Psych Hunter: Episode 34

The episode starts off with a bunch of people dropping one drop of blood into a bowl of water. When the camera pans out we can see that it’s the children. They then pass the bowl to each other to drink (gross!) Once the last child has drank from the bowl, he passes it to an adult.

The children yell out “Hidden by the leaves. To die for honour. We are invincible!” Then the group of kids disbands like little ninjas into the forest.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we go back to Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng discovering the cave in the forest. They run into the cave to explore it. While searching the cave though they come across a bunch of bodies with leaves covering their mouths. Jiang Shuo says that they should be able to find clues about their identities there. Yi Heng agrees with him.

There’s enough light, so Jiang Shuo blows out the candle. Just then they hear a voice saying congratulations you have all received the Hagakure tattoos. The voice is coming from a man further in the cave. The man is talking to a group of boys. The man says that those that didn’t survive the voyage, failed to fulfill their duties for the lord. The man says that the others should be ashamed of their weakness and failure.

The boys are all holding knives stained red with blood and bodies of the dead are behind them. The leader says that the boys were all once humble citizens that were taken in by the lord and because of him, they got to receive an education. The leader says that they now have the chance to become samurai. He tells the boys that they should remember that and serve the lord faithfully for their whole life.

The man says that the lord has great ambition and wishes to conquer the world. He tells the boys to go forth and learn others’ languages and customs. He tells them that they should blend in to society and to swear a in their heart that when the day of glory comes, they will be the first to answer their lord’s call. He tells them that they are to become warriors that never caves and are unafraid of death. The children respond with the chant, hidden by the leaves, die for honour, we are invincible. The leader then dismisses the children.

Jiang Shuo repeats the first two parts of the chant before saying that it appears as if the Hagakure Organization is the secret that they have been hiding. Jiang Shuo says that it’s no wonder there was a persimmon leaf tattoo on them. Jiang Shuo wonders how many people this organization has killed. As the children leave the cave, their adult forms come back. As expected they are Mr. Tang, Mr. Gui, Mr. Si and Officer Zhu.

Yi Heng says that Mrs. Wan’s killer is more skilled than the four of them though. Yi Heng says that her murderer is probably the chief. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng decide to go take a look to find out who the mysterious leader is, but when they try he disappears. They are left with no choice but to follow the four adults that had just left in hopes of learning more.

However when they go to follow the four, there is a bright flash of light. They now find themselves in the middle of a street in broad daylight. Jiang Shuo is the first to spot Driver Si pulling Mr. Tang on his rickshaw. Mr. Tang pays his fare and then goes inside the restaurant. Mr. Tang is meeting with someone. The person pours a drink before Mr. Tang demands to know where “it” is.

The man pulls out a (cross?) that is attached to a string around his neck. After showing the item the man demands payment. However Mr. Tang gets up and leaves. Mr. Gui takes his seat. The other man is confused wondering how the heck the new guy is. It looks like the other guy brought some bodyguards but Mr. Gui stabs one in the abdomen and a fight breaks out.

The guy tries to escape but even when he jumps from the second story and runs for the door, he finds it locked. He’s eventually killed by Mr. Si. Mr. Si then opens the front door where Officer Zhu was waiting. They then drag the body out and if anyone asks, Officer Zhu just says that it’s police business.

Jiang Shuo tells Yi Heng that’s how they have been getting away with murder. The two go to leave the area through the courtyard door, however the the four Hagakure adults prevent them from doing so. Jiang Shuo yells run, only Nan nan is behind them with her little toy rattle. When she uses it the Hagakure adults stop. Jiang Shuo quickly takes it from her and uses it a lot until a bunch of leaves obscure them from view and they end up back in the forest.

In the forest the adults are dressed all in black like ninjas with blood on their swords. The leader is asking why Mr. Si didn’t kill a woman that found out the leader’s secret. Mr. Si says that it’s just his daughter and that she’s only a kid. The leader says that anyone that finds out must be killed including his family. The man says that if you don’t serve the lord then Mr. Si can die with his family.

