Ingredients: Episode 6 Helpful

Marwin and Tops are looking at cooking videos on the tablet. Marwin comments on some of the styles the cooking hosts use in their home made videos.

He asks Tops why he doesn’t do it too. He says that Tops is really good at cooking and his looks… Tops finishes by saying good. Marwin tells him that he was going to say pretty. Tops says that it looks pretty interesting but he’s not that confident.

Marwin tells him that if he’s not confident in his cooking then he can assure Tops that his cooking is quite good. Tops asks for some time to think about it but Marwin says that they’ll just do it right now.

They go to the fridge where Marwin is disappointed to find out that they only have eggs, so they must have to go out for groceries. Tops says that they can actually make a lot of dishes with just eggs. Marwin is surprised to hear that but then he’s happy that they can start filming right away then.

Tops tells the camera that today they will be making an egg dish, they will be using the eggs to make soufflé pancake. Marwin stops him there as he feels that Tops isn’t very relaxed. He says it’s probably because it’s just the first take though.

Marwin suggest that he relaxes by taking a deep breath. Tops wonders if that will work, Marwin assures him that it will. Marwin says that he believes in him. Then they go for take 2.

Now Tops is a bit flustered though, he stumbles over his words, Tops even stammers a bit. Marwin stops recording again to tell Tops that he isn’t relaxed enough and that he’s stammering (not helpful at all). Marwin says that Tops should talk to the camera like he’s talking to friends because he talks to friends naturally. Marwin then goes on to demonstrate pretending to be Tops.

Tops is not impressed by this at all by this. Marwin tells him that he has to have energy when he speaks. He then asks Tops if he’s ready and if he’s not, to say when he is so that Marwin can start recording. Tops says that he’s ready but it’s very obvious how uncomfortable he is and that he doesn’t want to do it.

Tops manages to make it through the intro before Marwin starts to criticize him again. Marwin says that it’s even worse than the last take they did. He yells why can’t Tops just speak like a normal person, it isn’t that hard. (Marwin that is ableist and I really don’t like you right now).

Tops says that he knows it isn’t hard for Marwin but it’s really hard for him and he would rather just cook. Having had his limit with trying to be filmed, Tops storms off.

Marwin realizes that he went too far so while Tops is sitting on the couch, Marwin gets out his guitar. He starts to sing for Tops asking why he’s sad and saying that it’s okay if he doesn’t want to make an eggs menu. This actually does cheer up Tops quite a bit.

Marwin sits down next to Tops and asks what’s wrong. Tops explains that he knows how it should be done but when he’s in front of the camera he doesn’t feel like himself. Marwin sighs and thinks for a moment before suggesting that Tops forget about the camera and just pretend that he’s only talking to him.

Tops wonders what they would talk about, Marwin says the egg menu. While they’re sitting on the couch Tops info dumps about eggs and all the things you can make with them. Marwin stops him to tell him that he’s very natural when doing this conversation and that’s what Marwin was talking about earlier.

Tops says that it’s how he talks with him. After that little practice session they go to do another take, it goes a bit better but Marwin says that it’s missing something. Tops says it’s because there was no camera then. That’s when Marwin tells Tops to look at him instead of the camera.

Before they do another take though Marwin comes over to fix Tops sleeves which makes Tops smile. Marwin asks him why he’s smiling but then says that it’s great.

They go on to do another take and this time it’s a winner! Tops does a very good job while cooking some yummy food.

Tops asks if he really did well, Marwin is quick to reassure him that he was great. However it looks so good that Marwin wants to eat it now. As always Tops makes him wash his hands first.

Marwin eagerly takes a bite, which of course is very tasty. He then takes a sip from the drink nearby which is also tasty. Marwin jokes that he should drink the beverage all in one go. They both laugh and Tops thanks Marwin for his help.

That’s the end of Episode 6! Roll those end credits!