Psych Hunter: Episode 32

The episode starts off with a man entering the room addressing another man in a hood as Liu Zhi. The man does wear the six fingered glove piece so maybe it’s him (but at this point who knows?) The man asks Liu Zhi how he is. Liu Zhi is more concerned with how the cargo is. The man says that the good are fine, he asks what their next steps are.

Liu Zhi says that they won’t move the goods until they see the Yin River. The man tells Liu Zhi not to worry and that they won’t be lost for long as they’ll get the map soon. Liu Zhi says that he’s always patient regarding youngsters. He tells the man that he hopes he corrects his own mistakes soon.

Roll those opening credits!

After the credits we go back to both Qin brothers as they fight. Yi Chi tells Yi Heng not to meddle in the deep waters of the port. Meanwhile outside Sergeant Bai is telling Mr. Gui that he has some character. Mr. Gui says that the police force tend to complicates things.

He says that he doesn’t know the other man and that he just stands guard here. Whatever the other man was thinking or going doesn’t concern him. Mr. Gui tells Sergeant Bai that if someone causes havoc on his turf and breaks his rice bowl today then they won’t be alive to eat anymore.

Xiao Hei pushes the man hard on the shoulder and asks if he knows whom he’s talking to. Xiao Hei says that they’re investigating but if the man wants to eat, Xiao Hei says that he will take him.. the man promptly says that he was joking and asks Xiao Hei not to get angry, he won’t make trouble.

The man then goes to stand elsewhere. Xiao Hei orders a few men to stand guard. A moment later he spots Mu Qing coming and informs Sergeant Bai that Ms. Yuan is there. Xiao Hei goes outside of the crime scene zone to meet Mu Qing and ask why she’s here.

Mu Qing tells Xiao Hei that she finished her work so she decided to stop by. Mu Qing asks him if they have talked to the porters yet but Xiao Hei says they haven’t. Mu Qing goes up to the nearest workers and asks them if they know Mr. Tang.

The worker says that they are and that they don’t think Mr. Tang was a bad guy. They say that whenever they work overtime, Mr. Tang would set up a stove and cook food for them, steamed buns as well. The workers say that he was alive and well last night. They heard that Mr. Tang has no kin either which means that there is no one to send him off.

Xiao Hei confirms that the workers saw Mr. Tang last night, the workers say that he arrived to do an inspection and arrived via rickshaw. Mu Qing asks if the goods could have been problematic. The workers reply that it’s just goods, how could there be a problem?

Meanwhile inside the building Yi Heng is fighting with his brother as he tries to open one of the crates. Yi Chi yells at Yi Heng that he will bring trouble to their family. Yi Heng insists that he’s actually helping the family. He then uses the crowbar on the crate to open it while Yi Chi’s hand is still in the way.

Yi Heng opens the crates to find ordinary items in them. This is confusing. Yi Chi has completely lost all control and yells at Yi Heng to ask if he’s happy now? Does he want to open the packets too? Yi Heng is wondering if everything is normal then why did his brother try so hard to stop him from looking. Yi Heng is about to leave when he decides to open another crate instead. He then gets hit by a (blanket?) as a bunch of kids jump out and run off. Yi Heng yells for Bai Kai to catch them.

They do manage to catch the kids though then take them back to police HQ. Once there Sergeant Bai orders his men to check the files for missing children reports. The incompetent officer Zhu goes after the kids a bit hard until Mu Qing scolds him. Then he steals some of the food that is intended for the children, Mu Qing does slap his hand for it though.

Mu Qing tells the children that they are safe with her, but she can’t get them to talk either or even show interest in a lollipop. Jiang Shuo tells her to stop trying then takes the lollipop and sticks it in his mouth while pulling out the copper coins and throwing them into the Psych.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng enter the Psych on a boat shaped like a leaf that opens up on hinges to reveal them. They see the children in another boat and Jiang Shuo makes a comment.. unfortunately there’s no noise. When the two realize it, Jiang Shuo points to Yi Heng to mime asking if he can vocalize.. but no, they are both rendered mute in the Psych.