The leader orders the others to kill Mr. Si. The leader says that Hagakure samurai should never cave and can’t be afraid of death. Mr. Si admits that he betrayed him, but he gave up everything and left his country. He says that his hands are stained with innocent blood. Mr. Si continues to fight off his attackers while saying that he has fulfilled his duty and done his best.

Mr. Si tells the leader to quit pushing him, he also says that the leader should quit trying to make him kill. That’s when we see that the leader has Nan nan. Mr. Si begs the leader to let his daughter go and set them free. The leader says that Mr. Si hesitated because of his daughter, did he forget his mission? Mr. Si begs the leader to let him quit.

Seeing that things are escalating, Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng decide to use this time to see who the leader is. However when they get close, he breaks apart into leaves only to reform a little distance away still with his back facing them. Mr. Si holds Nan nan and tells her not to be afraid. Jiang Shuo says that it’s time to leave as even Mr. Si doesn’t seem to know who the leader is.

They wake up back in reality and Jiang Shuo tells Mr. Si that they know the truth. He tells Mr. Si that they know the four of them are Japanese from the Hagakure Organization sent to China when they were young, to be a spy, that’s why he looks so Chinese. Jiang Shuo says that Mr. Si betrayed the organization in order to protect his family which is why they want him dead now.

Jiang Shuo says it’s also the reason that Mr. Si killed the other members. Jiang Shuo asks if he’s correct but Mr. Si remains silent. Yi Heng tells him that he’s killed the other members and now that he’s arrested there’s only the leader left out there. Yi Heng wants to know who the leader is. Jiang Shuo points out that Mrs. Wan died near the bathhouse and was clearly killed by the leader.

Jiang Shuo tells Mr. Si that the leader will go after his wife and kid. Jiang Shuo says that he’s clearly fighting against the leader, so why can’t he tell them the truth. Mu Qing demands the truth as well. Jiang Shuo tells Mr. Si that they will help him, even if he’s Japanese. Jiang Shuo also tells him that the killer left Sakurako’s hairpin at the crime scene which means that he clearly has her. Jiang Shuo says that they can wait but his wife and child don’t have the time. He wonders how many other victims will be claimed by this person.

Jiang Shuo says that it’s his last chance to atone by helping them catch the killer. Jiang Shuo leans in close to promise him that they will keep his wife and child safe. Jiang Shuo also promises to get rid of the organization itself. Finally Mr. Si talks, admitting that they were all Japanese and part of the Hagakure Organization that carried out assassinations in Changshanzhou at the Chief’s command.

Mr. Si says that a few years ago they were ordered to draw a map based on the topography of the area. It was a top secret mission and anyone that found out about it, was to be killed. When they were about to finish drawing the map, his daughter barged into the room. Mr. Si quickly grabbed his daughter and told the others that they were not to touch her. Mr. Gui said that he had broken the rules of the organization and that Nan nan would have to die. Mr. Tang offered to kill her for Mr. Si.

A fight broke out. Mr. Si managed to grab both Nan nan and the map. Mr. Si used the map in order to escape the other three by threatening to destroy it if they came any closer. The others said that if he took the map and let Nan nan live then the Chief wouldn’t let him off.

Mu Qing couldn’t believe that the organization wouldn’t even spare a kid’s life. Mr. Si says that it’s the rules, that’s why the Chief will never let his daughter go. Mu Qing asks where the Chief is but Mr. Si doesn’t know, he doesn’t even know what the man looks like. Mr. Si does know how to lure him out though, by using the map as bait. Yi Heng asks where the map is. Mr. Si points to the toy (that explains why they stopped in the Psych) Mu Qing quickly punctures the toy to pull out the map.

