Ingredients: Episode 12 Attraction

Marwin is practicing his guitar and writing the song Goodbye Not Goddybe (Thai) when a loud meow rips through the air. Marwin at first doesn’t know what the noise is. He looks around and sees a hairless cat meowing at their door. This freaks out Marwin.

Marwin frantically yells for Tops multiple times before Tops runs downstairs in a panic. Once he sees the cat (he calls it boiled chicken), Marwin corrects him saying it’s a cat. Tops tells him that he knows that, it’s a Sphinx cat. Tops thinks that it’s legs looks a little small though. Tops thinks the cat is adorable.

Tops goes outside to bring the cat in. Marwin demands to know why Tops would bring it inside. Tops says that the cat is hairless, has short legs and is very expensive. Tops teases Marwin with the cat saying that he should touch it.

Tops says that he will go take the cat back to it’s owner. Some time later while Marwin is still working on his song, Tops returns with the cat. Marwin wonders why Tops brought the cat back. Tops tells him that he couldn’t find the owner. Marwin says that Tops should have just left it outside.

Tops tells Marwin that he’s going to leave the cat with him as he’s going to cook some food for it. Marwin is not happy with it, but it doesn’t matter. The cat goes to explore the couch. While Tops is cooking Marwin is starting to be nice to the cat. He asks it what kind of music it might like, Egyptian? That’s when Tops tells him it’s Russian.

Marwin says that Top told him it was a Sphinx cat though. Tops insists that it’s Russian though. So Marwin thinks that the cat might like Rock & Roll then, he plays a little a makes a weird noise at the cat, not quite a hiss. The cat gives him such a look of “why human?” That it actually startles Marwin.

Marwin changes his music to reggae which the cat seems to like a bit more. The cat starts to wander off though so Marwin grabs it and cuddles it. Tops notices from the kitchen and asks if Marwin is okay touching it now. Marwin says that if he didn’t then it would have disturbed Tops while he was cooking.

Marwin says that soon the cat will be fed and can go home. Tops wonders where Marwin learned to hold the cat, Marwin says it’s just like holding a baby. (Most cats HATE lying on their back and being cradled that way.) Marwin asks how much longer he has to hold the cat and Tops tells him that the food is almost ready.

Marwin says that the cat is actually soft like chicken meat. He brings the cat over to Tops saying that the cat seems pretty hungry. Tops says that the food is almost ready.

The food is finally ready but Marwin isn’t sure that the cat will like what Tops has prepared as it has a strong fishy smell. Tops tells him that cats like strong fishy smells (in fact smell can make fussy cats interested in their food). Tops also says that the food is edible for humans as well as it has goat milk, pumpkin, boiled eggs and water.

Marwin brings the cat over for the liquid food (cats like tube food).

The cat liked the treat but Tops wasn’t quite finished yet so the cat only got to taste a bit of it, the cat definitely seemed to enjoy it though! A little while later Marwin is playing with the cat while singing the opening to the Lion King and holding the cat in that position.

The food is ready now so Tops feeds the cat, while offering some to Marwin as well. Marwin wonders if it’s enough food for the cat but Tops reassures him that there is more food in the jar.

Marwin wonders where the cat could have come from, is it possible it’s from another area. Tops is pretty sure the cat is from nearby though. Marwin is doing the longing eye stare at Tops as he feeds the cat. Marwin says that Tops is very good.When Tops asks what he means, he clarifies that Tops is very good because he can cook for both humans and animals.

The doorbell rings and Marwin wonders who it could be. Tops says it might be the owner of the cat. However Marwin wonders how that could be (he’s clearly attached to kitty now). Tops leaves to go answer the door. Sure enough it’s the cat owner asking if they’ve seen his cat. It’s the neighbour!

Tops recognizes the cat at once and tells their neighbour that he will go get it for him. However Tops has to pry the cat away from Marwin first as he’s really attached to his new friend. After a final goodbye though, Tops can finally return the cat to its owner.

When Tops brings out the cat, the neighbour calls it fatty. Tops laughs at the neighbour’s teasing of his cat. The neighbour notes that the cat’s tummy is a bit round and asks if Tops fed it. Tops says that he gave the cat a liquid snack. The neighbour is surprised as his cat is quite picky with food, so he asks if the cat ate it. Tops assures him such was the case.

Tops says that he’s very cute as he points at the cat. The neighbour says that many people have said this to him. Tops says “the cat?” And the neighbour has his flirt on so he replies “no, me”. He tells Tops that he’s just joking though, then he makes the cat wave goodbye and leaves.

Tops returns to Marwin singing sadly. Tops asks why he’s so sad to which Marwin replies wanting to know where the cat went. Tops says it’s the neighbour next door’s cat. Marwin promptly asks if he can buy the cat from him.

Tops asks if Marwin is crazy. Marwin asks if he can have a cat then. Tops wonders if Marwin can take care of one. Marwin says that they can take care of a cat together. Tops points out that if he misses the cat so much he can just go and visit. It’s only next door.

Then Tops teases him by saying if he misses the cat so much he can eat the food then. A little bit of a tussle ensues. Marwin does get a bit of the food in his mouth though before surrendering.

Later that night, Marwin asks to come into Tops’s room so he can show him a cat. Tops is a little confused when Marwin climbs into the he bed to show him the cat they are going to have on his iPad. Tops wonders when he agreed to have a cat and Marwin tells him that he did just now.

They look at the pictures together when Marwin says the cat that visited looked a lot like the one in the picture. Tops asks him when he started to like cats.. Marwin claims that he always liked cats. Tops gives him a look of disbelief.

They talk about the cats and scroll through various pictures until Marwin falls asleep while still holding the iPad. Tops can’t believe they were just talking and now Marwin is asleep. So he grabs the iPad and reaches over Marwin to put it down, when Marwin wakes up. Tops just pulls his arm back after having put the iPad away then turns over and snuggles into the covers. Marwin does the same on his side of the bed.

That’s the end of Episode 12!