Then there’s a bit of charades going on, then a bit of fighting as they are both frustrated while trying to understand each other. They both then hear the copper coins and wake up in the real world.

Jiang Shuo complains once Yi Heng wakes up that he shouldn’t have hit him. Yi Heng says that they couldn’t communicate with each other making the situation dangerous. Mu Qing asks them if they met with danger. Jiang Shuo says it was a first for him, when they entered the Psych they couldn’t hear or speak.

Yi Heng suggests that the children might have suffered trauma from being held captive for so long. Mu Qing asks if there is anything they can do, Yi Heng tells her that the children just need time to recuperate. Sergeant Bai wonders where they will place the children in the meantime. Mu Qing offers her house since her Aunt and Uncle love children.

Mu Qing tells the children that there are lots of fun things at her house including chocolate and dolls. They still don’t move without prompting though. As Mu Qing is guiding the children out, Jiang Shuo looks a little worried though so she tells him to stop worrying. After they leave Jiang Shuo wonders what the motive for the perpetrator was. After all Mr. Tang is dead now and a bunch of children are now free.

Jiang Shuo wonders if the person was trying to do something good. Sergeant Bai reminds Jiang Shuo that someone didn’t have to die to set the children free. Yi Heng says that if Mr. Tang was a human trafficker then his job would have been to distract others while he was working.

Yi Heng wonders if the timing could have worked for the murderer. Jiang Shuo asks Qin’er if he thinks his brother received benefits from Mr. Tang. Jiang Shuo goes on about the Qin family port when Sergeant Bai makes a noise of clearing his throat basically telling Jiang Shuo to shut up.

There’s an awkward silence before Xiao Hei comes into the room. Xiao Hei reports that they checked everywhere but couldn’t find anything. Xiao Hei wonders if the person is godlike since there’s no information to be found. Sergeant Bai tells him that’s rubbish as no human can be a god.

Yi Heng gets up and is about to leave when Jiang Shuo stops him to ask where he’s going. Yi Heng says that he’s going to go question his brother. Jiang Shuo stops him to ask why he would, since they don’t have any evidence yet. Jiang Shuo says that they will get him soon enough. Jiang Shuo suggests that they search Mr. Tang’s house first.

The phone rings. Officer Zhu answers only to inform Sergeant Bai that it’s General Yuan on the phone. Sergeant Bai runs over to take the phone. General Yuan tells him to investigate the case throughly no matter where the case may lead or to whom. Sergeant Bai hangs up the phone after getting his orders from the General, he then orders his men to go to the port.

Over at the Yuan mansion, Mu Qing asks her aunt if she’s tired since she was cleaned up the children then played with them, without having her usual nap. Her aunt says that she’s not tired and is just happy to be of help. Her aunt wonders what kind of shock the children went through though as they have been like this for a while now.

Mu Qing tells her Wan Shu Xuan that they will be fine. Mu Qing had sent someone to buy her aunt her favourite desserts so Mu Qing offers her Wan Shu Xuan one to try. Her aunt wonders where Mu Qing went earlier as she’s very sweaty now. Mu Qing says that she was out investigating, her aunt tells her to get cleaned up in her room and to try on the new bangle her Wan Shu Xuan has bought her.

Mu Qing is quite excited to have a new accessory to check out. Her aunt is concerned however about how Mu Qing is an unmarried woman and that she brought so many kids to their house, she’s afraid General Yuan will be angry when he sees them. Mu Qing says that she already talked to her father and that she will send the kids away when the case is done, for now she must trouble her Wan Shu Xuan.

Her Aunt tells her that she doesn’t mind as they are children in need. Then Wan Shu Xuan asks Mu Qing what’s going on with her and her crush. Mu Qing tells her aunt not to talk about it, as her crush is a piece of wood. She says that he doesn’t know anything. Her Aunt tells her that there are two kinds of men, the cultivated ones and the uncultivated ones. If Mu Qing has an uncultivated one, then she must cultivated him.

Mu Qing tells her Wan Shu Xuan that she’s inexperienced at this and asks her Aunt to teach her slowly. Mu Qing then tells the children to come and eat, she even tells them that there are sweets available however the kids just stand in a line staring in the opposite direction and don’t move a muscle.

