. Yuan. Now it’s their turn to be confused. Jiang Shuo asks for the book back from Sergeant Bai as he checks it for answers.. but it’s blank. Captain Yang is getting impatient and threatens to shoot Jiang Shuo. Yi Heng says that while Liu Zhi has Mu Qing he won’t hurt her because his true target is Jiang Shuo.

Yi Heng tells him that if they kill Jiang Shuo then they don’t stand a chance. Captain Yang finally lowers his gun and his men do the same. That’s when Jiang Shuo realizes that the rest of his family may be in danger as well and he runs back to the cargo hold. Captain Yang is still in the Captain’s room and tells his men that even if they have to tear the ship apart they will find Ms. Yuan.

Jiang Shuo reaches the cargo hold and calls out for the others. However it’s empty and only a piece of food is left on the floor. Jiang Shuo says that there is no way Mantou would leave food like that. Yi Heng points out a door on the far side of the room. It’s a combination lock though and Yi Heng asks if Jiang Shuo knows the combination. Jiang Shuo thinks back, and figures it must be 0527.

Yi Heng tells Sergeant Bai that he and Jiang Shuo will go in first while Sergeant Bai checks the rest of the ship. Once they go through the door, there is a narrow hallway to another door. Once they go through that door though things get a little weird. The sky turns a weird shade of red and they find themselves in front of that weird tree from the island that had the dolls hanging from it.

Jiang Shuo says that he thinks he’s seen those dolls somewhere else before. We get a flashback of Ling’er (Bu Yan’s daughter) asking if Jiang Shuo remembers everything that happened on the island yet.

We go back to over a year ago when Jiang Shuo was helping Ling’er and Qi Yi escape the island by boat. Jiang Shuo isn’t going to leave with them by boat, instead he’s going back to find Liu Zhi. When Ling’er asks him why, he tells her that knowing Liu Zhi, he won’t let them escape unless he stops Liu Zhi. Qi Yi says that they will wait for him for 15 minutes before they leave without him. Jiang Shuo agrees to that then runs off to find Liu Zhi.

Jiang Shuo finds Liu Zhi in the forest and falls to his knees to beg his master to stop killing. Jiang Shuo says that the people are innocent. Liu Zhi laughs and asks if Jiang Shuo really thinks that he killed all those people. Liu Zhi says that Jiang Shuo is wrong and that all who come to the island will die by their own greed. Jiang Shuo says that’s not true and that if it weren’t for Liu Zhi they wouldn’t have killed each other.

Jiang Shuo says that if it weren’t for the rules of the game, the people wouldn’t have killed each other. Liu Zhi says fine, let’s see if the two people that Jiang Shuo rescued will follow his instructions. That’s when Ling’er’s voice screams for help. Jiang Shuo quickly runs back to the dock where he left her with Qin Yi. Qin Yi has stabbed Ling’er.

Jiang Shuo tells him not to do anything impulsive. Qin Yi sees that Liu Zhi is behind Jiang Shuo and tells him that he, Qin Yi by the rules of the game has won. He says that Liu Zhi should hand over the secrets to the underground Yin River’s treasure. Jiang Shuo can’t believe that Qin Yi would kill her just to get the Yin River treasure. Qin Yi says isn’t that enough reason?

Qin Yi says that with the underground Yin River treasure, the Qin family can finally expand their army and defeat Yuan Zhen in Changshanzhou. Qin Yi says that when that times comes, the Qin family will be the most prominent one in Changshanzhou. Qin Yi says that as long as it is for the Qin family he will kill any amount of people and not bat an eyelid. Qin Yi stabs poor Ling’er again.

Liu Zhi asks Jiang Shuo if he still believes that Liu Zhi killed all the people on the island. Jiang Shuo is still in shock at how callous Qin Yi is. Qin Yi yells that Liu Zhi had better honour his words as he is the winner. Liu Zhi points out that there is still one other person that’s alive. He tells Qin Yi to kill Jiang Shuo.

Jiang Shuo begs Qin Yi to repent, but he’s more interested in the treasure. They fight and Qin Yi manages to kick Jiang Shuo into the water where it appears as if he drowns.

Jiang Shuo snaps out of the memory to tell Yi Heng that he finally remembers it all. Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that Liu Zhi used the underground Yin River treasure to get everyone on the island to kill each other. Jiang Shuo says that he was Liu Zhi’s disciple but since he didn’t obey Liu Zhi’s command, he was kidnapped and brought to the island. He was then forced to play that scary game. Jiang Shuo says that afterward he was pushed into the water by Qin Yi and woke up later in Changshanzhou.

Jiang Shuo says that Qin Yi was the only survivor on the island and the final winner. Yi Heng asks Jiang Shuo what is his father looking for? Jiang Shuo tells him that his father is looking for the treasure of the underground river. Yi Heng realizes that Liu Zhi didn’t tells his father the clues to the treasure then, otherwise he wouldn’t be looking for it now. Jiang Shuo wonders if Liu Zhi is using the treasure to control Qin Yi.

Yi Heng says that they will just have to get an answer from him when they see him. Yi Heng leads the way to the next door. They open it and they end up in a room that resembles the hall of mirrors on that island. Jiang Shuo understands now, that the familiar people and familiar places.. Liu Zhi was trying to awaken Jiang Shuo’s memory. Yi Heng says that it may sound strange but he believes the truth shall be revealed soon.