They look at the map and Jiang Shuo is surprised to find that it is a map of the Yin River. There’s also quite a few number on there that Jiang Shuo doesn’t understand so he asks Yi Heng if he knows what they mean. Unfortunately Yi Heng has no idea about the numbers on the map either. Jiang Shuo asks Mr. Si why he wants to find the Yin River. Mr. Si doesn’t know but Shang Feng said that it was crucial to the victory of the great Japanese Empire.

Mr. Si says that as long as they save his wife and daughter he will tell them everything about the numbers on the map. Yi Heng wonders how Mr. Si can be so sure that he can lure out the Chief with the map. Mr. Si stubbornly says that he has his ways.

Mr. Si tells them to leave the rattle drum in his locker at the Onsen house. He then tells them to leave persimmon leaves on the frame of the door and the others will surely show up. Which is just what Mu Qing does.

Sergeant Bai and our trio are waiting across the street watching the door. In fact the whole place is surrounded by officers that are hidden from view. We then see Xiao Hei drinking alone in the police HQ to Officer Zhu’s photo. He says that he never would have expected officer Zhu of being a Japanese spy.

Xiao Hei sadly says that he treated Officer Zhu like a brother. That’s when Mr. Wan shows up demanding to see the murderer that killed his Wan Shu Xuan. Wan Jin Rong says that he’s going to kill him. Xiao Hei tells him to calm down as there was a witness. Xiao Hei says that Sergeant Bai has taken all the officers to go and capture the killer. He tells Jin Rong not to worry.

Once Jin Rong confirms from Xiao Hei that he’s the only one there at the moment.. Jin Rong kills him. He doesn’t noticed that Xiao Hei had stuffed something in his mouth before he did though. Jin Rong says that Xiao Hei should be honoured that he was the only one to see his face. Jin Rong leaves and heads for the interrogation room. He unlocks the cell and Mr. Si demands to know who he is.

Jin Rong says the chant that begins with hidden by the leaves. Now realizing who this man must be, Mr. Si demands to know where his wife and child are. Jin Rong tells Mr. Si tha the knows what he came for. Mr. Si asks if his wife and child are alive. Jin Rong says that they are fine for now but he can’t say about tomorrow. Mr. Si says that if Jin Rong hurt them, he won’t let him off. Jin Rong says that Mr. Si should check on them himself.

Jin Rong backs off a little and asks if something is the matter, can’t Mr. Si untie himself? A moment later we see that he breaks free from his rope. However Mr. Si left a clue in his own blood on the chair that Jin Rong didn’t see. It’s just the characters for his name. Jin Rong throws the keys to the cell on the desk in front of the cell on his way out of the room.

Back near the Onsen house, Sergeant Bai tells Jiang Shuo that it’s been almost two hours, is he sure his intel is reliable? Jiang Shuo doesn’t think that Mr. Si would lie and put his family at risk. Jiang Shuo has a flashback to Mr. Si begging them to take care of his wife and child.

Now that Jiang Shuo thinks about it, he finds it suspicious that Mr. Si didn’t insist on going with them since he’s such a good fighter. Yi Heng guesses that Mr. Si wanted to send them away. Sergeant Bai orders the rest of his men to stay put, while he and the trio head back to the police station.

They find Xiao Hei’s dead body and Yi Heng starts to cry as he quickly examines the body. he tells the others that his neck was broken but not by Mr. Si as the method is different. Sergeant Bai cocks his gun and runs upstairs (I’ve never seen him so pissed off). Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo start looking around the desk as they know Xiao Hei was very smart and would have left them a clue. It’s Mu Qing that finds what he stuffed in his mouth. It’s the character for Wan.. her uncle’s seal tape.

Sergeant Bai comes back down and tosses the chair towards them. They notice right away the character for Rong. When you put that together with the Wan paper that Xiao Hei hid in his mouth, it becomes pretty clear who the killer is. They are all pretty stunned by the revelation that Wan Jin Rong is a Japanese spy, Yi Heng can’t believe that he missed it.

