Ingredients: Episode 10 Regret

Marwin is practicing on the guitar when he asks Tops, whom is outside watering the plants what his plans are for the next episode of Food Design (his YouTube channel).

Tops has no idea so he asks Marwin if he has any ideas that might interest him. Marwin admits that he doesn’t know a lot about delicious dishes as he’s usually all about the eating. While Tops is outside a stranger comes by asking to see Marwin. Tops tells the stranger to give him a moment as he puts the hose down then lets him in.

Marwin wonders why the person has come here. The person says that if he told Marwin he was coming, then he wouldn’t get to see him. He also says that Marwin is very hard to get a hold of by phone as well. Marwin then introduces the man to Tops as his younger brother Mark.

Tops leaves to go get Mark a glass of water. Marwin asks his brother if he came here alone. Mark says that he came with their mother but she’s on the phone in the car, he says that she will come in soon. Marwin asks if his brother has come over to go talk over the same things again, isn’t he tired of it yet?

Mark asks Marwin why he’s being so stubborn. Marwin wonders when his family will understand him, instead of talking over the same things again and again. Marwin says never mind then asks how they’ve been doing lately. Mark says that he’s been buys helping their mother with the business.

Marwin sarcastically says it’s good for him. Mark wonders why Marwin won’t go home and help their mom take care of the business. Marwin says that if he goes back, his mom will nag him to death which means he won’t be in the mood to write music. Mark asks him if he’s forgotten his way home.

Mark says that Marwin is always busy with his music, does he even take time to consider them? Marwin says that he will go back when he can. Marwin says that Mark is just saying the same old stuff again. Mark however is equally frustrated with his brother. That’s when their mom enters the room.

Marwin asks his mom why they both came. His mom tells him that he hasn’t been home in so long, that she had to come and see him. She says that if she didn’t come then she would have no idea how he was doing. Marwin says that it hasn’t been that long.

Mom hits Marwin with a bunch of questions most notably if he wears his face mask, and takes hand sanitizer with him all the time. Mark says that his brother is a grown man and that she never worries about him like that. Their mom says that she worries about both of them.

Marwin asks his mom why does she have to worry it’s nonsense. Tops arrives with a glass of water for his new guest. Marwin introduces his family to Tops. He tells his family that Tops is the person that lives with him. Then he says if that’s all they are there for, then they can leave.

Tops looks pretty uncomfortable, Mark says that they just got here and already Marwin is asking them to leave. Tops offers to cook them food despite Marwin’s objection of “no need, they’ll be leaving soon”. Tops is going to cook for them anyway.

Tops tells the guests that they should stay and chat with Marwin. Mark tells Marwin that he should come home at least once. Mark says that Marwin hasn’t become a world-renowned singer yet. Marwin admits that hasn’t happened yet. Mark asks him that if his dream does come true and if he has no one to share it with, would he be happy?

Marwin is upset that they are talking about this again while his brother calls him selfish. Their mom tries to referee the two of them by agreeing not to talk about it anymore. Marwin says that if they want to talk about it then they can just leave.

Marwin leaves the room and Tops is close behind him. They go out on the balcony and Tops taps Marwin with a wooden spoon telling him to calm down.

Tops tells Marwin to think about it and that there are no parents in this world that want something bad for their children. Tops tells Marwin that even though what his mom thinks may not be what he wants, it doesn’t mean that she has bad intentions.

Tops tells Marwin that he believes Marwin is trying to prove to his mom that he can do it and that he’s waiting for his mom to see that and be proud of him when he succeeds. Tops asks Marwin what good is being successful if you have no one left?

Marwin says that Tops doesn’t understand him (ouch!). Tops repeats the words then asks how he doesn’t understand him. Tops tells Marwin that he wants to have what Marwin has. Tops tells Marwin that there are a lot of people that wants what he has. Tops says wouldn’t it be better if they could make both work? Your dreams and your family.

Tops then puts his hand on Marwin’s shoulder for comfort before saying that he’s going back inside to cook. Before Tops leaves though he puts the wooden spoon under Marwin’s chin and tells him to not overthink it.

Tops cooks up some yummy dishes and Mark even helps to bring the food to the table. Tops yells at Marwin that the food is ready.

Mark comments that all the dishes were the same kind of food that their mother used to make for them when they were young. We get a brief flashback to their childhood where she made the food. In the present Marwin’s mom asks Tops why he made the food.

Tops admits his own mom made these dishes when he was young. When she asks him what his mother does now, Tops admits that she died. It looks like Marwin didn’t know that as he puts his hand on Tops’s shoulder to offer comfort. Tops says that it happened a long time ago and he’s okay.

Tops then points out a spicy dish to Mark asking if he’s okay to eat it. Mark says that he can and that he loves spicy food. A few moments later Marwin apologizes to his mom then tells her that he worries about her. Marwin is very emotional as he tells his mom that he didn’t mean what he said earlier. His mom tells him that she knows. Marwin then offers her to try some of the food and see if it’s as good as what she makes.

Mark then fights his brother over the last carrot. There’s some goo natured teasing over the food and everyone is a lot happier and more understanding of each other.

That’s the end of Episode 10!