At the docks the police are aiming weapons at the workers when Mr. Wan drives up. Yi Chi comes out to greet Mr. Wan and officer Zhu wonders what made Mr. Wan come down to the port. Mr. Wan apparently came to pick up a pearl necklace that Yi Chi had for him. Yi Chi tells him that something has happened at the port today.

Yi Chi says that he’s embarrassed. Officer Zhu explains to Mr. Wan that the police need to search the cargo boxes to see if there are any more children inside however Mr. Qin has been stopping them from doing so. Mr. Wan says that the police have their reasons so why doesn’t he put his seal on Mr. Qin’s boxes so that no one can open them without his permission. (That’s not shady at all.)

Yi Chi says that Mr. Wan is General Yuan’s confidante, chairman of the Changshanzhou Commerce and he’s in charge of all the ports in Changshanzhou so with him as a guarantor, Yi Chi says that he has nothing to say. Mr. Wan then asks if he can go pick out the pearl necklace now. The officers are then left to mark the boxes with the Wan seal.

Yi Chi leads Mr. Wan to a secluded area, inside one of the buildings where they meet with Liu Zhi. Mr. Wan asks Liu Zhi how he is. Liu Zhi is more concerned with how the cargo is. The man says that the good are fine, he asks what their next steps are.

Liu Zhi says that they won’t move the goods until they see the Yin River. The man tells Liu Zhi not to worry and that they won’t be lost for long as they’ll get the map soon. Liu Zhi says that he’s always patient regarding youngsters. He tells the man that he hopes he corrects his own mistakes soon.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng are checking out Mr. Tang’s place. Jiang Shuo comments that it’s very clean and when he investigates the closet he says that Mr. Tang is cleaner than Yi Heng. Yi Heng says that means that Mr. Tang must have been very problematic.. Jiang Shuo teases Yi Heng by saying that “you knew?” Which makes Yi Heng throw him a look from across the room.

Jiang Shuo says that it will be hard to find clues in such a clean place. Mu Qing finally catches up to them and wonders if they have found anything yet? Jiang Shuo just points to the closet. Mu Qing asks the servant if he cleaned up the place for Mr. Tang. The servant says that Mr. Tang was mysophobic (germs phobia) so he didn’t like anyone to touch his stuff, if they did then he would throw it out.

The servant says that Mr. Tang did all the tidying himself. The servant said that Mr. Tang would only buy one set of fruits for his meals as well and that it was difficult to talk to him. Yi Heng asks the man who Mr. Tang interacted with regularly then. The servant says that Mr. Tang was unmarried and he’s never seen Mr. Tang’s friends. It was said that Qin Huai had three good friends.

The servant says that perhaps Mr. Tang had good friends but if so, they never came to the house. Yi Heng asks about Mr. Tang’s hobbies or where Mr. Tang would normally go, that’s when Jiang Shuo finds something in one of the desks.

Jiang Shuo brings over his find to the others to ask what it is. The servant says that it’s a locker key for Sakura Onsen. He says that Mr. Tang went there a lot, nothing could stop him from going to that onsen house everyday. The servant points to the key and says that it belongs to the owner of that house and she is very beautiful.

Jiang Shuo asks the location of the onsen house which is nearby. The group then leaves to go investigate.

Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng go to the onsen house where the host apologizes for the slow service. He says that miss Sakurako isn’t in today. The host then tells them that they prepare lockers for their regular customers and hands them a key to one. The host says that he’ll leave to give them their privacy and does just that.

Once the host leaves, Jiang Shuo hands the key he was just given over to Yi Heng then pulls out Mr. Tang’s key and goes to his locker instead. Inside the locker Jiang Shuo finds two Tiang Sheng Port receipts. Yi Heng says that as expected Mr. Tang was not at the onsen house to have a bath. Jiang Shuo wonders if the receipts were used to collect goods.

Yi Heng says that logically Mr. Tang would have handled lots of goods so why are there only two receipts in the locker? One of the receipts was for yesterday and that cargo was the kids, the other one is set for tomorrow, could it be kids as well? Yi Heng suggest that they leave for now and check the port tomorrow.

