Ingredients: Episode 7 Caring

Marwin is practicing guitar when he checks his phone, noticing that it’s later in the day, Marwin wonders if Tops still wants to go, because if he is then they will be late.

Marwin sends Tops a text to see if he still wants to go then continues to play on his guitar. After awhile he notices that Tops hasn’t replied to his message, he hasn’t even read the message yet. It’s almost noon so Marwin yells at Tops asking if he still wants to go. There’s no answer so Marwin decides to go check on him.

Marwin goes into Tops’s room calling out his name and telling him that they are going to be late. Tops isn’t even out of bed yet and shows no signs of waking up. Marwin tries to gently shake Tops awake but it’s not working. Marwin quickly compares their body temperature finding that Tops feels very hot.

Marwin is really worried now and starts to look for the thermometer that Tops keeps in his desk. Marwin does find it though, then he has to coax Tops into opening his mouth for it.

Tops has a high fever since the thermometer reads 39 degrees Celsius. (Only Americans use Fahrenheit). Marwin quickly runs to get a cooling gel patch to place on Tops’s forehead. He then calls his friend Max for help but Max can’t be bothered to stop by.

Marwin doesn’t know what to do, so he manages to get Tops up and take him to the hospital.

At the hospital Marwin falls asleep on the couch next to Tops’s hospital bed. He rolls off it in his sleep, landing with a loud thud which wakes them both up.

Even though Marwin is hurt from his fall, he’s glad to see that Tops is awake. Tops wonders if Marwin carried him to the hospital himself. Marwin complains that no one would help him as Max said he was too busy. The doctor told Marwin that Tops has Dengue fever. Tops says that Marwin was probably scared that it was COVID-19. Marwin claims that he wasn’t. (Liar).

Marwin quickly checks his phone which prompts Tops to ask what time it is, he remembers that Marwin had a rehearsal today. Marwin says that it’s just a minor rehearsal but Tops tells him that he should go. Tops tells Marwin not to worry about him. Marwin says that he should stay in case Tops needs something.

Tops tells Marwin that it’s okay he can go, if he needs anything he can just call the nurse. When Marwin remains silent, Tops says that the silence means that Marwin was truly worried about him. Marwin agrees to leave but says that he will back as soon as he can. Tops tells him he can come back tomorrow and go home to rest tonight, he also reminds him to eat something.

Marwin tells Tops to keep his phone near him and text him if he needs anything. Marwin doesn’t want to leave so he asks Tops again if he’s sure he’ll be okay by himself.

Then next day Marwin attempts to cook. Marwin isn’t having an easy time of it and he wonders how Tops can do it so easily.

When Marwin arrives, Tops asks him what time it is. Marwin says that it’s a bit past seven. Tops is surprised that the hospital allowed visitors so early in the morning. Marwin admits that he got there earlier but no one would let him in.

Tops asks Marwin to open the room’s blinds for him. While Marwin is doing that, Tops struggles a little to sit up. Tops asks Marwin if he got any sleep, Marwin responds that he did otherwise he wouldn’t be there. Tops is surprised as Marwin usually doesn’t wake up that early.

Marwin tells Tops to just know that he did get some sleep. He then asks Tops if he’s eaten anything yet. Tops says that he hasn’t as he just woke up. Marwin then goes to the foot of the bed to adjust it to the sitting up position for Tops.

Marwin then pulls out the hospital table so that Tops can put his water glass on it. Marwin then sets down the Tupperware of food. Tops asks what it is and Marwin says that it’s his food. Tops asks him where he bought it from. Marwin claims that he bought it from around here.

Tops makes a strange face after tasting it though, so Marwin asks if it’s too hot. Tops says that’s not the case, he asks Marwin if it’s rice porridge. Marwin says that it is, which leads Tops to wonder why it tastes so weird…

Marwin wonders how it could taste weird since he got everything right including the ingredients and cooking time. He quickly corrects himself saying that’s what the lady he bought it from told him.

However Tops can see the burn marks on Marwin’s hands.

So Tops says that he can eat it. Marwin asks if he’s sure and Marwin says that he can, he’ll try a bit of the salmon now. However once Tops takes a look at the salmon he’s not so sure. Marwin goes to take it away from him but Tops says that it’s fine. He then asks Marwin to call the nurse for him as they haven’t brought him his breakfast yet.

Marwin says that Tops can’t eat it right? Tops says that he was just kidding and that the salmon is only a little burnt. Marwin says that if he as good at cooking as Tops, then corrects himself to day the if the lady was as good at cooking as Tops.

Tops asks Marwin if he’s going to keep lying. Marwin finally admits he made the food and wishes that he was as good a cook as Tops so that Tops could eat some good food now. Tops tells him that he can’t play the guitar or sing as well as him either.

Tops says that it’s like food, different ingredients give you different flavours. Some are good, some are bad but when you mix them altogether, it comes out unexpectedly good. Marwin laughs and asks Tops if these ingredients make a perfect combination. Tops gives him the spoon and tells him to try it.

Marwin says that it’s okay since he made it for Tops so he can eat it. Tops wonders if Marwin even tasted it first. Marwin says how could he do that when he rushed over there. Tops again teases Marwin by asking him to call the nurse over for him.

Marwin teases him back by saying that he will lock Tops in the room until he finishes the salmon.

That’s the end of Episode 7!