They find Qin Yi, who calls out for Heng’er. Yi Heng asks him if he’s okay. Qin Yi says that Yuan Zhen managed to get him. His father tells him to be careful as Yuan Zhen is still somewhere near. Yi Heng informs his father of Yi Chi’s death. Qin Yi grieves over Chi’er’s death and blames himself for it. Yi Heng says that it’s not all his father’s fault as he was being manipulated by Liu Zhi.

Yi Heng asks his father to tell him what he’s done. Qin Yi says that a year ago, Liu Zhi used the treasure of the underground river as bait to hold a feast on a remote island. Qin Yi said that it had never crossed his mind that it would turn out like this. Apparently after Jiang Shuo went under the water, Liu Zhi had disappeared.

Qin Yi says that of course he wasn’t happy, so he returned to Changshanzhou, he found out that Liu Zhi’s one and only disciple was still alive. So, he pretended to still be missing and observed from a distance. He planned to find Liu Zhi and the treasure by using Jiang Shuo. He says that Liu Zhi found him first though. That’s when he got a letter form Liu Zhi just before everything the duo experienced.

Qin Yi says that it was a ploy that Liu Zhi had him set up. Qin Yi admits that he has no idea why Liu Zhi wanted everyone involved. He only knows that he can’t fight against Liu Zhi. Qin Yi says that for the sake of the Qin family he had no choice but to keep going. Qin Yi says that he only did two things in secret. The first was trying to use a celebrity that looked like Zhao Ling to lure them to Liu Zhi’s hometown.

Qin Yi had hoped that the two of them could help him find some useful clues. Then he collaborated with Wan Jin Rong and his spies. He used them to draw a map to find the underground river. Qin Yi says that he didn’t want to share it with him though as he had sacrificed so much. Jiang Shuo asks him that if he knows that because of his desire many innocent people were harmed? (You think he cares?)

Jiang Shuo tells him that he won’t get the treasure and instead, every life on the ship is in danger. Qin Yi yells that he doesn’t care, at this stage the treasure of the underground river and Liu Zhi’s life are his! That’s when General Yuan comes in telling Qin Yi that he deserves to die and shoot his gun.. it hits a mirror but General Yuan gets closer to kill Qin Yi. Yi Heng blocks him.

Yi Heng tells the General that there is no doubt that his father is at fault but that there are laws in Changshanzhou to deal with him. Yi Heng says that he can’t let the General punish his father on his own terms. General Yuan says that’s fine, he’ll just kill them both and bury them with his sister. Jiang Shuo manages to kick the gun out of the General’s hands.

In the fight, Qin Yi manages to get a hold of the gun and he shoots General Yuan in the head. Qin Yi says that it was revenge since Yi Chi was killed by the General.

Meanwhile the officers are still searching but they can’t find anyone on the ship. Captain Yang wonders why they bothered to come back if they haven’t found Ms. Yuan yet. The officers did however find more bombs in the ventilation shafts, they just don’t know what to do now.

Qin Yi then aims the gun at Jiang Shuo but Yi Heng stops him from shooting. He tells his father to stop there. Qin Yi says that after going through so many incidents, he knows how important Jiang Shuo is to Liu Zhi. Qin Yi says that if he can’t have the treasure then Liu Zhi can’t have Jiang Shuo either.

Yi Heng says that his father can only hurt Jiang Shuo over his dead body and he puts himself between his father and Jiang Shuo. This prompts Jiang Shuo to yell at Qin’er. There’s a fight over the gun, which thankfully doesn’t go off. Jiang Shuo uses it to his advantage to throw Qin Yi into the Psych.

Time rewinds in the Psych back to when Qin Yi got the first letter after the island. Qin Yi is about to burn the letter when Liu Zhi shows up and tells him that the letter contains his next assignment. Liu Zhi tells him that if he follows the plan, then treasure from the underground river will eventually be his. Liu Zhi says that if Qin Yi doesn’t follow his command, he’ll make sure that he and his entire family disappear form Changshanzhou.

Liu Zhi tells him to remember that, then leaves the building. Jiang Shuo runs after him. That’s when Jiang Shuo faces Liu Zhi to see his own face staring back at him. Tears stream down his face both in the Psych and in reality. That’s when Yi Heng uses the coins to wake Jiang Shuo out of the Psych.

Jiang Shuo wakes up back in reality and tells Yi Heng that he knows who Liu Zhi is. Jiang Shuo says that Liu Zhi is him. He begs Yi Heng to explain it to him since he is the doctor. Jiang Shuo wonders if he killed all those people. Jiang Shuo asks Yi Heng what happened but Yi Heng just shakes his head.

Liu Zhi appears in the mirror and says that he’s surprised at Jiang Shuo’s reaction. The Liu Zhi in the mirror laughs at him. Jiang Shuo yells at the reflection demanding to know why it’s impersonating him. Liu Zhi says that he’s not impersonating him, he is him. The Liu Zhi in the mirror shows Jiang Shuo the inside of the Rubix Cube and it’s a picture from modern times of Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng. Another picture shows Jiang Shuo to be in some kind of pod..

That’s the end of Episode 35!! One episode left!