Jiang Shuo says that since they are there anyway they may as well take a dip. He also mentions that they could search for more clues.

As the two are in bathrobes walking down the hallway, Yi Heng stops Jiang Shuo. They peer into a room where they see Ms. Sakurako being intimate with Mr. Gui. Jiang Shuo wonders why the host said she wasn’t in the building. Jiang Shuo reminds Yi Heng that Mr. Tang favoured the lady boss as well.

Jiang Shuo says that he can’t really can’t see why, is she that beautiful? Yi Heng then sneaks another peek which is when Jiang Shuo snaps his fingers in front of his face to regain his attention. He asks Yi Heng if he also likes the woman. Yi Heng says that he was actually looking at Gui’s tattoo, if you just look at the lines it looks like a leaf much like that tattoo by Mr.Tang’s ear.

Jiang Shuo ponders that the leaf tattoo, the fact that both men visit the same onsen house and are intimate with the lady boss. Jiang Shuo says that it’s complicated and that they should discuss it more at the station. Yi Heng tells him that on the night of the murder Mr. Tang also took a rickshaw and tells Jiang Shuo to have Mu Qing investigate it.

They take one more look around the corner before leaving.

Xiao Quan takes Mu Qing via rickshaw to the other rickshaw drivers and makes the introductions. He then tells the other drivers that Ms. Yuan has some questions for them. Mu Qing asks them which one drove Mr. Tang that night. None of the drivers there did, so they say it must have been Si and that she should talk to Si.

Mu Qing bribes them to clarify things. A driver takes the money and says that Mr. Tang was kind and generous but he never spoke much with the drivers so if she wants to know about him she has to ask Si. Mr. Tang liked Si a lot and always requested him. Mu Qing offers more money to be taken to Si.

It starts to rain by the time Mu Qing arrives to find Si. He’s with his daughter, she refuses to get out of his rickshaw because she doesn’t want him to work in the rain. Si tells his daughter that he can get many customer while it’s raining out. Mu Qing comes up to them and praises Nan nan (the daughter) for being a good girl.

Her father makes Nan nan thank the older sister for her praise. The little girl offers Mu Qing her snack while begging her not to make her father work in the rain. Mr. Si quickly tells Mu Qing not to misunderstand as rickshaw pullers never make it home on time so his daughter misses him everyday.

He tells Mu Qing that there was even a time where his daughter followed him for a long while, when he was working. Mu Qing gives the daughter a snack then asks to speak to Si a little more privately. They go a small distance away before Mu Qing asks him if he’s the same Si that usually drove around Mr. Tang on his rickshaw.

He asks her who she is, Mu Qing promptly replies that she’s police and that there was a murder at the port yesterday. Mu Qing tells him that the victim is Mr. Tang himself. This surprises Mr. Si as he just saw the man last night. Mu Qing asks if anything unusual happened when he went to fetch Mr. Tang.

Mr. Si tells Mu Qing that normally Mr. Tang would chat with him, last night he never said a word though. Mr. Si also says that Mr. Tang seemed to be depressed about something.

At the police station Xiao Hei is holding two drawings of the tattoos and he’s wondering how Yi Heng can be so sure when Mr. Gui has so many tattoos on his body, it could just be a coincidence that the tattoos are similar. Yi Heng says that the details are the same and that it was drawn in the same stencil by the same tattoo artist. If it had been drawn by someone else then the lines and the shape wouldn’t match so exactly.

Jiang Shuo comments that Mr. Tang was hiding that tattoo behind his ear while Mr. Gui is hiding his amongst other tattoos which means that they are both hiding something. Sergeant Bai asks Jiang Shuo if he’s hinting that the two men knew each other.

Sergeant Bai then goes to order Officer Zhu and Xiao Hei to bring in Mr. Gui for interrogation but Jiang Shuo stops him. Jiang Shuo says that Mr. Tang’s death possibly implicates many others as well, so if they grab Mr. Gui then they could alert those other people at the same time.

