Ingredients: Episode 8 Extraordinary

Tops is doing something in the kitchen when Marwin and someone else arrive.

Marwin makes sure that the visitor uses the alcohol gel so that they don’t spread germs. Marwin asks Tops what he’s up to. Tops says that he’s looking for something so he can cook food. Marwin says that’s great because he’s hungry.

Marwin introduces the stranger as Max. After he introduces Tops, Max wonders if it’s the same Tops that Marwin was talking about on the phone the other day, the guy that was sick. We get a quick flashback to when Max wasn’t helpful at all while Tops was sick.

Max asks if Tops is feeling better and Tops tells him that it wasn’t a big deal. Marwin can’t believe what he just heard, repeating that it wasn’t that bad will laughing nervously.

Tops says that they should enjoy themselves while he cooks something for them. Marwin asks Max if he was sent home, or if he came back himself. Max says that he was forced to come back as they want him to self quarantine at home. He says that otherwise there would be a problem with his visa and the rent there is very expensive.

Marwin asks what Max did then. Max says that he just stayed home and created content. Marwin teases him that he just stayed home and chill. Marwin says that if he’s not busy he can always stay with him and Tops. Marwin tells him that he’s never gone hungry because Tops always makes him taste his food whenever he cooks.

Meanwhile Tops is still looking for something but he doesn’t seem to have much luck so far. Marwin goes on to say that whenever Tops makes something new, he makes Marwin try it. Marwin asks Max what he’s in the mood for and Max says anything but vegetables.

Marwin says that he doesn’t eat vegetables either then asks Tops if he can make something without veggies. Tops says that he’ll see what he can do.

Marwin asks Max about his YouTube channel, Max says that he keeps up with it to make his free time more productive during the quarantine and that it’s great fun. Marwin says that he noticed Max has a lot of views on it lately. Max says that it’s story telling and that people like that kind of stuff.

Tops comes over with a glass of water for their guest. Marwin wonders why he didn’t get a glass of water. Tops asks him what he wants then. (Tops is not your servant!!) Marwin says that he’ll just have water too. He then tells Max that he was going to create his own YouTube channel but he can’t pick the right time. However he created one for Tops called Food Design.

Marwin tells Max that it was his idea. He says that they didn’t have to go out and buy stuff as they could just order online. So that they could just stay home and cook. Marwin is busy showing Max the YouTube channel and missing Tops doing his cooking magic in the kitchen.

Marwin says that it feels like a lot of people were doing it at the time, however Tops is an amazing cook, Marwin jokes that Max can’t tell Tops that though. Tops of course can hear them talking and has a small smile from the compliment. Marwin says that he’s really good but quite shy.

Marwin says that he felt that Tops was so could that he should go out there and show other people his talent. Tops says that the food is ready and Marwin asks him what took so long (UNGRATEFUL!!) Tops says that it actually didn’t take that long.

Marwin says that it was pretty slow but he thinks it will be good. (I want to slap Marwin..) Tops says that it wasn’t slow, he just didn’t have all the ingredients. Max says that it looks pretty good and that he’s going to subscribe to Tops’s YouTube channel.

Tops was going to tell Max about the food but Marwin just cuts him off and says that if let Tops talk then it will be awhile before they get to eat. Tops says that he will go get clean the kitchen. Marwin is about to dig into the food when Tops makes him sanitize his hands again. Marwin complains that he already did that when he came in, does he have to do it every second?

Tops comes back to sit down to find that the other two have almost eaten all of it. Tops is confused because he thought that they didn’t like vegetables. Now it’s their turn to be confused because they thought the deep fried bit was chicken.. it was actually Cauliflower.

The noodles were beetroot pesto (explains why it was so red). Tops says it covers the smell of the vegetables, then there was old Amsterdam cheese which covers the smell of the beetroot. There is no smell from the cauliflower of course because it was deep fried.

The other two are completely surprised by all the information and the fact that they were eating vegetables. Tops jokes about it being a trick. Marwin says that he surrenders, then goes back to eating. Tops wonders why there was a piece by itself and Marwin tells him that they saved it for him in case he was hungry.

Marwin offers Tops a bit of food only to turn around and eat it himself. Tops tells Marwin that vegetables are good for your health, Marwin tells him to tell that to Max. Tops says that he’s saying it to both of them. Marwin tells Tops that he’s too fussy. Tops says that he’s not fussy, he’s just worried about him.

Max has now figured out that they are basically together without being together, or so the expression on his face says. Marwin says that if Tops is that worried about him then he should cook vegetable dishes like this more often.

Tops agrees to do that then, which is when he notices that Marwin has a bit of something on the corner of his mouth. Tops reaches over to wipe it off. Marwin asks if Tops isn’t embarrassed to be wiping off his mouth in front of people.. Tops just gives a shy smile. Meanwhile Max is on to their couple like behaviour.

That’s the end of Episode 8!