Yi Heng says that it’s also clear now that Wan Jin Rong killed his wife. Mu Qing doesn’t want to believe it since her uncle and father went through life and death together. Jiang Shuo tells her that he understands how she feels since it’s her uncle however all the evidence points to him. Mu Qing says that they are two different characters and could represent two different people, she tells them to quit slandering her uncle.

This pisses of Yi Heng as he’s barely holding it together. He tells her that she is a police officer and it’s her job to uncover the truth regardless of her emotions. He says that goes for him as well, he yells at her to stop being willful. Mu Qing says that her uncle holds a high position so someone must be trying to stander him. Sergeant Bai shoots his gun into the ground (that’s third time since he shot it twice upstairs) before saying that he’s going to the Wan residence for answers. Mu Qing agrees and they both leave, with Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo close behind them.

The police officers are searching the Wan mansion now, but every time an officer tells Sergeant Bai that they haven’t found anything, Sergeant Bai yells at them to search again. When the next officer says the he hasn’t found anything, Mu Qing yells to stop the search as it must be a mistake. A moment later poor Jiang Shuo finds a box hidden in the fireplace. When he opens the box, it’s filled with the persimmon leaves.

Poor Mu Qing tries to cling to her denial since her uncle was always so good to her aunt so how could he possibly kill her? Mu Qing runs crying from the room and Jiang Shuo quickly tosses the box to Yi Heng before going after her. She makes it partway down the stairs before stopping to cry. Jiang Shuo catches up and does his best to provide comfort. Mu Qing says that her aunt was always such a nice person that was at peace with the world.

Mu Qing wonders why her uncle had to kill her. Jiang Shuo doesn’t know what to say so he pulls her into a hug and tells her that he’s here for her. He says that he will take care of her now on her aunt’s behalf. He reminds Mu Qing that as long as he’s around he won’t let any harm come to her. Jiang Shuo pulls away from the hug so that he can face her. He tells Mu Qing that they have been exposing themselves to danger since they accepted Liu Zhi’s rules. He tells her that they are very close to the truth now.

Jiang Shuo says that they will definitely avenge her aunt but she needs to pull herself together now. He gently wipes her tears away as he says this. He also reminds her that they need to find where Wan Jin Rong is hiding now. Jiang Shuo says that Jin Rong won’t hide anywhere he normally goes but somewhere remote instead. He tells Mu Qing about the cave that he saw in the Psych and asks Mu Qing if there is something similar. Mu Qing says that her uncle has a match factory in a cave in the Nan mountain.

Sergeant Bai picks up one of the persimmon leaves from the box before dropping it back in. In Sergeant Bai’s mind he says that he will kill Jin Rong and avenge Xiao Hei. Sergeant Bai then picks up the phone and asks to be connected to Yuan Mansion. Yi Heng asks what he’s doing. Sergeant Bai says that he needs a warrant from General Yuan in order to search all the villas that Jin Rong owns.

Yi Heng tells him that it will be of no use, as Jin Rong is a well known figure that would be recognized if he went to those places. Sergeant Bai yells at Yi Heng wondering what they should do then, when Jiang Shuo comes back into the room to tell them that he knows where Wan Jin Rong went.

In the cave, driver Si runs towards his wife and child as they are still alive and look to be okay so far. Jin Rong says that if driver Si gives him the map then he will let his family go. Mr. Si says that he doesn’t have the map on him but if Jin Rong lets his family go, then he will take the map to him. Jin Rong asks him what happens if he doesn’t. Jin Rong says that birds of a feather flock together, if he lets the family go, then Mr. Si will work with the police to get him arrested.

Mr. Si says that Jin Rong only wants the map, does he want to see what happens if he doesn’t let the family go. Jin Rong calls Mr. Si very stubborn. He tells Mr. Si that only those without distraction can do this. Jin Rong says it’s too bad that Mr. Si isn’t one of them.

One of the ninjas comes running up to Jin Rong to tell him that there’s bad new, the police have surrounded the mountain. Jin Rong can’t believe that the police arrived there so soon. Jin Rong guesses that Yuan Zhen might have had something to do with it. He then says that the lord’s success or failure depends on this. He orders the ninja to retreat but let the new men stall the police. He orders the family tied up.