Jiang Shuo suggests dividing their forces with the police looking into his background. Jiang Shuo and Yi Heng will investigate the tattoo at the port. Jiang Shuo reminds Sergeant Bai that Mr. Gui isn’t clean. After that the officers leave the room.

The workers a the port tell Jiang Shuo that Mr. Gui pockets every penny that they earn. They also tell them that Mr. Tang’s death was actually beneficial for Mr. Gui. Jiang Shuo says that Master Gui is at the top now and wonders what his background was, was he strong? The dock workers laugh and say that he was actually a beggar in the past.

The workers say that he fought and killed mercilessly. Jiang Shuo says that’s spooky. The workers wonder if Jiang Shuo thought that the tattoos were merely decoration, it’s said he would get a new tattoo for every person that he killed from a young tattoo artist on Dragon Street.

Yi Heng has been playing with his family ring and when he hears from the workers that if it weren’t for the Qin family, Mr. Gui would wreck havoc at the port.. he tugs the ring right off his finger. Jiang Shuo looks like he was about to choke on his food when the worker mentioned it.

Jiang Shuo quickly urges the workers to eat. Jiang Shuo tries to get Yi Heng to eat something too but his mood is cranky level. Jiang Shuo just says that Yi Heng doesn’t like it, so he’ll eat it for him instead and redirects the attention to himself.

At the tattoo parlour the artist says that all of Mr. Gui’s rich decorations and golden dragon were made by him. He tells Xiao Hei that he didn’t break any taboos. Jiang Shuo asks about the taboos in the tattoo world and apparently there are quite a few of them. For example a person that wants love can’t get a tattoo for wealth, he also can’t finish it in one day.

Yi Heng asks about leaf tattoos and the artist says that they are forbidden to do leaf tattoos. They want to know why but the artist at first doesn’t say. Jiang Shuo puts some money on the table (taken from Yi Heng’s pocket at some point). The man honestly doesn’t know except that it came down from the senior tattoo artists that it’s forbidden. If they want to know about it, they will have to go ask him. After gaining the location the team leaves.

The location is an abandoned temple on the outskirts of the city. It looks super creepy and Jiang Shuo appears to be the only with a flashlight. They start to look around but Xiao Hei is scared and he steps on some broken (pottery?) making everyone jump a little. Yi Heng tells Xiao Hei that they will look around and meet him at the door in 30 minutes.

The two go to investigate what appears to be a sleeping spot only to find no one is there. A dog however jumps out of nowhere and knocks the flashlight out of Jiang Shuo’s hands. The dog looks pretty proud of himself for it too.

Well after the cute ball of puppy fluff does that Jiang Shuo says there’s someone behind him.. it’s Yi Heng. It’s unclear if the was Jiang Shuo trying to prank Yi Heng into being startled or if he truly thought something was up. Just then Yi Heng hears something and motions for Jiang Shuo to be quiet.

An old man walks into the building and it doesn’t take much to figure out that he’s the grand master tattoo artist. They ask him about the leaf tattoo but the man just says that it’s a taboo and he doesn’t know anything. That’s when Jiang Shuo tells the man that Mr. Tang died at the port and had a leaf tattoo. The old man laughs after hearing that Mr. Tang is dead he tells Jiang Shuo that it was well done.

The man says that it comes late though, then asks why the heavens were as blind as him for all these years. The master artist says that he hasn’t forgotten anyone that has the leaf tattoo and that they all deserve to die.

Sergeant Bai meanwhile goes to pay Mr. Gui a visit only to find out from the guys there that he’s not in. Sergeant Bai asks where he is and at first they are vague saying that Mr. Gui is busy these days. Sergeant Bai presses the matter and his tone basically says tell me what I want to know or else. So they say that Mr. Gui is busy at the port.

However since they weren’t clear, Sergeant Bai tells them that his poor gun has a tendency to misfire, then he loads it and points at them to ask the question once more of why is Mr. Gui busy. Unfortunately the first guy really doesn’t know but the guy beside him slips up so Sergeant Bai points the gun at him and repeats the question. The guy says that Mr. Tang was expecting a shipment tomorrow but it came tonight instead and Mr. Gui wanted to pocket it for himself.

