Ingredients: Episode 11 Confused

Marwin is telling a woman that her boyfriend has been pretty busy lately and that may be why he hasn’t responded to her text messages or picked up the phone. She quietly listens to him and doesn’t say anything. Marwin says that when she’s quiet he can’t figure out what’s going on for them to work it out.

Marwin says that she’s overthinking it. That’s when she decides to say that there are no messages or phone calls so how can she not overthink it. She says that if she doesn’t do anything then she wouldn’t even know about it. Tops comes into the room to hear her say that she’s an over thinker now. She says that it’s always been this way.

Tops gives Marwin some food that he had asked Tops to pick up from the store. Tops then goes upstairs leaving the distraught woman with Marwin. Marwin looks at the food then for Tops but the woman tells him to stop paying attention to that and pay attention to her instead.

Tops comes back down the stairs to hear Marwin asking how long she hasn’t been in contact with him. Tops just eavesdrops from the stairwell. The woman says that her boyfriend hasn’t contacted her in half a day but it’s always like that.

She says that it’s suspicious and it’s happened often so how can she be calm? She says that she keeps waiting without knowing anything. Marwin says that it’s not like that since it’s been half a day her boyfriend could just be busy. Tops is still listening.

She tells Marwin that, that’s how guys think. Marwin says that he understands her but she will probably end up hearing from him. Tops decides to finally enter the room. Tops asks what’s going on, only to be told that someone is heartbroken. Poor Tops has to ask who which leads to Marwin trying to point to the woman beside him with head and eye gestures.

It takes awhile but Tops gets it. Then the woman says that she’s hungry but very quietly so Marwin has to tell Tops what she said. Tops offers to cook something for her. Marwin says that he will leave that up to him then.

Marwin tells her that his friend will cook something good for her and that it will make her feel better. He also tells her that her boyfriend will call back. Tops begins making some yummy food.

When the food is ready Tops comes back into the room to ask if they will eat it out there or in the kitchen. Marwin says that she can eat it and then go home. The woman asks him who said she was going home? Marwin wants to know if she intends to sleep over at their place.

Marwin tells her it wouldn’t look good since there are two men there. Tops says that it’s actually quite late and dangerous. Marwin says that Tops is siding with the woman. Marwin offer her his room and asks Tops if he can sleep in his room for the night.

A few moments later she says that she’s going home. It’s such an abrupt turnaround that Marwin asks what changed her mind. Her boyfriend finally messaged her back, he was asleep and that’s why he didn’t respond earlier. The woman insists on going home even though it’s late. Tops asks if she wants the food, but she declines as her boyfriend is going to treat her to a meal to apologize.

As Marwin shows her out he tells her that if her boyfriend doesn’t contact her in half a day that she shouldn’t come back, she says that she will though. After she leaves Marwin tells Tops to bring him the food for broken hearted people as he’s been ditched.

Marwin comes into the kitchen to find the funny looking apple with a strawberry tongue and big eyes. He asks Tops why the food looks so funny.

Tops says that there’s no food for broken hearted people only food that may make them feel better. Marwin says that he doesn’t know if it will make him feel better as it looks like it’s asking for trouble. Marwin says that he feels like he just wants to crush it. He tells the little monster looking treat that his friend ditched him, does it understand that?

Tops tells him that he’s crazy and Marwin agrees with him. Then they both eat their apple monsters. Tops then asks Marwin if he still wants to sleep in his room with him. Marwin says that Nert (the woman finally has a name) has already left so why does he ask. Tops says that she shouldn’t have left as it’s late and dangerous.

Marwin says that it’s better that Nert left as now they get to eat the food that Tops prepared. They go back to eating the treat and Tops asks him if it tastes good and if he feels better. Marwin says it’s tastes good because it’s tongue is a strawberry. Marwin is definitely in a better mood though.

That’s the end of Episode 11!