Sergeant Bai and his officers have dodge weapons thrown by the very children they thought they were saving from human traffickers at the beginning of the case. Sergeant Bai orders his men to arrest the children alive. The children are relentless in their attacks though. Eventually they are caught though and Sergeant Bai asks the child who sent them there. The child stays silent though.

Elsewhere in the forest, our main trio and some officers find Wan Jin Rong. Mu Qing demands to know why he killed her aunt. Jin Rong says that she followed him to the Onsen house. He wonders if Mu Qing really thought he would let her live after that. Mu Qing says that her aunt loved him and gave him everything, yet he still killed her? Doesn’t he have a conscience? Jin Rong says it’s because her aunt is a fool and that Mu Qing is also a fool.

Wan Jin Rong says that her whole family are fools. Did she really think that he married Yuan Shu Xuan because he loved her? Jiang Shuo has intense hatred for Jin Rong as he says this though. Jin Rong says that he only married her to better fulfill his lord’s task. Jin Rong says that compared to the lord’s cause they are all nobodies. Mu Qing says that she will kill him, and indeed she shoots her gun at him but he dodges.

There’s a bit of a skirmish where Mu Qing does get shot. Jiang Shuo demands that someone take her back but she refuses to go as she wants to kill Jin Rong herself. Jin Rong tells his niece that she’s as fearless as her father. He then demands that she look at the family. Nan nan and Sakurako both have bombs strapped to them. Mu Qing still wants to kill him though. Jiang Shuo tells her to look carefully if she shoots him, she could end up hurting the mother and daughter.

Jiang Shuo promises to take revenge for her since she’s injured. He yells for someone to take her back. The officers take Mu Qing away and then Jiang Shuo offers to replace the hostages with himself. Jin Rong laughs and shoots at him, which Jiang Shuo dodges. Jin Rong says that he’s useless as a hostage. Jiang Shuo says that he may be useless, but what about the map. As soon as Jin Rong sees it, he tries to trade for it, but Jiang Shuo won’t give it to him until after he lets the family go. When Jin Rong attempts to kill them, Jiang Shuo holds lighter next the map threatening to destroy it.

Jin Rong really wants to push it though so Jiang Shuo gives him until the count of three. Jiang Shuo almost burns the map before Jin Rong gives in and tells his people to put their swords down. That’s when Yi Heng and the officers attack. A skirmish starts and Jiang Shuo is able to lure Jin Rong away from everyone else by making sure he sees him with the map, then runs away.

Mr. Si takes the opportunity provided to him to get his family out of the area. Jin Rong chases and fires at Jiang Shuo only to be fired at from behind as Yi Heng chases him. Once the Si family is further away, they manage to take off the bombs attached to them, just after that though they run into more of the ninjas. Mr. Si manages to take care of the ninjas but not before receiving a fatal stab wound.

As he’s dying, Mr. Si has flashbacks to when he was first being trained. He says that he’s no hero, as he has lots of innocent blood on his hands. He says that he’s sorry. Just then Sakurako and Nan nan run to his side now that the threat is over. Sakurako holds him as he dies.

Jiang Shuo runs out of space to run, Jin Rong manages to give him a pretty serious kick. Yi Heng catches up and tries to defend Jiang Shuo as he can’t seem to get back up. However Jin Rong is much stronger than they are. Jin Rong manages to get the map and he says it’s everything he needed. As he leaves he teases them by saying that Liu Zhi told him that he was forbidden from killing them.

It takes the dynamic duo a little bit of time before they can get back up, but once they do, they go after Jin Rong. Unfortunately a car was waiting for Jin Rong. Once Jin Rong enters the car he greets the driver as Liu Zhi. Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo manage to see the car as it drives away and the driver is none other than Mr. Qin (Yi Heng’s father).