Sergeant Bai sends a man to let the others at the temple know when Officer Zhu says it will be better if he goes instead. Sergeant Bai lets him.

The tattoo grand master lights a candle for Yi Heng and Jiang Shuo saying that the candle itself has been around for over a year possibly two as he only lights it when there are visitors. There is a lot of candle left though. The master says that he hates the leaf tattooed people.

Apparently after the tattoo artist finished the leaf tattoos the man stabbed his eyes with a needle leaving him blind. This is why he made his disciples swear not to do any leaf tattoos lest they have the same fate as him. Officer Zhu comes yelling for the group scaring the old man, he quickly writes the character for Shi as in persimmons on Jiang Shuo’s hand with his finger before running away.

Sergeant Bai is at the port and orders his men to inspect the cargo when Mr. Gui tries to act tough, Sergeant Bai pulls out his gun and tells him that he will shut up forever if he doesn’t get out of the way. (Bai Kai has had enough of your shit).

Yi Heng arrives without Jiang Shuo to ask about the situation. Sergeant Bai says that it’s all ordinary stuff in Mr. Tang’s shipment so far. He then asks where Jiang Shuo is (where is the more interesting half?) Yi Heng says that they have other plans.

Yi Heng spots his brother across the way doing something with cargo. He tells Sergeant Bai not to wait for him then goes to spy on his brother. Yi Chi sends the cargo off then warns his lead henchman to not let any of the workers leak about the cargo tonight, then he drives off. Yi Heng hires a rickshaw puller so that he can follow along behind his brother.

Yi Heng follows his brother to a mansion where his brother then dismisses all the servants. When they have left, Yi Chi closes the doors then checks the boxes which contain guns.

Jiang Shuo meanwhile is undercover being a rickshaw puller for Mr. Gui. He takes Mr.Gui to an onsen house, once Mr. Gui goes inside then Jiang Shuo tries to follow him but the other rickshaw pullers stop him. They want to know which route he runs since he’s a new face. Jiang Shuo says that he came from the port.

That leaves the others to wonder to whom did he notify then? Jiang Shuo asks if he was supposed to notify someone. He then hands over some money to both of them in order to smooth things over before heading inside the onsen house.

Poor Jiang Shuo searched the onsen house just to find Mr. Gui dead in the bath.. poor Jiang Shuo.

Some time later Jiang Shuo is questioning the lady boss while Yi Heng checks out the body. He asks her if anyone else came in before Mr. Gui but the woman says that it’s late so no one would be there. Jiang Shuo lets her know that they are aware of her intimacy with Mr. Gui so even if there was no one else that leaves her. She quickly denies having done anything though.

Jiang Shuo asks her then if she has a witness to prove her innocence. She wonders how to do that, then says that she is just a weak a woman so how could she kill Mr. Gui. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo that it couldn’t have been her as Mr. Gui’s neck is completely broken the same way as Mr. Tang.

Yi Heng says that it’s the same murderer and that the break is a clean one from someone that was trained to do it. Yi Heng tells Jiang Shuo to look at her arms as they have no muscles on them therefore she couldn’t have been trained. The lady says that the two men were regulars at the house but didn’t interact with the staff any more than necessary.

Jiang Shuo says it’s his fault as he was too late.

Mu Qing is investigating the lady boss’s room. The waiter says that they never entered it though, Mu Qing tells him to relax as he’s not a suspect. She tells the waiter to wait at the door. As she’s investigating the room she notices that there are a lot of dolls in the room. She then goes to the dresser to rummage through the documents.

Mu Qing finds a picture of a girl child with an adult hidden in one of the books. She calls the waiter over to ask him who the child is in relation to the owner. He says that it’s her daughter. Mu Qing says that’s odd as she’s never seen a child with the lady boss. The waiter says he only knows because he saw her take the child onto the streets.

He says that he doesn’t think that Mr. Gui or Mr. Tang knew about it though. The waiter wonders if the child is illegitimate, Mu Qing tells him to watch his mouth. Mu Qing does know that she’s seen that child somewhere before though…

That’s the end of Episode 32!! There’s only 36 episodes in the series so we’re almost to the finish line.