A Tale of a Thousand Stars: Episode 10 Part 3

Tian comes down the breakfast table when the maid asks whether he will have rice or porridge. Tian says no thanks as he will eat outside. His father tells him to sit down and eat here as they have something they want to discuss with him.

Tian tells her that he’ll have rice, then he joins his parents at the table. His father says that they have talked, his mother has agreed to let Tian study education. Tian is ecstatic and promptly thanks his mom.

The bad news is that his mom wants him to study in America. His mom says that even some of her friend’s kids couldn’t get into that school. Tian tells her that there are many good institutions in Thailand. However his father says that his mom already agreed to let him study education so he should just do as she says.

His father tells him to eat his food. Tian is no longer anywhere near happy though.

Later Tian is outside sitting by the pool with Phupha’s kite blowing in the breeze. That’s when the maid says that Tian has gotten a letter. Tian thinking that it’s from Phupha, is very excited however after he opens it, he realizes that it’s an invitation to Dr. Nam’s wedding. Which is nice but not what he wanted.

Dr. Nam’s invitation says that Tian should come as someone wants to see him.

Meanwhile Dr. Nam is in the midst of wedding preparations when he talks to Phupha on the phone asking if he will be coming to the wedding. Phupha says that he’s not sure he can make it, as he’s very busy with wildfire training.

Dr. Nam says that he’s only going to get married once, he’s also reserved two seats at his wedding for Phupha. Phupha asks him why 2 seats? Dr. Nam says one for him, and one for his volunteer teacher of course. Dr. Nam says that he sent Tian an invitation as well so Phupha had better dress up and come to his wedding. Of course that makes Phupha hang up on him.

Tian’s mom comes into his room and asks why he’s so dressed up. Tian says that he doesn’t do it often, but it’s for a senior’s wedding of a friend that he met in the village. She tells Tian that since he came back, he barely goes out so this event must be really important to him. Tian agrees that it is.

Phupha and the other forest rangers do manage to make it to Dr. Nam’s wedding. Dr. Nam teases Phupha by asking if he’s introduced his beast of his best friend. Phupha asks if they’re going to get their photos taken or not.

Dr. Nam says that Phupha dressed up so nicely did he really want to take photos with them or someone else? Phupha says that if Dr. Nam doesn’t want to take a photo with him, then he’ll leave. Dr. Nam says that there’s no rush since “he’s” not here yet. Phupha insists that he only came for the wedding though.

Tian arrives and thinks that he sees Phupha only for the person to turn around and be someone else. Tian goes to Dr. Nam and his wife and they snap a quick photo. Dr. Nam says that Tian is dressed so nicely that he can’t see the volunteer teacher anymore. Tian says that Dr. Nam cleans up nicely as well.

Dr. Nam notices that Tian keeps looking around and asks him if he’s looking for his friend. Unlike Phupha though, Tian freely admits to it. Dr. Nam says that Phupha was there but something urgent came up so he had to leave. (DANG!!!)

Tian wonders what could have been so urgent, but Dr. Nam says that he doesn’t know. Tian says that maybe Phupha just doesn’t want to see him. Tian tells Dr. Nam that Phupha had told Tian to forget about him, Tian thinks maybe that’s what Phupha is doing now. Dr. Nam gets called away by his wife but not before he gets Tian’s cellphone number.

Tian does see Yod and Rang though. They catch up for a little bit, the kids are grown up now so they talk a little about that. In the background we can see that Phupha is still there and just avoiding Tian. Phupha does leave the party without Tian seeing him.

Tian goes back home to stare longingly at the kite before heading off to his room. Tian grabs the documents his mother showed him earlier as he fights the tears coming from his broken heart.

The next day, Tian writes again to Phupha this time to tell him that this will probably be his last letter to him. He tells Phupha that he’s going to go study in the U.S. While he’s packing his mom asks if he’s taking the shirt with him.

Tian says that it might not keep him as warm as the sweaters but it does keep his heart warm (shirt from Longtae)

Tian then continues to writing to Phupha saying that at first he thought the distance would make him forget something there, but then he realized that there was not enough distance to make him forget Phupha.

Tian says that he hopes his next step can finally put enough distance that he can eventually forget everything that happened and instead think of it as a story to help him sleep soundly at night but never really existed. Tian also finally takes down the kite.

The next morning Tian is wearing Phupha’s jacket while he makes himself a cup of the (product placement) coffee. He even makes two cups of it. Tian remembers when Phupha used coffee as a line to flirt with him. He looks at his packed luggage then clinks his mug with the other mug before drinking.

That’s the end of A Tale of 1000 Stars: Episode 10 Part 3!