At the Wan mansion, Mu Qing is sitting at the tea table remembering her aunt (flashbacks of various memories). General Yuan can only look on from a distance and swears that he will kill Wan Jin Rong for what he’s done. Captain Yang informs that General that it is time for his meeting. The two leave Mu Qing to her grief.

General Yuan says that everyone knows why they are there. He tells them that he wants Wan Jin Rong and Qin Yi arrested either dead or alive. Whichever officer brings them back to the General will be promoted. After the other officers leave, the General asks Captain Yang if there are any updates on the Qin family. Captain Yang says that Qin Yi and Qin Yi Chi are still missing, but even if he has to dig a tunnel and turn the city upside down, he will find them.

General Yuan says that Wan Jin Rong and Liu Zhi are ruthless so he wants to make sure that Mu Qing is safe. He also says that he doesn’t care if Jiang Shuo has anything to do with Liu Zhi, he wants him brought there now. He also wants to talk with Yi Heng. Captain Yang says that he will go do it now.

Mu Qing continues to wander around the mansion lost in her memories of her aunt. Jiang Shuo sneaks up behind her while she’s sitting on a bench and has a kite for her. She wonders what he’s doing there since her father wants to have him arrested. Jiang Shuo says that he missed her of course.

Jiang Shuo tells her not to worry since he didn’t see any of her father’s men on his way in. He also says that she didn’t tell him whether or not she liked the kite. Mu Qing asks about the characters that have been drawn and who they are. Jiang Shuo points to himself and says that the other one is her. Mu Qing pretends to be offended saying that she’s not that ugly. Jiang Shuo holds up the kite and says that it’s so pretty that of course it has to be her. Then he admits that she’s prettiest.

Mu Qing says that she will quit teasing him as he needs to leave before he gets caught by her father’s men. Jiang Shuo says that he actually came to her to tell her that he remembers all of his promises that he made to her. He tells her that after he catches Liu Zhi he will keep his promise to her. We get a flashback to when he promised to marry her after they found Liu Zhi.

Mu Qing says all right and then Jiang Shuo gives her a kiss (YAAY Smooches!) Not only do we get this kiss scene but flashbacks to their other kisses and they include the life saving oxygen exchange in episode 8. Jiang Shuo then asks Mu Qing to wait for him.

Yi Heng is in his room at the compound when Captain Yang and his men come for him. They say that the General wants to see him. When Yi Heng is brought to the General, Yi Heng asks him why he wanted to see him suddenly. General Yuan congratulates Yi Heng that his family managed to plot such a big scheme behind the General’s back.

General Yuan demands to know where his father is, as Yuan Shu Xuan has just died and he has no wish to kill anyone here. Yi Heng says that he’s very sad about her death but he doesn’t know where his father is. Yi Heng says that since his father escaped from the hospital, he hasn’t seen him. General Yuan then demands to know about Yi Chi then. Yi Heng says that his brother kicked him out of the family long ago so he doesn’t know where his brother is either.

The Genreral gets really close to Yi Heng and then asks if his family thinks that he is easy meat. The General says that he didn’t suspect Yi Heng because he was a friend of Qing’er. He even let Yi Heng set up a task force to investigate Liu Zhi. The General says that it was to divert suspicion from his family. General Yuan says that Qin Yi is Liu Zhi and that he and Wan Jin Rong killed his sister.

The General yells at Yi Heng asking if he really expects the General to believe that he has no idea where his family is. Yi Heng tells him that whether or not he believes him doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t know anything. General Yuan orders for Yi Heng to be punished. Jiang Shuo yells from out in the courtyard that Yi Heng doesn’t know anything and it’s him that they want. The General orders his men to go catch Jiang Shuo.

Yi Heng can’t believe that Jiang Shuo would put himself in that position. Jiang Shuo is quickly surrounded by military officers. Jiang Shuo tells Captain Yang that there’s no need for that as he’s willing to come with him.

Roll those end credits because that’s the end of Episode 34!