Monthly Round Up!

So June has been a heck of a month. It started off okay but near the end there was this pesky heat wave that really affected how people get their exercise, as mostly you just wanted to stay cool. In fact in some places there was warnings not to exercise at all because of the heat.

So it’s been an okay month considering the weather and pandemic play a huge factor in what I can do for exercise. There was a drop since Sunday but that’s because I got my period which is why there won’t be a weekly round up for the first week of July. On the plus side I’m getting my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the end of the month so that’s a huge bonus.

So as you can see in the pictures above there wasn’t a big change in weight this month.. however when I compare it to where I was last year there’s a huge difference. Which is why having the graph and seeing that definitely helps to keep me on track with my healthy weight goals.

Above is a picture with pounds instead of Kilograms for those that prefer that method of measurement.

Feel free to ignore the Yoga exercise though because I only did that for the unique badge that Apple was offering for that day. I usually don’t do Yoga itself.

As for the non health stuff this month, I managed to finish quite a few Asian drama recaps, and re blogged some helpful stuff from Autistic Advocates. I’ve also been pretty busy on the Facebook page as well.

I hope everyone is staying cool, hydrated and healthy. Hopefully the heat wave will end soon! Stay healthy everyone!